Friday, 3 May 2013

Those Twenty Minutes..


Last night around 3:40 am I turned my face to Kabeer and he wrapped his arms around me. I was asleep still I started kissing his chest and his neck. Kabeer has a habit of sleeping bare chest and I sleep bare legs.

He was still and sleeping and I started kissing him and caressing his chest. I could still feel the smell of his Cologne that he sprayed after taking bath at night.

We both had our eyes closed. Usually I don't dominate him on the bed and love to be his slave but I got high while kissing him.
He could feel my pace of kissing and the increasing hold of my palms on his chest. I started rubbing my thighs between his and he wrapped his legs around my waist.

His hands were on my butts. He was awake by now, but we both still had closed eyes.
His breaths became heavy and I could listen to his groans that make me wild.
I pecked his lips, he slightly opened it and I started sucking his lips, passionately.

I was unstoppable now. I got high and I wanted to be wild.
The most pleasurable intimacy we have with closed eyes, in half sleep and open it after the orgasm.

He let me dominate him tonight, I could feel it with his hands, not grabbing my flesh.

I removed my gown, I was bare. And slightly moved my hands to unbutton his shorts. I got up and pulled his shorts. My man, naked with closed eyes! How could I resist..

I caressed his legs and thighs. Started kissing him on his chest. I wanted to explore his body in the dark room.

I get high when he tongues my navel and goes down.. I love to give him love bites on chest but I wanted to be soft this time.. Kissing his body and going down I determined my kinky woman and to wake him up.

I wanted my wolf but I chose to be the vixen..

I stroked him with extreme pleasure and I succeeded.. In a couple of minutes he held my head and tied my hair.. He supported the pace and I kept on increasing.. Deep.. Deeper.. Deepest..

His moans encouraged me and after a while room was decorated by the voice of my choked throat..
He was all covered with my saliva as my face was..

I wanted to ride him.. Without losing a moment I came over him and saddled my Arabian horse with a groan..

He was deep in me.. I could feel the hardness inside me.. With gasps and moans I was moving like the high tides crave for his mom..

In extreme pleasure we both were marinated into each other..
I cuffed his wrist tight as he supported my flesh to ride in comfort.. I started groaning high as I saw him grabbing my love handles..

He was enjoying the contraction and my high stroked begged him to erupt..

My long hair was entangled to his thighs and covered my back..
I started gasping and nailed his chest.. "kkaabeeerr..."

His name was all I could say that faded within a few seconds..

Breathing high.. I was numb on his chest.. He was still inside me..
We didn't make efforts to find our clothes.. Spooning with bare body is awesomely sexy..

Perks of being married is the availability. We make love of souls, the numbness and serenity in each other's arms certify the purest form of this meditation.. Called love..
When a man and a woman completes the family, the togetherness and stay by the sides at odds and evens..

Love speaks like this.. When the nature clicks dawn.. When the clock ticks 4:00 Am..

And I left him snoring on the bed early morning when my alarm clock squeaked..