Thursday, 30 May 2013

THE DATE #scene

...Stripping down her shyness,
He looked into her eyes and asked for permission to hold her in his arms and snatch every moment of that time..
Standing aside the window, she was half lean to the window pane and in white cotton Kurta his broad chest and abs were peeping out because of the rain, washing Aaliyah's face and making her man more seductive.. "You look gorgeous in wet hair, when these locks touch your pink lips" said Arjun in whispering voice..
She could feel the warmth of his breaths on her neck.

" As if you've never seen me like this.. What's so special today..?" she said giving herself some space!!!

 ..Arjun held Aaliyah's waist and turned her face towards him.. He could feel her high breaths and raised eyebrow..
She knew what's gonna be the next step..

"bheeg gaye ho.. Beemar pad jaoge.. Change ka...."
"stop being my mom,girl.!!!.

He left her unspoken.. Indeed the cold wind was giving them goosebumps but they were enjoying it..

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