Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reason, I never discriminate people who speak wrong English.

Being a student of English language and literature, from one of the most renowned colleges, what I have personally noticed, is the nature of people to look down at those who are weak in English.
The tug of war between the senses of superiority and inferiority is immortal.

I have never discriminated people on the basis of the inefficiency in the command over a language, especially English Language; I am not perfect either because I do not dwell among the native speakers. English is not my mother tongue and I have acquired it as a second language, painstakingly, over the years.

A few years back, I started my professional career as a language teacher. I always wanted to go into villages to teach and join the schools of Municipal Corporation of Delhi to provide a better quality of education, concerning to the language. And I am not Mother Teresa.

Ergo, I agreed to work with some NGO for peanuts. Probably, I was over confident about my “I can do it” nature and unaware of their encumbering nature, I eventually gave a halt to the occupation.

During the teaching period, I came across some students who belong to the less financially sound families and studied in government schools. When they shared their heart out, how they were discriminated on the basis of language. They felt neglected in the society, colleges and among the peer group. After the course, they improved because my work was not only to teach them language but also to inject the confidence in them.

People who discriminate others on the basis of language are the ones who are born with a silver spoon in the mouth or Dunlop cushions to support their back. They belong to well fed or capable families, their father worked hard to provide them a good education in public and central schools with all supports of tuition and books and study material. 

The majority of families are from the group most of us never imagined. The kids do every sort of work that we are taught and trained to discriminate since our childhood. These kids do the real hard work to stand up in the society because they know the actual face of, unlike the spoon fed kids who are promised to get Lumia if they score well in matriculation.

My personal experiences made me respect those who work hard to learn. I have never felt superior to them because I was born into an educated family; I was supposed to get a good education. 

Knowledge is the only wealth, the more you spend the more it increases. Instead of making fun of your colleagues and college/school mates, help them, only if they are ready and willing to learn from you. They might not know because nobody told them. especially those youngsters with blonde streaks and micro-minis, giggling and juggling their i Phones
and BlackBerry. You are studying in elite colleges because your parents are paying for it, not because you are working in a tea stall in at night to purchase your books!


  1. You can always differentiate someone working hard to speak fluent English and the wannabes. I might ignore any poor grammar but when my becomes mah, and hi becomes hiiiiiiiiii hru? that's when my neurons pick up AK-47!

    Fluent Hindi is rare to see. The last time I heard good fluent Hindi was from a Customer Care Executive.

    1. Exactly, That's what I said, Help those who are ready to take help, you can't help mentally retards!

  2. I must appreciate you for doing something that was your niche to help the lesser fortunate ! its always a good feeling when you can give something back to the society ! English is such a language that most of among us are not well versed and educating them rather then making fun of them is the right approach to creating a better surrounding !

    P.S. a nice read !

  3. simply nice read :)

  4. well said Himadri, i agree with you in this article