Thursday, 30 May 2013

THE DATE (confession after the proposal)

Unbelievable for me..
I pinch myself but felt the pain, Means I'm not at all dreaming and in my senses..

But.. How can it happen to me? I'm astonished to see myself in love again..
Never thought I would love someone so madly like this..
I've decided to leave everything but not him..

Yes I'm confessing to myself.. I love him too much.. After so many years almost a decade I've got the same feeling the same fear to lose my love..

I don't wanna die again.. I can't die.. I'm not left to die anymore.. It's a really confusing situation..

Not confusing but I'm scared, because I've staked everything upon him.

My name, my dreams, my happiness even my life.. I don't know what I saw in him..

The truth is I never wanted a guy like him.. I mean he's totally opposite to my imaginations..
But he's the best.. 
No other could ever be like him. 
I won't let anyone be better than him he's my number one and I will make him the ace by my support my love and my care.

Am I building castles? What happened to me?

I'm not a person like this..

 I Was dead so why that day he said he Loves me?
He shouldn't have loved me that day. Shouldn't have got tears in his eyes, shouldn't have given my soul..

I love you..

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