Friday, 14 June 2013

Tulsi Banerji

"Tulsi Banerji"
A very beautiful girl of twenty five years. She has big grey eyes and light brown long hair. Short height and chubby cheeks. Around two and a half years back, she got married to my uncle's son. (A friend of my father). Love marriage it was, after five years of love courtship.
Tulsi belongs to a poor bengali family, her father is a painter. My uncle's son married her because of her beauty- I think so, what else could be the reason to fall in love.
My Uncle's son, did not complete his higher secondary(that Tulsi came to know after marriage) and Tulsi failed her tenth class as well. My uncle and late aunt were working with supreme court of India.

I accosted Tulsi a day before yesterday. she comes to my place to learn classical music from my mother. I was aware of the classes my mother giving her, but we never interacted personally except formal "namaste".
She came to me and asked for some help regarding National Open School to complete 10th and 12th. I guided her to go for some vocational courses along with.
She started praising my helpful nature and I took it as the token of gratitude. Then she praised my beauty and my achievements, then moved to my lifestyle and the money I'm earning, she admired my indulgence with books and the support of my parents.
By now I could figure out that it's not the admiration but the envy and her pain of spoiling her life, but I didn't take it in ill manner and understood her present mental situation.
I was right, after a while she started crying and regretting what she had done to her life. she asked me if I can arrange a job of minimum five thousand rupees for her survival because she wants to leave her husband.

I could but I didn't.

She further explained a few afflictions that whacked the feminist inside me.
~ She is beaten brutally at no point by her husband.
~ she is not given money, neither allowed to work and pursue further studies.
~ Her husband doesn't give her money to buy lingerie but bought himself a samsung note. (I was aware of this nature because his father - my uncle complaints about it to my father)
~ They don't have physical relationship but Tulsi's husband has no extramarital affair as well.He is not willing to have baby with Tulsi.
~ My late aunt was a patient of paralysis. My uncle's son married tulsi to have a "permanent nurse", No doubts, Tulsi served her duties, my mother saw her cleaning the waste of the patient.

And many more tortures of the same fashion that I cannot write because of extreme abuses and sickness. I will take a long to write about her miseries.Today she lives with her husband and father in law. She can take legal actions but do not belong to a financially and socially sound family background. Many legal aids and actions could be taken but she is not aware of it and scared because she has nowhere to go and survive.

I cannot help her because of the family relations, but I am teaching her English.
I have provided her with some books and stationaries, paid her 1500 Rs to fill exam form and complete her studies and my mother is teaching her knitting and music.
I did my best possible and motivated her to complete her studies in an year and look for a beautiful life ahead.
It was a love marriage of today's generation. people do not concentrate on their career and ruin their lives in the hormonal web of relationships. I am not against these relationship. The girl is the reason of her own miseries. 90% mistakes are done by her but she paid enough and still paying for it.

I am bound by family relationship else I'd have called the women's cell by now and taken some serious legal action against the monster-duo. Just waiting for the day to have an eye contact with the "man" I used to play with in my childhood. He seriously going to listen 'something' in Hindi till his ears bleed.(unofficially)

I did the best possible I could at the present situation and I am teaching her. Education is the only power you have in this cruel world. I am sad for her, but trying to make her smile and build the confidence. :)


  1. Thats why u r Himmilicious fr ur gr8 sense of humour fr helping d girl in an indirect way, considering othr relations nt to b hurted ;) so nice of u Himadri

  2. If this is a true incidence then I feel you will be doing wrong by not calling the women's cell. But first you must make her prepared not just to face the world but to survive in it, which I think you are doing.

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