Thursday, 30 May 2013

Because That's obvious!

Here's Something "obvious" to have a look, think, understand and enjoy!

I literally burst out into laughter whenever I discuss this thing with my friend.
Though I do not comment but take it as a quite obvious behaviour.
She has almost 4500+ friends on Facebook and most of them are television celebrities, Known Professional of respective fields, Authors and Large-small screen luminaries, who maintain their public/social profiles to communicate with people and other professionals.

Then, Whenever she watches a particular face on screen or any particular author's book in a bookshop, her usual dialogue is,
"Haan-Haan Janti Hoon Isey, Yahan Bhabhi ka role karti hai, aur facebook pe Mini skirt pehen kar ladko ke sath photo khinchwaati hai" (Yeah, I know her, on screen she plays the character of a noble woman but on Facebook she uploads her half nude picture surrounded by men)

Or for some author, " Oh please, who will read his/her book, She is added in my profile and I have seen the kiddish comments and the way they all play on Facebook, not sophisticated at all, who made them authors? Huh!"

Sometimes I get pissed off and find it absurd.
What I have noticed, After getting access to somewhat personal lives of these celebrities, people tend to make stories and make up their minds.
They need to understand, Celebrities are normal human beings excelled in their professional fields.
Adding on Facebook doesn't mean that the person has added you into his/her life as well.
I do not mean to sound arrogant here but Seriously? Ain't that funny?
The way they start talking to the "known faces" Like they have given permission to barge into their personal lives.
The language changes from "Aap" to "Tu" and If the "face" doesn't respond/interact, stories are created.
Well, Honestly it doesn't matter, because by the time celebrities are 'used to' for it and they eventually laugh at this stupidity.
Happens, haven't you noticed, usually people after joining the gym and getting trained for six months, start considering themselves as gym trainers and suggest others the diet plans and exercises..

The same way, they start considering themselves "Actors and Authors" no matter, if their ribs can visibly be counted or they say " I am a writer because I have read many books."

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