Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Positive Attitude towards learning

Whenever I come online, I see one or two posts with a flood of comments, I check the post and see what?People are fighting over the wrong usage of sentence, making fun of the person who uploaded the status, pasting links and debasing each other and a few more related status updates addressing to anonymous.Why don't people have an attitude of learning and sharing? It is good if you know better than others but the more you're educated the more polite you should be.Mostly these people are the young bloods. Elder people never care to correct, which is equally wrong..If seniors won't correct and guide us, we will entangle the small threads of wrong/lacked knowledge and keep fighting.I understand nobody has got time to correct others, even if you try to correct somebody, you're misunderstood for insulting (because you correct publicly)Whenever I make mistakes most of the times I get inbox messages from English professors of different university to correct myself.I feel no shame to ask even a single word and most of the people I ping, know it. (now she will eat brains on a particular thing).Sometimes, my juniors correct me, I find no shame or embarrassment into it. I find no shame to learn from anybody.When it comes to English, we must understand and accept it is our second language acquisition and we can be wrong at any stage.Or in any field, Modeling/photography/Films, Music and arts/ technical/ academic/professional.When you've chosen a particular field, you research about it. It is not necessary that from whatever source you have learnt is correct.No matter whatever we've achieved in life, we will be learners.Yes,this must be kept in mind that the way you point out mistakes or have a good faith of correcting someone, please be polite and provide your statement with reasonsAnd supports.Use the social platform to learn and share instead of showing yourself to be superior than others.Why are we so much into self proclamation and portraying 'being perfectionist'?Why don't we have a positive attitude towards learning?Arrogance and the nature of not accepting mistakes can lead you to the valley of doom..Have an open mind and kind heart.Remember,If you ask questions, you can be considered a fool for once,but If you don't ask, you will be a fool for lifetime.Rest is up to your way of perceiving and understanding the things.. :)

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