Sunday, 9 June 2013

Literary literal

Respected Authors and Poets.
Don't write anything and everything you see, experience, feel, percept, prejudice, suffer, conclude, inherit about..
I tell you, after decades, if you will be read and studied, students will curse you for writing such stuff.
Please don't write 'How you used toilet paper to wipe your tears when you were crying alone in sulabh shauchalaya after breakup'
Avoid writing about that dog who was scratching his ears and inspired you to metaphorically write about the itch you have for writing..
No more cuckoo bird's descriptions, pooping on a bald man's head.
No more of your sexual desires with the god you worship..
I'm warning you.. don't get your poor soul cursed after a couple of decade of your death..
Literature students suffering
Just for the sake of degree who have technically and practically nothing to do with your imaginary character Mr.Godot or How you romance with Hari and How you feel when you don't get him..

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