Friday, 31 May 2013

THE DATE (A Romantic Scene)

I was just laying by his side and he, as usual busy with his Facebook account.
My head was on his lap and my hair spread all over his thighs, closed eyes and mind lost in his favourite trance music.
Great moments, to save in the folder of deep down memories.
So much of peace and relaxation I get on his well toned thighs!
Tight muscles and long legs. But I, naughty.

How can I let him take his attention on some white Chick showing her curves on Facebook.. Huh..?

With a smile I just slid my hand in his shorts and moved up from his thighs.
I knew it tickles him a lot and I succeeded in diverting his mind towards me..

"Hey.. Stop it.. It tickles you know.."

He said in a giggling voice, and I started teasing him, making him laugh with the tickle and I started laughing too.
Room was dipped in the laughs and Sounds of pillow fights.
But my hunk is supposed to rule over me and my body.
After a chase he finally grabbed me into his arms and clutched my wrist at the back. My breast was hugging his chest and I was still giggling.

We were enjoying the moment.
He tightened up his hold..
"Ouch.. Baby it hurts”
 “Acha..? Let it pain..! I want to give you some pain tonight.."

and he again tickled me to make me laugh.

"Oh.. No.. No.. No.. Baby please.. Please.. Sorry I won't do it.. Leave me"
giggle in my voice and that lovable pain in my wrist was pleasurable.

I've started feeling his hot breathes on my collar bone. He was too near to me and his lips were on my ears.
He kissed my ears and whispered
"I want to make love Aaliyah"
our environment was no more surrounded with laughs, and the trance seems to be faded out as we started looking into each other's eyes.
 "I want the chase..” Said I with my naughty smile..

“ Get me..” I continued... “I want to be wild..”  
With no shame in the eyes but a deep desire to kick the outer world and get lost in the pleasure I asked him.
But his smile while looking deep in my eyes made me blush, as if he's saying
"My cat wants to be wild tonight.."
No doubts, he has the most adorable smile I've ever seen in my life.
..And he lowered his face towards my lips.
..And as desired, the chase, I moved my face and denied the kiss.

 But I forgot, I'm still into his muscular arms and my hands were cuffed at my back with my bossom hitting his broad chest.

He tried kissing me again.. Once again, naughtily,  I moved my face off.

"You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love" He ‘Enriqued’ and  jumped on the bed taking me in his arms.

“Ouch” was the all, I could say, as the action was quick, but actually who cares about it now?

He started kissing my neck..
Oh his Kisses.. The way he licks my neck actually drives me crazy..

Accelerated heart beats by his small bites all over my shoulder and his kisses wet in hot breaths over my ears gave me Goosebumps..

He kissed my cheeks.. And rolled his tongue over my chin and said while invading the cave, sensuously and slowly..

"Aaliyah.. You're awesome to taste.."


  1. Things like these are what keeps your night happy to stay!!

  2. My first time - at your blog, I mean! I must say, what a fantastic and novel theme you have chosen to write about. Well done! *doffs his imaginary hat*

  3. “Fall in love
    with the energy
    of the mornings

    trace your fingers
    along the lull
    of the afternoons

    take the spirit
    of the evenings
    in your arms
    kiss it deeply

    and then
    make love
    to the tranquility
    of the nights.”
    ― Sanober Khan.

    @Bonnie Jenkins.