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Crossword Book Awards: All the eligible titles

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Crossword Book Awards: All the eligible titles
Fiction (266)
  • A Life That You Knew, by Saptarshi Basu, Srishti Publishers
  • Cracked Pots, by Suresh Kumar, Power Publishers
  • Em and The Big Hoom, by Jerry Pinto, Aleph
  • The Taliban Cricket Club, by Timeri N Murari, Aleph
  • Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer, by Cyrus Mistry, Aleph
  • Mr J Has left Us, by Sanjiv Bhatia, Crabwise Press
  • The Wildings, by Nilanjana Roy, Aleph

  • Nelycinda and Other Short Stories, by Susan Visvanathan, Roli Books
  • When Loss is Gain, by Pavan K Varma, Rupa Publications
  • Ships that Pass, by Shashi Deshpande, Rupa Publications
  • Voices in the Valley, by Suravi Sharma Kumar, Rupa Publications
  • Kith and Kin, by Sheila Kumar, Rupa Publications
  • Winter Evenings, by Navtej Sarna, Rupa Publications
  • Remember to Forget, by Neel Kamal Puri, Rupa Publications
  • Bitch Goddess for Dummies, by Maya Sharma Sriram, Rupa Publications
  • Treacherous Lady, by Neelam Chandra, Page Turn Publisher
  • Mumbaistan, by Piyush Jha, Rupa Publications
  • The Yellow Emperor's Cure, by Kunal Basu, Pan Macmillan India
  • Tell Me a Story, by Rupa Bajwa, Pan Macmillan India
  • JAAL Book 1 of the Kaal Trilogy, by Sangeeta Bahadur, Pan Macmillan India
  • The Tattooed Fakir, by Biman Nath, Pan Macmillan India
  • The Shadow Throne, by Aroon Raman, Pan Macmillan India
  • The Masala Murder, by Madhumita Bhattacharyya, Pan Macmillan India
  • How I Braved Anu Aunty and founded a million dollar company, by Varun Agarwal, Rupa Publications
  • Chaos Theory, by Anuvab Pal, Pan Macmillan India
  • The Last War, by Sandipan Deb, Pan Macmillan India
  • New Market Tales, by Jayant Kripalani, Pan Macmillan India
  • Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills, by Minakshi Chaudhry Kanwar, Rupa Publications
  • I Kissed a Frog, by Rupa Gulab, Pan Macmillan India
  • Men on my Mind, by Radha Thomas, Rupa Publications
  • The Bankster, by Ravi Subramaniam, Rupa Publications
  • If I die today, by Shashi Deshpande, Rupa Publications
  • The Patiala Quartet, by Neel Kamal Puri, Rupa Publications
  • The Sergeant's Son, by Ashim Choudhury, Rupa Publications
  • The Gentlemen of Finance, by Ayush Ansal, Rupa Publications
  • Horn Ok Please, by Kartik Iyengar, Rupa Publications
  • Wrongs Means Right End, by Varsha Dixit, Rupa Publications
  • Roll Of Honour, by Amandeep Sandhu, Rupa Publications
  • In Haleema's words, by Fatima Ahmed, Rupa Publications
  • Red Jihad, by Sami Ahmad Khan, Rupa Publications
  • Afterlife Stories from the Other side, by Jessica Faleiro, Rupa Publications
  • A Life That You Knew, by Saptarshi Basu, Srishti Publishers
  • Murder at Rutherford Hall, by Pooja Basu , Notion Press
  • Lost Libido and other Gulp Fiction, by Salil Desai, Fingerprint Books
  • Marathon Baba, by Girish Kohli, Fingerprint Books
  • 2012 Nights, by Vipul Rikhi, Fingerprint Books
  • You Never Know When You'll Get Lucky, by Priya Narendra,Fingerprint Books
  • It's your moce wordfreak, by Falguni Kothari, Rupa Publications
  • Bollywood Striptease, by Neeta Shah, Rupa Publications
  • Mysterious Death at Sainik Farms, by Rukmani Anandani, Rupa Publications
  • One Who Walks, by Sanjeev Chhiber, Fingerprint Books
  • Absolutely Nuts, by Vijaya Lukose, Rupa Publications
  • Bindaas Zero Hollywood Hero, by N Sampath Kumar, Rupa Publications
  • Prankzz, by Harish Sharma, Rupa Publications
  • Hotel Calcutta, by Rajat Chaudhuri, Niyogi Books
  • The Missing Queen, by Samhita Arni, Zubaan Books
  • Fosla, by Pradeep Kapoor, Rupa Publications
  • Tread Softly, by Nandita Bose, Rupa Publications
  • In Crocodile Country, by Lalita Das, Niyogi Books
  • Fida e Lucknow, by Parveen Talha, Niyogi Books
  • The Oath of The Vayuputras, by Amish, Westland Books
  • Crossing The Line, by Aabhas K Maldahiyar, Diamond Pocket Books
  • The Kitty Buddha, by Rohit Trilokekar, Palimpsest Publishers
  • The Other Side of the Table, by Madhumita Mukherjee, Fingerprint Books
  • Asura Tale of The Vanquished, by Anand Neelakantan, Leadstart Publishing
  • Lily, by Neelesh Kushte, Majestic Publishers
  • A Degree In Death, by Ruby Gupta, Alchemy Publisher
  • It's all about Smiles, by Ranjani Iyer Arumugam, Alchemy Publisher
  • The Krishna Key, by Ashwin Sanghi, Westland Books
  • The Secret Wish List, by Preeti Shenoy, Westland Books
  • When the Lotus Blooms, by Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar, Supernova Publishers
  • Nuptial Knots, by Rachna Singh, Alchemy Publisher
  • 31, by Upendra Namburi, Westland Books
  • Red Skies and Falling Stars, by Diti Sen, Jaico Book House
  • Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai, by Rishi Vohra, Jaico Book House
  • Romance on Facebook, by Amrita Priya, Jaico Book House
  • Thundergod The Ascendance of Indra, by Rajiv Gopalakrishnan,Westland Books
  • The Accidental Apprentice, by Vikas Swarup, Simon & Schuster India
  • Origins of Love, by Kishwar Desai, Simon & Schuster India
  • The Selector of Souls, by Shauna Singh Baldwin, Simon & Schuster India
  • Tick Tock Were 30, by Milan Vohra, Westland Books
  • The Spy Who Lost Her Head, by Jane D'Souza, Harper Collins India
  • Strike at 36, by Aparna Pednekar , Harper Collins India
  • Garbage Beat, by Richa Lakhera , Harper Collins India
  • Good Indian Girls, by Ranbir Sidhu , Harper Collins India
  • Jorasanko, by Aruna Chakravarti, Harper Collins India
  • Those Pricey Thakur Girls, by Anuja Chauhan, Harper Collins India
  • Days of Gold and Sepia, by Yasmeen Premji, Harper Collins India
  • Talespin, by Sanjay Chopra , Harper Collins India
  • Blood Red Sari, by Ashok Banker, Harper Collins India
  • The Youngest Suspect, by Peggy Mohan , Harper Collins India
  • Centurion, by Pramesh Ratnakar , Harper Collins India
  • The Vicks Mango Tree, by Anees Salim, Harper Collins India
  • Love Stories 1 to 14, by Annie Zaidi , Harper Collins India
  • Untouchable God, by Kancha Ilaiah, STREE SAMYA
  • The Secrets of the Dark, by Arka Chakrabarti, Srishti Publishers
  • The Homing Pigeons, by Sid Bahri, Srishti Publishers
  • Stumbled Upon Destiny, by Jolsna Rajan, Srishti Publishers
  • Spicy Bites of Biryani, by Ashwina Garg, Srishti Publishers
  • R I P, by Mukul Kumar Deva, Westland Books
  • My Lawfully Wedded Husband, by Madhulika Liddle, Westland Books
  • The Forest of Stories, by Ashok Banker, Westland Books
  • Seeds of War, by Ashok Banker, Westland Books
  • Behind the Silicon Mask, by Eshwar Sundaresan, Westland Books
  • Delhi OMG, by Vinod Nair, Om Books International
  • Two Mothers and Other Stories, by Khalid Mohamed, Om Books International
  • Looking Back Looking Beyond, by Sangeeta S Bhagwat, Om Books International
  • My Way is the highway, by Urvashi Gulia, Penguin Books India
  • The Taj Conspiracy, by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar, Westland Books
  • Never Say Goodby e, by Rajiv Seth, Srishti Publishers
  • The Legend of Amrapali, by Anurag Anand, Srishti Publishers
  • Kiss and Tell, by Nistula Hebbar, Penguin Books India
  • The Terrorist, by Juggi Bhasin, Penguin Books India
  • Tea for Two and A Piece of Cake, by Preeti Shenoy, Random House India
  • Boats on Land, by Janice Pariat, Random House India
  • Nick of Time, by Komal Mehta, Penguin Books India
  • FIR, by Monabi Mitra, Penguin Books India
  • From The Eye Of My Mind, by TGC Prasad, Random House India
  • Confessionally Yours, by Jhoomur Bose, Penguin Books India
  • That's The Way We Met, by Sudeep Nagarkar, Random House India
  • Mistakes like Love and Sex, by Madhuri Banerjee, Penguin Books India
  • The Dust Will Never Settle, by Mukul Deva, Harper Collins India
  • The Illicit Happiness of Other People, by Manu Joesph, Harper Collins India
  • Arranged Love, by Parul A Mittal, Penguin Books India
  • The Indus Intercept, by Aruna Gill, Harper Collins India
  • Toke, by Jugal Mody, Harper Collins India
  • Someone Like you , by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh, Penguin Books India
  • Cold Feet, by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, Penguin Books India
  • Anotehr Chance at Life, by Shreya Prabhu Jindal, Penguin Books India
  • You Stole My Song, by Shammeer and Chandru, Penguin Books India
  • Screwed, by Manoj Bhavnani, Penguin Books India
  • Naughty Men, by Siddharth Narayan, Penguin Books India
  • Stealing Gods, by Ila Pal, Pilgrims Publishing
  • Difficult Pleasures, by Anjum Hasan, Penguin Books India
  • Over a Cup of Coffee, by Madhavi Hadker, Leadstart Publishing
  • Krishna and the Lake of Souls, by Anurag Bhatt, Leadstart Publishing
  • Me and She 2, by Chandan Sharma, Leadstart Publishing
  • Road Humps and Sidewalks The Path Less Travelled, by Kalyan C Kankanala, Leadstart Publishing
  • 4 Play, by Vicky Mohanasundaram, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Vigil and Other Stories, by Gita Reddy, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Divine And The Destiny, by Meenakshi Raina,Leadstart Publishing
  • Hold Me Will You Once, by Ashutosh Bose, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Fugitive, by Raunak Todarwal, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Trouble Shooter, by Sanjay Shankar, Leadstart Publishing
  • Arjuna: Saga Of A Pandava Warrior Prince, by Anuja Chandramouli,Leadstart Publishing
  • A Kathali Street Tale, by Arjun Chandrasekhar, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Crazy Algorithm of Love, by Rajrupa Gupta, Leadstart Publishing
  • Manipulations, by Niladri Sarkar, Leadstart Publishing
  • Boomerang, by Rajshri Raajgopal, Leadstart Publishing
  • Till the Last Breath, by Durjoy Datta, Grapevine Publishers
  • A Tale of Things Timeless, by Rizio Yohannan Raj , Harper Collins India
  • The Inevitable Bond, by Mansi Soni, Leadstart Publishing
  • Seven Days Without You, by Anmol Rana, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Angel's Share, by Satyajit Sarna, Harper Collins India
  • A Passion beyond extremes, by Rajnish Gambhir,Leadstart Publishing
  • Ayodhya The Dark Knight, by Dhirendra Jha and Krishna Jha, Harper Collins India
  • The Unkindest Cut, by Sumit Mullick, Leadstart Publishing
  • Revenge of the Naked Princess, by Oswald Pereira,Leadstart Publishing
  • Not Only the Things That Have Happened, by Mridula Koshy, Harper Collins India
  • Sorry Dad I Ain't Scoring the Goal, by Ankit Rathi,Leadstart Publishing
  • The Pink Scarecrow, by Ankita Srivastava, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Insurrection Journey, by Venkat Ratham S Bontha,Leadstart Publishing
  • Of Pebbles and Pearls Life and Its Curls, by Kinshuk Verma,Leadstart Publishing
  • The Brotherhood, by Dev Saha, Palimpsest Publishers
  • If I Could Turn Back Time, by Pablo Roychowdhury,Leadstart Publishing
  • The Teen, by Gyandeep Kaushal, Leadstart Publishing
  • Just Married Please Excuse, by Yashodhara Lal, Harper Collins India
  • Beaten by Bhagat, by Divaakar, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Revolt of the Fish Eaters, by Lopa Ghosh, Harper Collins India
  • Inside The Boundary Lines, by Atul Kumar, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Mystery of the Rose The Return of the Prince, by Sukh Khokar,Leadstart Publishing
  • A Maverick Heart Between love and life, by Ravindra Shukla,Leadstart Publishing
  • Maut: The Birth of Death, by Behram Ardeshir, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Morning After, by Kamini Patel, Penguin Books India
  • The Gangster's Muse, by Supriya Parulekar, Leadstart Publishing
  • Collision of Dimensions, by Ravi Shankar, Leadstart Publishing
  • In a Heartbeat, by Asbah Shams, Penguin Books India
  • Above The Rice Fields of Pilarno, by Marianne Furtado de Nazareth,Leadstart Publishing
  • The Peacenik Swap, by Joseph Sebastian, Leadstart Publishing
  • Darkness Even at Noon, by Aditya Acharya, Leadstart Publishing
  • Shades of Shadows, by Pushpam Singh, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Fortune Hunters, by Aslam Rahaman, Leadstart Publishing
  • Five Soul Searching Short Stories, by Shailesh Khatri,Leadstart Publishing
  • Love Unhitched, by Vishnu Kaimal, Leadstart Publishing
  • Bonsai Kitten, by Lakshmi Narayan, Leadstart Publishing
  • Skid Marks of Logic, by Divya Diana Dias, Leadstart Publishing
  • Jack is Back in Corporate Carnival, by PG Bhaskar, Harper Collins India
  • Maargir The Snake Charmer, by Bashir Sakhawarz,Leadstart Publishing
  • College 2 Company, by Saurabh Kumar Singh, Leadstart Publishing
  • A Short Affair Called Life, by Rohit Jadon, Leadstart Publishing
  • Incognito, by Lata Gwalani, Leadstart Publishing
  • What Happens in Office Stays in Office, by Ankur Mithal,Leadstart Publishing
  • Don’t Die before Death, by Rajiv Singh, Leadstart Publishing
  • Love or Arranged Just Marry Me, by Hemangi Gawand,Leadstart Publishing
  • Love Peace and Happiness What more can you want, by Rituraj Verma, Leadstart Publishing
  • Navarasa by Lotus, by Rajiv, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Days Before, by Luke Rajkumar, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Valentine’s Day Clue, by Rupali Rajopadhe Rotti,Leadstart Publishing
  • Rosaline I Love You But Don’t Tell Your Dad, by Ronald Hardian,Leadstart Publishing
  • Tea 20 Perfect companion for your teatime, by Vinod Kumar S,Leadstart Publishing
  • Heir to the Bracelet, by Akshay Bhaskar, Leadstart Publishing
  • Left from Dhakeshwari, by Kunal Sen, Leadstart Publishing
  • The Book, by Ram Vignesh, Leadstart Publishing
  • Curiosity Kills the Katha, by Ashok Kumar, Leadstart Publishing
  • A Bolt of Lightning, by Satyen Nabar, Leadstart Publishing
  • Sia, by Prionka Ray, Leadstart Publishing
  • Tejas Love is Worship, by Nishi Malhotra, Leadstart Publishing
  • In Pursuit of Dreams, by Naina Nair, Leadstart Publishing
  • Lines on the Face: It's a long road to freedom, by Sudipta Banerjee,Leadstart Publishing
  • Untruly Yours, by Smita Shetty, Leadstart Publishing
  • Life AfterLife, by Dr Anoop Kumar Diwan, Leadstart Publishing
  • Tails and Tales, by Hilda David, Leadstart Publishing
  • Frozen Waves, by S S Kumar, Leadstart Publishing
  • When Monday was over, by Titus Manickam, Leadstart Publishing
  • Status Updated, by Apurva Sanjeti and Sandeep Jain,Leadstart Publishing
  • Love at First Sight, by Arun Arora, Leadstart Publishing
  • Emotional Hangover, by Kinjal Darukhanawala, Leadstart Publishing
  • Yours Sarcastically, by Sandeep Das, Leadstart Publishing
  • Mockery of Love, by Divya Vinekar, Leadstart Publishing
  • Onsite Opportunities, by Mukul Kumar, Leadstart Publishing
  • Ismile Please, by K R Ravi, Leadstart Publishing
  • An Eternal Romantic, by  Sreelatha, Leadstart Publishing
  • Because Shit Happened, by Harsh Snehanshu, Random House India
  • Secret of the Scribe, by Douglas Misquita, Leadstart Publishing
  • 45 Days in a Cancer Hospital, by Alka Dimri, Leadstart Publishing
  • On a Date With Life, by Aarzoo Sharma, Leadstart Publishing
  • Travails of Entrapment, by Himadri Roy, Leadstart Publising
  • A Piece of the Giant, by Anupam Srivastava, Vitasta Publishing
  • The Street of Mists, by Mariam Karim, Vitasta Publishing
  • God's Own Untouchables, by Ulahannan Thoppil, Vitasta Publishing
  • Faith and Frenzy, by Kundan Lal chowdhury, Vitasta Publishing
  • Onam on the Yamuna Banks, by K R G Nair, Palimpsest Publishers
  • Lost Men, by Rajorshi Chakraborti, Hachette India
  • Govinda, by Krishna Udayasankar, Hachette India
  • Artist Undone, by V Sanjay Kumar, Hachette India
  • Impeachment, by Anjali Deshpande, Hachette India
  • Another Man's Wife, by Manjul Bajaj, Hachette India
  • It Takes a Murder, by Anu Kumar, Hachette India
  • The Last Love Letter, by Minty Tejpal, Hachette India
  • London Company, by Farrukh Dhondy, Hachette India
  • The Inexplicable Unhappiness of Ramu Hajjam, by Taj Hassan,Hachette India
  • Let Her Rest Now, by Vijay Nair, Hachette India
  • Cut Like Wound, by Anita Nair, Harper Collins India
  • Tso and La, by Vikramajit Ram, Harper Collins India
  • The Purple Line, by Priyamvada N Purushotham, Harper Collins India
  • Bombay Girls, by Kavita Daswani, Harper Collins India
  • The Monk The Moor and Moses Ben Jalloun, by Saeed Akhtar Mirza,Harper Collins India
  • A Song for I, by Chandrima Pal, Amaryllis
  • Jesus In our Time, by Nilanjana Sanyal, San Bun publishers
  • When The Snow Melts, by Vinod Joseph, Amaryllis
  • Murder in Amravati, by Sharath Komarraju, Amaryllis
  • The Accidental Godman, by Kishore Bhimani, Amaryllis
  • Land of the Well, by Sampurna Chattarji, Harper Collins India
  • As The River Flows, by Ranjita Biswas, Harper Collins India
  • Intermission, by Nirupama Subramanian, Harper Collins India
  • The Other Side of Light, by Mishi Saran, Harper Collins India
  • Opening Night, by Diksha Basu, Harper Collins India
  • The City of Devi, by Manil Suri, Bloomsburry India
  • Mastani, by Kusum Chopra, Rupa Publications
  • The End, by Harshdeep Singh Gill, Leadstart Publishing
  • Love at 365km/hr, by , Leadstart Publishing
  • Chennaivaasi, by T. S. Tirumurti, Harper Collins India
  • The Householder, by Amitabha Bagchi, Harper Collins India
  • The Extras, by Kiran Nagarkar, Harper Collins India
  • Newsroom Live, by Prabhat Shunglu, Om Books International
  • How To Fight Islamist Terror From The Missionary Position, by Tabish Khair, Random House India

Non-Fiction (161)
  • Accidental India, by Shankkar Aiyar, Aleph
  • Butterflies On The Roof Of The World, by Peter Smetacek, Aleph
  • Business Sutra, by Devdutt Pattanaik, Aleph
  • Chanakya'S New Manifesto, by Pavan K Varma, Aleph
  • Exotic Aliens, by Valmik Thapar, Aleph
  • Dongri To Dubai Six Decades Of The Mumbai Mafia, by S Hussain Zaidi, Roli Books
  • The Butterfly Generation, by Palash Krishna Mehrotra, Rupa Publications
  • In Good Faith, by Saba Naqvi, Rupa Publications
  • F K Knows, by Shailendra Singh, Rupa Publications
  • Fallen Angel, by Sandipan Deb, Rupa Publications
  • 14 Hours, by Ankur Chawla, Rupa Publications
  • Return To India, by Shoba Narayan, Rupa Publications
  • The Green Room, by Wendell Rodricks, Rupa Publications
  • What Young India Wants, by Chetan Bhagat, Rupa Publications
  • Leading Without Licence, by Satheeshkumar Namasivayam Sivarama Krishna Bandhakavi, Rupa Publications
  • The Wave Rider, by Ajit Balakrishnan, Pan Macmillan India
  • Che In Paona Bazaar, by Kishalay Bhattacharjee, Pan Macmillan India
  • Voice Of The Veena, by Vikram Sampath, Rupa Publications
  • The Anglo Indian Way, by Errol O'Brien, Rupa Publications
  • Bihar Break Through, by Rajesh Chakrabati, Rupa Publications
  • Tell Me About The Story Of India, by Anurag Mehta, Nita Mehta
  • Grand Brand Rajini, by Pc Balasubramanian Ram N Ramakrishnan,Rupa Publications
  • Sunshine Lanes, by Prasoon Joshi, Rupa Publications
  • A Brief Hour Of Beauty, by Ammu Nair, Fingerprint Books
  • Ladakh, by Romesh Bhattacharji, Rupa Publications
  • In The Shadow Of Freedom, by Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul, Zubaan Books
  • In Search Of A New Afghanistan, by Sujeet Sarkar, Niyogi Books
  • Faith And Freedom, by Mushirul Hasan, Niyogi Books
  • Intriguing India The Vibrant West, by Hugh Gantzer And Colleen Gantzer, Niyogi Books
  • Antarctica India'S Journey To The Frozen Continent, by S Z Qasim And Dinabandhu Sahoo, Niyogi Books
  • Ruskin Bond The Mussoorie Years , by Ganesh Saili, Niyogi Books
  • Suneet Varma, by Suneet Varma, Niyogi Books
  • Bangladesh The Price Of Freedom, by Raghu Rai, Niyogi Books
  • The Ultimate Book Of Knowledge Vol 1, by Derek O' Brien, Rupa Publications
  • The Ultimate Book Of Knowledge Vol 2, by Derek O' Brien, Rupa Publications
  • Crafts Atlas Of India, by Jaya Jaitly, Niyogi Books
  • Conflicts And Confusions In Indian Culture, by Swamini Vimalananda, Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
  • Congress After Indira Policy Power Political Change 1984 - 2009, by Zoya Hasan, Oxford University Press
  • Democracy And Its Institutions, by Andre Beteille, Oxford University Press
  • Security And Development In India'S Northeast, by Gurudas Das,Oxford University Press
  • Liberalization Hindu Nationalism And The State  A Biography Of Gujarat, by Nikita Sud, Oxford University Press
  • Its Not Over Structural Drivers Of The Global Economic Crisis, by Rohit, Oxford University Press
  • Education And Economics  Disciplinary Evolution And Policy Discourse, by Saumen Chattopadhyay, Oxford University Press
  • Remembering Revolution Gender Violence And Subjectivity In India'S Naxalbari Movement, by Srila Roy, Oxford University Press
  • Partitioned Lives Migrants Refugees Citizens In India And Pakistan 1947 1965, by Haimanti Roy, Oxford University Press
  • India'S Rights Revolution Has It Worked For The Poor, by S K Das,Oxford University Press
  • The Price Of Land Acquisition Conflict Consequence, by Sanjoy Chakravorty, Oxford University Press
  • Public Policy And Politics In India How Institutions Matter, by Kuldeep Mathur, Oxford University Press
  • Rabindranath Tagore An Illustrated Life, by Uma Das Gupta, Oxford University Press
  • Rabindranath Tagore An Illustrated Life, by Uma Das Gupta, Oxford University Press
  • Regimes Of Narcissism Regimes Of Despair, by Ashis Nandy,Oxford University Press
  • Visual Histories Photography In The Popular Imagination, by Malavika Karlekar, Oxford University Press
  • Piece Of Mind Pun Intended, by Kirti Krishna, Notion Pres
  • The Raj On The Move Story Of The Dak Bungalow, by Rajika Bhandari, Roli Books
  • The Best Thing About You Is You, by Anupam Kher, Hay House India
  • Dare To Do For The Next Generation, by Kiran Bedi, Hay House India
  • Agnostic Khushwant There Is No God, by Khushwant Singh, Hay House India
  • Acts Of Faith Journeys To Sacred India, by Makarand R Paranjape,Hay House India
  • Golden Clouds Silver Lining, by Ashok Chopra, Hay House India
  • Spiritual Relationships, by Gopika Kapoor, Hay House India
  • The State Of The Nation, by Fali S Nariman, Hay House India
  • First Raj Of The Sikhs The Life And Times Of Banda Singh Bahadur, by Harish Dhillon, Hay House India
  • My Cancer Is Me, by Vijay Bhat And Nilima Bhat, Hay House India
  • Dekho, by Mohor Ray, Codesign
  • Portraits From Ayodhya Living India'S Contradictions, by Scharada Dubey, Westland Books
  • Hospitality Branding, by Dev S Chekitan, Supernova Publishers
  • Decoding Rahul Gandhi, by Aarthi Ramachandran, Westland Books
  • My Husband And Other Animals, by Janaki Lenin, Westland Books
  • The Wisdom Of Ants, by Shankar Jaganathan, Westland Books
  • Open The Windows To The World Around You, by Sukant Ratnakar,Hay House India
  • A Bank For The Buck, by Tamal Bandyopadhyay, Jaico Book House
  • Breaking Barriers, by Janaki Krishnan, Jaico Book House
  • Management Mantras, by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Jaico Book House
  • Let'S Talk, by Mukta Mahajani, Jaico Book House
  • Sindh Stories From A Vanished Homeland, by Saaz Aggarwal, Black and White fountain
  • Dad'S The Word, by Soumya Bhattacharya, Westland Books
  • Making News Breaking News, by Latika Padgaonkar And Shubha Singh, Westland Books
  • My Days With Baasha, by Suresh Krissna And Malathi Rangarajan,Westland Books
  • Mahanayak Revisited, by Swapan Mullick, Westland Books
  • Ill Do It My Way The Incredible Journey Of Aamir Khan, by Christina Daniels, Om Books International
  • Heartfelt The Inspirational Story Of Medha Jalota, by Bharathi S Pradhan, Om Books International
  • Uttam Kumar And Suchitra Sen Bengali Cinema'S First Couple, by Maitreyee Chowdhury, Om Books International
  • On Safari The Tiger And The Baobab Tree, by Babi Nobis, Om Books International
  • The Adventures Of An Intrepid Film Critic, by Anna Mm Vetticad, Om Books International
  • Meet Me At The Border, by Inder Raj Ahluwalia, Om Books International
  • Dont Think Of A Blue Ball, by Malti Bhojwani, Om Books International
  • Turning The Page, by Anita Kumar, Om Books International
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Positive Attitude towards learning

Whenever I come online, I see one or two posts with a flood of comments, I check the post and see what?People are fighting over the wrong usage of sentence, making fun of the person who uploaded the status, pasting links and debasing each other and a few more related status updates addressing to anonymous.Why don't people have an attitude of learning and sharing? It is good if you know better than others but the more you're educated the more polite you should be.Mostly these people are the young bloods. Elder people never care to correct, which is equally wrong..If seniors won't correct and guide us, we will entangle the small threads of wrong/lacked knowledge and keep fighting.I understand nobody has got time to correct others, even if you try to correct somebody, you're misunderstood for insulting (because you correct publicly)Whenever I make mistakes most of the times I get inbox messages from English professors of different university to correct myself.I feel no shame to ask even a single word and most of the people I ping, know it. (now she will eat brains on a particular thing).Sometimes, my juniors correct me, I find no shame or embarrassment into it. I find no shame to learn from anybody.When it comes to English, we must understand and accept it is our second language acquisition and we can be wrong at any stage.Or in any field, Modeling/photography/Films, Music and arts/ technical/ academic/professional.When you've chosen a particular field, you research about it. It is not necessary that from whatever source you have learnt is correct.No matter whatever we've achieved in life, we will be learners.Yes,this must be kept in mind that the way you point out mistakes or have a good faith of correcting someone, please be polite and provide your statement with reasonsAnd supports.Use the social platform to learn and share instead of showing yourself to be superior than others.Why are we so much into self proclamation and portraying 'being perfectionist'?Why don't we have a positive attitude towards learning?Arrogance and the nature of not accepting mistakes can lead you to the valley of doom..Have an open mind and kind heart.Remember,If you ask questions, you can be considered a fool for once,but If you don't ask, you will be a fool for lifetime.Rest is up to your way of perceiving and understanding the things.. :)

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Fame

"Fame is the responsibility, the perennial discipline, the concubine who solicits and imbibes, bit by bit, the love, the relations, the serenity, and the soul, leaving behind the subaqueous plaudits that pinch to the core.. "
- Himmilicious

Explanation: The name and Fame has nothing good in it, just a huge crowd.. Popularity is not the luxury of life but a continuous effort, the hard work. It is like the prostitute who demands and engulfs more and more, the love from your life, the relations, the peace and you soul.. What do you get? the sound of deep round of applause that pinches your ears and aches the core of your heart.. yet, the most desired thing, we want..

Friday, 14 June 2013

Tulsi Banerji

"Tulsi Banerji"
A very beautiful girl of twenty five years. She has big grey eyes and light brown long hair. Short height and chubby cheeks. Around two and a half years back, she got married to my uncle's son. (A friend of my father). Love marriage it was, after five years of love courtship.
Tulsi belongs to a poor bengali family, her father is a painter. My uncle's son married her because of her beauty- I think so, what else could be the reason to fall in love.
My Uncle's son, did not complete his higher secondary(that Tulsi came to know after marriage) and Tulsi failed her tenth class as well. My uncle and late aunt were working with supreme court of India.

I accosted Tulsi a day before yesterday. she comes to my place to learn classical music from my mother. I was aware of the classes my mother giving her, but we never interacted personally except formal "namaste".
She came to me and asked for some help regarding National Open School to complete 10th and 12th. I guided her to go for some vocational courses along with.
She started praising my helpful nature and I took it as the token of gratitude. Then she praised my beauty and my achievements, then moved to my lifestyle and the money I'm earning, she admired my indulgence with books and the support of my parents.
By now I could figure out that it's not the admiration but the envy and her pain of spoiling her life, but I didn't take it in ill manner and understood her present mental situation.
I was right, after a while she started crying and regretting what she had done to her life. she asked me if I can arrange a job of minimum five thousand rupees for her survival because she wants to leave her husband.

I could but I didn't.

She further explained a few afflictions that whacked the feminist inside me.
~ She is beaten brutally at no point by her husband.
~ she is not given money, neither allowed to work and pursue further studies.
~ Her husband doesn't give her money to buy lingerie but bought himself a samsung note. (I was aware of this nature because his father - my uncle complaints about it to my father)
~ They don't have physical relationship but Tulsi's husband has no extramarital affair as well.He is not willing to have baby with Tulsi.
~ My late aunt was a patient of paralysis. My uncle's son married tulsi to have a "permanent nurse", No doubts, Tulsi served her duties, my mother saw her cleaning the waste of the patient.

And many more tortures of the same fashion that I cannot write because of extreme abuses and sickness. I will take a long to write about her miseries.Today she lives with her husband and father in law. She can take legal actions but do not belong to a financially and socially sound family background. Many legal aids and actions could be taken but she is not aware of it and scared because she has nowhere to go and survive.

I cannot help her because of the family relations, but I am teaching her English.
I have provided her with some books and stationaries, paid her 1500 Rs to fill exam form and complete her studies and my mother is teaching her knitting and music.
I did my best possible and motivated her to complete her studies in an year and look for a beautiful life ahead.
It was a love marriage of today's generation. people do not concentrate on their career and ruin their lives in the hormonal web of relationships. I am not against these relationship. The girl is the reason of her own miseries. 90% mistakes are done by her but she paid enough and still paying for it.

I am bound by family relationship else I'd have called the women's cell by now and taken some serious legal action against the monster-duo. Just waiting for the day to have an eye contact with the "man" I used to play with in my childhood. He seriously going to listen 'something' in Hindi till his ears bleed.(unofficially)

I did the best possible I could at the present situation and I am teaching her. Education is the only power you have in this cruel world. I am sad for her, but trying to make her smile and build the confidence. :)

Monday, 10 June 2013


I don't regret what you have said and done..
Because that is you...
I regret what I have replied and become..
Because that was never me..
I hurt you, You hurt me,
I love you baby, I am sorry,
Some things are meant to set apart,
Our souls are connected by heart,
I may never hear you again,
I promise, I will never cry in pain,
The marks of your pecks on my chubby cheeks
Days don't smile and nights are weak,
I wish to close my eyes 
and your arms around my neck,
I wish I could say,
please come back..

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Literary literal

Respected Authors and Poets.
Don't write anything and everything you see, experience, feel, percept, prejudice, suffer, conclude, inherit about..
I tell you, after decades, if you will be read and studied, students will curse you for writing such stuff.
Please don't write 'How you used toilet paper to wipe your tears when you were crying alone in sulabh shauchalaya after breakup'
Avoid writing about that dog who was scratching his ears and inspired you to metaphorically write about the itch you have for writing..
No more cuckoo bird's descriptions, pooping on a bald man's head.
No more of your sexual desires with the god you worship..
I'm warning you.. don't get your poor soul cursed after a couple of decade of your death..
Literature students suffering
Just for the sake of degree who have technically and practically nothing to do with your imaginary character Mr.Godot or How you romance with Hari and How you feel when you don't get him..

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Your Name On My Wrist

"Your name on my wrist"

Walking down the streets of gold,
The touch of Midas on each hold,
Your memories spread the lashes,
Our love was like a phoenix, to burn into ashes..

Plucking the roses from the garden of shadows,
Looking at the sunset, walking the meadows,
Humming birds swinging, relishing the mist,
The anecdotes of our love are written on my wrist..

Breezeway spacing the sky and stars,
twinkling, mingling like the toss in the bars,
Gazing at the mist over the tumblers,
Intoxicated people, leaned, and mumblers..

Back to home walking, lurching feet,
Spread bed sheet , the warmth and the heat,
Missing that humming bird, meadow and mist,
Looked at your name written on my wrist..