Thursday, 30 May 2013

THE DATE (Aliah"s neighbour)

Sounds awkward but yes, I was interested in him too.
Saw him growing, playing and falling down, hurt and shattered.
No doubts it was a two way feeling, but maybe the destinations were different.

He was interested in the “two mountains and the juicy strawberry” and I was towards his mind.
It’s a human nature to find out strange things. So as I was interested to find out , not about him, But the question was..

“Why me?”

Yeah, it was strange for me because he was just 15 or maybe 16, Considered to be a “grown up” kid. But yet he was a kid to me.
Let me clarify, I did not want to be an adolescent psychologist, else would have consulted some great people with weird names hard to spell.

It started with the day I saw him staring at me. I too, as usual passed a smile..

“Montu, how are you?? Didn’t go to school? He said “No, Aaliya, Good Morning!”

Aliyah!!! Woah! He never addressed me by my name.
I was a bit shocked and uncomfortable, so, I thought not to give it a weight.
I noticed him many times staring at me, usually when I am in my nightgown, just the gown, in the morning, come out to take the newspaper.
He never missed any day without waving at me while going to school. I wasn’t aware of the evening when his mother came to our home to invite us for Montu’s birthday.
Gosh! I didn’t know it was his birthday, didn’t purchase any gift either.
So, I went to his place bare handed. “ Happy birthday Montu!!” and I hugged him.

Strange that he hugged me too tightly for a long that people around started staring at us. I felt like he was taking a feel to touch me. Or maybe I am wrong.

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