Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The lost beads of the friendship Band.

How strange when the people you grew up eating in the same canteen, sharing same notes and were the part of same group photos become the dead profiles in your Facebook account just because you took some time just to create your life and stand somewhere in life.. 

Yes, there is a category of "friends" who were "besties" till you were actively participating in daily craziness and as you took a couple of years for yourself, stopped pleasing them, they are just lost somewhere..
Never respond and rather you can't feel their happiness for you, and your achievements..

And when years after, you initiate, a cold response to the wordless complaint "you left us.. We didn't leave you, now nothing left.. And we have moved on.."

What kind of friendship was it?
A friendship of availability?
A friendship only to share laughs?
 A friendship of pseudo promises to stand by each other till the heartbeats stop..?

Remember? Just a couple of years back there was a friend you mentioned as a brother, a crazy girl whom you treated as a younger sister, and a best friend with whom you set relationship just to make people laugh that we were homosexual...

Every successful person had a mediocre life, once, faded childhood.. Sleeping somewhere in the graveyard of the last pages of "friends" section in Facebook..

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