Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Searching Soul..

Searched you in the infinity and in the words,
signals of your trembling lips..
Trying to locate my soul in one of your bitter cigarettes,
Keeping myself waited until it fatigues..
.. And you forgot me...

You whispered and my luck disappeared,
vanished with the ring of smoke,
You left my hand and my life shattered into thousand pieces..
.. And I kept sobbing..

Dreaming with the past,
... I just can't forget those Lip-locks..
Because I can't stop thinking about you,
Because I can't touch your hands,
Just because I can't stop loving you..

Feel of butterflies in my heart with the image of crescent in your eyes,
I'm stuck in the mirage and missing you,
I'm the captive of your love, I'm your prisoner
And.. You left me gaped in a corner where your lips were my salvation...
.. And you forgot me..

Yes, I'm broken into thousand pieces..
.. And I kept sobbing..

I can't find the exit to this pain and the cure to this injury..

Dreaming to forget your kisses..
.. And I Love You..

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