Thursday, 30 May 2013

THE DATE (Meet Aliyah)

.. As I entered, felt like I got strangulated by the smoke house. Chilled Fog outside and hot smoke inside..
I could see some blurred faces with a burning Ciggy attached to their lips, some couples over the couches smooching and playing with each other's body..
Interesting lesbian couple lost in their lip-lock and showing the middle finger to the ppl in the club!!
 "Uff.. God damn! It's all about being high.. Say its alcohol, smoke, joints, or sex.."

 Ha-ha.. Even you get high from watching all this shït.. Interesting shït..

 No doubts she was looking hot in her denim skirt with skin hugging deep neck, which was forcing men around her to see the valley between the mountains..
"Gosh she's a hot stuff...!!!"

Some whispering compliment melted into my ears about her..
"Her....?" Who's she.. Aliyah I'm talking about..

The girl who dragged me to the club.. Her 6 inches Aldo, no doubts, can high any man's breaths and the smile and spark she carries in her eyes..
Damn.. Force men to approach her.. And it happened So..
A tall muscular guy wearing a white skin fit and a leather jacket approached her..
And bitchy me.. Winked at her and said..

"Bull is coming to hit you babe.. But beware!
Your man called up! He shall be here within a few minutes..!!!

I always loved the gesture of greeting by Aliyah's man..
He always Kisses her neck in public .. May be he Loves to show off the public display of affection.. And indeed it makes me smile.. The wicked smile..

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