Friday, 31 May 2013

THE DATE (A Romantic Scene)

I was just laying by his side and he, as usual busy with his Facebook account.
My head was on his lap and my hair spread all over his thighs, closed eyes and mind lost in his favourite trance music.
Great moments, to save in the folder of deep down memories.
So much of peace and relaxation I get on his well toned thighs!
Tight muscles and long legs. But I, naughty.

How can I let him take his attention on some white Chick showing her curves on Facebook.. Huh..?

With a smile I just slid my hand in his shorts and moved up from his thighs.
I knew it tickles him a lot and I succeeded in diverting his mind towards me..

"Hey.. Stop it.. It tickles you know.."

He said in a giggling voice, and I started teasing him, making him laugh with the tickle and I started laughing too.
Room was dipped in the laughs and Sounds of pillow fights.
But my hunk is supposed to rule over me and my body.
After a chase he finally grabbed me into his arms and clutched my wrist at the back. My breast was hugging his chest and I was still giggling.

We were enjoying the moment.
He tightened up his hold..
"Ouch.. Baby it hurts”
 “Acha..? Let it pain..! I want to give you some pain tonight.."

and he again tickled me to make me laugh.

"Oh.. No.. No.. No.. Baby please.. Please.. Sorry I won't do it.. Leave me"
giggle in my voice and that lovable pain in my wrist was pleasurable.

I've started feeling his hot breathes on my collar bone. He was too near to me and his lips were on my ears.
He kissed my ears and whispered
"I want to make love Aaliyah"
our environment was no more surrounded with laughs, and the trance seems to be faded out as we started looking into each other's eyes.
 "I want the chase..” Said I with my naughty smile..

“ Get me..” I continued... “I want to be wild..”  
With no shame in the eyes but a deep desire to kick the outer world and get lost in the pleasure I asked him.
But his smile while looking deep in my eyes made me blush, as if he's saying
"My cat wants to be wild tonight.."
No doubts, he has the most adorable smile I've ever seen in my life.
..And he lowered his face towards my lips.
..And as desired, the chase, I moved my face and denied the kiss.

 But I forgot, I'm still into his muscular arms and my hands were cuffed at my back with my bossom hitting his broad chest.

He tried kissing me again.. Once again, naughtily,  I moved my face off.

"You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love" He ‘Enriqued’ and  jumped on the bed taking me in his arms.

“Ouch” was the all, I could say, as the action was quick, but actually who cares about it now?

He started kissing my neck..
Oh his Kisses.. The way he licks my neck actually drives me crazy..

Accelerated heart beats by his small bites all over my shoulder and his kisses wet in hot breaths over my ears gave me Goosebumps..

He kissed my cheeks.. And rolled his tongue over my chin and said while invading the cave, sensuously and slowly..

"Aaliyah.. You're awesome to taste.."

Thursday, 30 May 2013

THE DATE (Aliah"s neighbour)

Sounds awkward but yes, I was interested in him too.
Saw him growing, playing and falling down, hurt and shattered.
No doubts it was a two way feeling, but maybe the destinations were different.

He was interested in the “two mountains and the juicy strawberry” and I was towards his mind.
It’s a human nature to find out strange things. So as I was interested to find out , not about him, But the question was..

“Why me?”

Yeah, it was strange for me because he was just 15 or maybe 16, Considered to be a “grown up” kid. But yet he was a kid to me.
Let me clarify, I did not want to be an adolescent psychologist, else would have consulted some great people with weird names hard to spell.

It started with the day I saw him staring at me. I too, as usual passed a smile..

“Montu, how are you?? Didn’t go to school? He said “No, Aaliya, Good Morning!”

Aliyah!!! Woah! He never addressed me by my name.
I was a bit shocked and uncomfortable, so, I thought not to give it a weight.
I noticed him many times staring at me, usually when I am in my nightgown, just the gown, in the morning, come out to take the newspaper.
He never missed any day without waving at me while going to school. I wasn’t aware of the evening when his mother came to our home to invite us for Montu’s birthday.
Gosh! I didn’t know it was his birthday, didn’t purchase any gift either.
So, I went to his place bare handed. “ Happy birthday Montu!!” and I hugged him.

Strange that he hugged me too tightly for a long that people around started staring at us. I felt like he was taking a feel to touch me. Or maybe I am wrong.

THE DATE (confession after the proposal)

Unbelievable for me..
I pinch myself but felt the pain, Means I'm not at all dreaming and in my senses..

But.. How can it happen to me? I'm astonished to see myself in love again..
Never thought I would love someone so madly like this..
I've decided to leave everything but not him..

Yes I'm confessing to myself.. I love him too much.. After so many years almost a decade I've got the same feeling the same fear to lose my love..

I don't wanna die again.. I can't die.. I'm not left to die anymore.. It's a really confusing situation..

Not confusing but I'm scared, because I've staked everything upon him.

My name, my dreams, my happiness even my life.. I don't know what I saw in him..

The truth is I never wanted a guy like him.. I mean he's totally opposite to my imaginations..
But he's the best.. 
No other could ever be like him. 
I won't let anyone be better than him he's my number one and I will make him the ace by my support my love and my care.

Am I building castles? What happened to me?

I'm not a person like this..

 I Was dead so why that day he said he Loves me?
He shouldn't have loved me that day. Shouldn't have got tears in his eyes, shouldn't have given my soul..

I love you..

THE DATE #scene

...Stripping down her shyness,
He looked into her eyes and asked for permission to hold her in his arms and snatch every moment of that time..
Standing aside the window, she was half lean to the window pane and in white cotton Kurta his broad chest and abs were peeping out because of the rain, washing Aaliyah's face and making her man more seductive.. "You look gorgeous in wet hair, when these locks touch your pink lips" said Arjun in whispering voice..
She could feel the warmth of his breaths on her neck.

" As if you've never seen me like this.. What's so special today..?" she said giving herself some space!!!

 ..Arjun held Aaliyah's waist and turned her face towards him.. He could feel her high breaths and raised eyebrow..
She knew what's gonna be the next step..

"bheeg gaye ho.. Beemar pad jaoge.. Change ka...."
"stop being my mom,girl.!!!.

He left her unspoken.. Indeed the cold wind was giving them goosebumps but they were enjoying it..

THE DATE (Meet Aliyah)

.. As I entered, felt like I got strangulated by the smoke house. Chilled Fog outside and hot smoke inside..
I could see some blurred faces with a burning Ciggy attached to their lips, some couples over the couches smooching and playing with each other's body..
Interesting lesbian couple lost in their lip-lock and showing the middle finger to the ppl in the club!!
 "Uff.. God damn! It's all about being high.. Say its alcohol, smoke, joints, or sex.."

 Ha-ha.. Even you get high from watching all this shït.. Interesting shït..

 No doubts she was looking hot in her denim skirt with skin hugging deep neck, which was forcing men around her to see the valley between the mountains..
"Gosh she's a hot stuff...!!!"

Some whispering compliment melted into my ears about her..
"Her....?" Who's she.. Aliyah I'm talking about..

The girl who dragged me to the club.. Her 6 inches Aldo, no doubts, can high any man's breaths and the smile and spark she carries in her eyes..
Damn.. Force men to approach her.. And it happened So..
A tall muscular guy wearing a white skin fit and a leather jacket approached her..
And bitchy me.. Winked at her and said..

"Bull is coming to hit you babe.. But beware!
Your man called up! He shall be here within a few minutes..!!!

I always loved the gesture of greeting by Aliyah's man..
He always Kisses her neck in public .. May be he Loves to show off the public display of affection.. And indeed it makes me smile.. The wicked smile..

Ho gaye, Uske hum..

kabhi socha na tha yu hum beh jayenge..
kisi shakhs se hum ye keh jayenge..
aaj se mere saare shabd hain tumhare naam..
mere din,
raat ye subah aur shaam,
hum, yu, aise kisi ke ho jayenge...
uski muhobbat me kho kar,
uski yaado me so kar,
hum to aaj ro gaye..
bas itna samajh lo yaaro....
hum toh kisi k ho gaye.....

My Horny pen..

Sometimes I think to write something else, but every time I unzip and take out my pen, it writes about you..
At times I don't understand you choke my thoughts or strangulate my mind..
Whenever I try to turn on my thoughts to produce an orgasmic write-up..
Your face, your smile, your silly talks come in my mind and I end up writing about you only..
I wanna play with my words..
I wanna seduce my paper with the things running in my mind..
I wanna fondle those pleasure points of my writing where one feels like a cut out of the world..
The act, the play, and the foreplay I wanna do it with my words..
But every time I undress my pen and lay it on the core body of my notebook it ejaculates you..
Your name.. Your every single style.. My mind is pregnant with ideas..
But at the end I always find.. It's you..
And when the write-up is complete..
What do I find..?

Two numb bodies.. My pen and my mind breathing high..
Can't move.. Yet in each others love..

Let me work my love..
Let me write..
Don't play with my mind and pen.. Don't seduce my brain..
Don't turn my words on and take them on the peak..
Don't make me flaunt and scream in my writings..
Let me write something else..
Let me think something else..

So very in love with you.. "you" the subject of my life.. 

THE DATE (Silent Proposal..)

Damn strange...
Was that decision impulsive..?? I barely knew him for two weeks.. Tough.. A tough man he is.. Hard to fall for anyone, may say emotionless, heartless.. People used to call him a heart-breaker...
Just one blink.. And cupid struck..????

He was laying on the bed and I was sitting on him... Smiling.. Without any feeling of being with a strange person.. Both of us weren't even having a feel of getting intimate... Didn't even feel like kissing...
It was just a comfort, a relaxing peace that connected us.. Indeed after a long time.. Usually when a hot male and sexy female meets the get indulge in love making... Yes.. We too made love.. We allowed our souls to get intimate.. And our bodies haven't even had the feel of touching each other.... Sitting on him...
I was staring in his eyes... Having a lot of questions in my mind.. Having a battle between the blood pumping machine and body controlling faculty.. It was a feeling that two bodies get after making out.. Numbness.. Energy-less.. Gained serenity and peace...
I laid my half body on him.. And he hugged me.. Fondling his fingers in my silky hair.. I could feel the warmth of his peaceful breathes... We didn't say anything.. I guess there was nothing to speak.. What to say..??
Seemed words are worthless.. And have no values when our eyes were speaking... We forgot where we are.. Where we had to go... Who is around.. It was just he and I.. He broke the silence and said..

" Baby.. You are the most beautiful thing happened to me after a long time.. Thank you.."

I could see the truth scrolling down from the corner of his eyes, making his beautiful lashes wet and eyes red.. I was choked.. To get this never expected moment... He was waiting for a response.. not reply... And I responded.. By touching his lips with mine and took him to my world... I felt like no words could reply to this moment.. At times action speaks louder than words.. This is the way he proposed me.. And that is the way I said yes.. Miles to go, by holding his hands.. Not letting his step back of a fall from his journey.. I am his power, I am his support, I am his wings to make him fly high... I am nobody else.. Just his soul..

Because That's obvious!

Here's Something "obvious" to have a look, think, understand and enjoy!

I literally burst out into laughter whenever I discuss this thing with my friend.
Though I do not comment but take it as a quite obvious behaviour.
She has almost 4500+ friends on Facebook and most of them are television celebrities, Known Professional of respective fields, Authors and Large-small screen luminaries, who maintain their public/social profiles to communicate with people and other professionals.

Then, Whenever she watches a particular face on screen or any particular author's book in a bookshop, her usual dialogue is,
"Haan-Haan Janti Hoon Isey, Yahan Bhabhi ka role karti hai, aur facebook pe Mini skirt pehen kar ladko ke sath photo khinchwaati hai" (Yeah, I know her, on screen she plays the character of a noble woman but on Facebook she uploads her half nude picture surrounded by men)

Or for some author, " Oh please, who will read his/her book, She is added in my profile and I have seen the kiddish comments and the way they all play on Facebook, not sophisticated at all, who made them authors? Huh!"

Sometimes I get pissed off and find it absurd.
What I have noticed, After getting access to somewhat personal lives of these celebrities, people tend to make stories and make up their minds.
They need to understand, Celebrities are normal human beings excelled in their professional fields.
Adding on Facebook doesn't mean that the person has added you into his/her life as well.
I do not mean to sound arrogant here but Seriously? Ain't that funny?
The way they start talking to the "known faces" Like they have given permission to barge into their personal lives.
The language changes from "Aap" to "Tu" and If the "face" doesn't respond/interact, stories are created.
Well, Honestly it doesn't matter, because by the time celebrities are 'used to' for it and they eventually laugh at this stupidity.
Happens, haven't you noticed, usually people after joining the gym and getting trained for six months, start considering themselves as gym trainers and suggest others the diet plans and exercises..

The same way, they start considering themselves "Actors and Authors" no matter, if their ribs can visibly be counted or they say " I am a writer because I have read many books."

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Itz all over" and he walked away...

He killed me, because he knew how to kill me, because I gave him the weapon to kill me..
I was smiling silently when I said " I won't get anything by fighting with you, not even the alimony"
As usual, Like I tease him, " I love you for your property"
When he said, " don't behave like other female members of my family, I have earned a lot, more than you, I won't take a minute to leave you"

I said, " Go" and kept walking, he couldn't see that I was still smiling at the property thing, was about to turn and sing "jiye aap kahan jayenge, ye nazar laut ke fir aayegi' leaving all the differences behind, we are used to.

As I turned, I saw him walking away, far from my sight to the metro station, I was still smiling, expecting he will see me once and I will laugh.

And he walked away.. I kept standing there, expecting he might be hiding nearby among the cars in the parking lot of Connaught place.

I was standing, where he left, the curve on my face started fading.
After ten minutes I received a few messages, what was written in those messages, I couldn't understand, because I never meant that. I am the one who consider him my pride, the cause of my existence.

I could understand only the last line.. "Itz all over"

It was enough to understand that he left me in the middle of nowhere.
Everything just blacked out, I tried to cry but couldn't, all I was trying and focusing was not to cry in public.

I walked a few steps and saw Mr.Sahay, the famous puppet seller of CP, sitting with some north eastern people, they were helping Mr. Sahay to sell puppets and were talking to him.

I never believed in the story of Mr. Sahay, That he is retired and selling puppets for the survival of his wife and him.

I watched him, standing there and smiled again. Honestly, I wanted to sit by his side and ask "Do you really work for your wife?"

Anyways, I waited there for more than an hour, expecting him to come back, I couldn't dare to call him. I didn't want to call him..

.. a person, who can leave me, in the middle of the road, for no prime reason,how can I expect him to stay by my side for the life long...?

He didn't care, how will I go back? Didn't even think for once what will happen if he leaves? His messages said, I supported him till he was earning well? When did I ask for anything? What did I take from him except his presence and support? I couldn't answer these questions.. Probably I am also among those girls who USE men for money.. And above all,I know I am not a kid that I won't be able to go home back, but  He really didn't take One minute to leave me.

My mother called me up at 7:00 pm, I realized, I am late for home..
I hired an auto and left CP for my home. After getting inside the Auto, I couldn't stop myself. I hid my eyes with my goggles and cried the whole way to my home.. 

Auto driver asked me once, " Madam aap theek hain?''
I said, "haan bhaiya, thoda jaldi chala lijiye"

I wiped my tears by my sleeves and reached home.

Maa was as usual frustrated and yelling at me for being late.
I said nothing to her and realized, "well, nothing has changed, life is same, once again, back to zero"

He knew, I have nothing else, except him, He himself said "you will be dead the day I leave you"

He was right, I am dead, maybe.
I found it true, 'you cannot realize how strong you are until to be strong is the only option left'

At night, the same routined dinner, insomniac life style, yes I cried and I will, whenever I will miss him and by the time I will be strong 'again'

Well, once again, I loved and lived. To be honest, I am blank with no feelings. 
Maybe I have grown up, maybe I am practical, Maybe I am just an Idiot, I was..

And I am still smiling like an idiot, because I have two crazy old people to take care and a long life ahead.. :)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bill Gates had no Facebook account

I like it when little kids update quotes of those big daddies of the world who were once a loser, poor, disabled and helpless and eventually ruled the world..
But baby, they worked hard for it after discontinuing education or getting expelled from school.. They didn't update status, gained meat coatings on parents' money and downloading apps on iPhone...  


Oops! Did your ego hurt?

Never understood, whenever something is said in favour of women, why men come up with arms and ammunitions to fight a battle between the sexes?
Why they take it personally? Is the male ego is so high that blinds the logic and reasoning to judge the statement and context behind it?
Well, that's something acceptable because increasing the pitch of voice is far easier than increasing the quality of argument.
But the thing that is more to feel sorry about, barely any woman comes up to stand or support the issue with logical reasons..

Well who wants to indulge in unnecessary argument? It's easier to mend the smudged kohl after crying than to waste time in removing the causes of pain.

True, when men say, women are the cause of their own miseries!

Are you organized?

How organized a person is; his wardrobe tells.How clean a person is ; his toilet tells.How well educated a person is ; the pattern and organization of books in the shelf tells.How sincere a person is; his punctuality tells.How successful a person is; his quality of work tellsHow polite a person is; his eyes tell.AndHow perfect a person is, the selection of his company and friends tells.
There's a huge difference between being well educated and being civilized. Qualifications can provide you with a chair to sit among elite class but your behaviour gives you the glass of scotch to toss with them.
Filter your life now! Or you'll be among those, who sooner or later make a munching sound while chewing food..

The lost beads of the friendship Band.

How strange when the people you grew up eating in the same canteen, sharing same notes and were the part of same group photos become the dead profiles in your Facebook account just because you took some time just to create your life and stand somewhere in life.. 

Yes, there is a category of "friends" who were "besties" till you were actively participating in daily craziness and as you took a couple of years for yourself, stopped pleasing them, they are just lost somewhere..
Never respond and rather you can't feel their happiness for you, and your achievements..

And when years after, you initiate, a cold response to the wordless complaint "you left us.. We didn't leave you, now nothing left.. And we have moved on.."

What kind of friendship was it?
A friendship of availability?
A friendship only to share laughs?
 A friendship of pseudo promises to stand by each other till the heartbeats stop..?

Remember? Just a couple of years back there was a friend you mentioned as a brother, a crazy girl whom you treated as a younger sister, and a best friend with whom you set relationship just to make people laugh that we were homosexual...

Every successful person had a mediocre life, once, faded childhood.. Sleeping somewhere in the graveyard of the last pages of "friends" section in Facebook..

When, Love is....

Love is when after 33 years of marriage you hate each other for being senile,
At every second thing blame and call each other an oldie sextant,
But wake up at night just to give her medicines,
Just to switch off the bed lights and take his glasses from his nose,
Still give the softer part of chicken to him to chew easily and the sweet mango pulp to her to relish,
When sometimes you rub Iodex on her knees and when you stand up taking support of her shoulder,
When she frowns at your coughs but gives you medicine,
When you bought her favorite childhood ice cream cup at the time of night walk,
When you have nothing else to do but take out the mistakes and fight,
When you talk about your kids' childhood,
When she cries and you behave strong..
When your blood pressure goes up and so her heart beats..

When one day she is gone.. And you cry alone holding her saree..
When she is unable to breathe and miss your arms to hold..

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

तेरी बाहों का आसरा..

बिखर जाती हूँ मैं,
हर एक शब्द में ऐसे,
जैसे तेरी बाहों का,
आसरा मिल गया हो,
जब भी लिखती हूँ,
कहानी तेरे लफ़्ज़ों की,
हंसती है ख़ामोशी,
जैसे ज़र्रा हिल गया हो,
कलम थिरकती है मेरी,
स्याह करने कागज़ के बदन को,
देख किस्सों की अंगडाई जैसे,
बारिश का समां हो,
वो हंसती है, रिझाने तुझको,
झांके कभी सिरहाने से,
वो किरदार है मेरी कलम की ,
फिर मांगे क्यूँ साँसे,
तुझ बेपरवाह दीवाने से?
चल हट!
मुझसे ना कर बातें ऐसी,
इश्क तुझे हो गया हो, 
बिखर न जाऊं शब्दों में ऐसे,
जैसे तेरी बाहों का मुझे 
आसरा मिल गया हो… 

- हिमाद्री 

Monday, 13 May 2013

काश फिर मिलने की वो वजह मिल जाये

काश फिर मिलने की वो वजह मिल जाये,
तेरे संग बिताये वो पल मिल जाये 
बातों बातों में जो बालियाँ कानो की खींची थी,
रोई थी जब मैं, गीली आँखे मींची थी,
कान पकड़ कर वैसे फिर से मुझे मनाये,
काश फिर मिलने की वजह मिल जाए,

पुलिया पर लटकते हमारे पाँव,
सपनो की दुनिया का चक्कर लगाते,
चूंटी काट फिर तुम मुझे,
वापस यहीं ले आते थे,
कब, कैसे, बादलों की गुडिया बना देते तुम,
जो पूंछू मैं, तो मुंह बना देते थे,
वो बादलों की गुड़िया मिल जाये,
काश फिर मिलने की वजह मिल जाए … 

आज कमर से भी लम्बी है मेरी चोटी ,
पर खींचने वाले तुम नहीं,
देखती हूँ तुमको कभी, छुप कर, यूँ ही,
पर बचपन वाला यूँ नहीं,
कद बड़ा तो बढ़ गए फासले भी ,
न कच्ची कैरियां, ना वो त्योरियां अब,
कान की बालियाँ कभी जो खिंच जाए,
वो सिसकियाँ कहे,
काश फिर मिलने की वजह मिल जाए ...

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reason, I never discriminate people who speak wrong English.

Being a student of English language and literature, from one of the most renowned colleges, what I have personally noticed, is the nature of people to look down at those who are weak in English.
The tug of war between the senses of superiority and inferiority is immortal.

I have never discriminated people on the basis of the inefficiency in the command over a language, especially English Language; I am not perfect either because I do not dwell among the native speakers. English is not my mother tongue and I have acquired it as a second language, painstakingly, over the years.

A few years back, I started my professional career as a language teacher. I always wanted to go into villages to teach and join the schools of Municipal Corporation of Delhi to provide a better quality of education, concerning to the language. And I am not Mother Teresa.

Ergo, I agreed to work with some NGO for peanuts. Probably, I was over confident about my “I can do it” nature and unaware of their encumbering nature, I eventually gave a halt to the occupation.

During the teaching period, I came across some students who belong to the less financially sound families and studied in government schools. When they shared their heart out, how they were discriminated on the basis of language. They felt neglected in the society, colleges and among the peer group. After the course, they improved because my work was not only to teach them language but also to inject the confidence in them.

People who discriminate others on the basis of language are the ones who are born with a silver spoon in the mouth or Dunlop cushions to support their back. They belong to well fed or capable families, their father worked hard to provide them a good education in public and central schools with all supports of tuition and books and study material. 

The majority of families are from the group most of us never imagined. The kids do every sort of work that we are taught and trained to discriminate since our childhood. These kids do the real hard work to stand up in the society because they know the actual face of, unlike the spoon fed kids who are promised to get Lumia if they score well in matriculation.

My personal experiences made me respect those who work hard to learn. I have never felt superior to them because I was born into an educated family; I was supposed to get a good education. 

Knowledge is the only wealth, the more you spend the more it increases. Instead of making fun of your colleagues and college/school mates, help them, only if they are ready and willing to learn from you. They might not know because nobody told them. especially those youngsters with blonde streaks and micro-minis, giggling and juggling their i Phones
and BlackBerry. You are studying in elite colleges because your parents are paying for it, not because you are working in a tea stall in at night to purchase your books!

My Searching Soul..

Searched you in the infinity and in the words,
signals of your trembling lips..
Trying to locate my soul in one of your bitter cigarettes,
Keeping myself waited until it fatigues..
.. And you forgot me...

You whispered and my luck disappeared,
vanished with the ring of smoke,
You left my hand and my life shattered into thousand pieces..
.. And I kept sobbing..

Dreaming with the past,
... I just can't forget those Lip-locks..
Because I can't stop thinking about you,
Because I can't touch your hands,
Just because I can't stop loving you..

Feel of butterflies in my heart with the image of crescent in your eyes,
I'm stuck in the mirage and missing you,
I'm the captive of your love, I'm your prisoner
And.. You left me gaped in a corner where your lips were my salvation...
.. And you forgot me..

Yes, I'm broken into thousand pieces..
.. And I kept sobbing..

I can't find the exit to this pain and the cure to this injury..

Dreaming to forget your kisses..
.. And I Love You..

Friday, 3 May 2013

Those Twenty Minutes..


Last night around 3:40 am I turned my face to Kabeer and he wrapped his arms around me. I was asleep still I started kissing his chest and his neck. Kabeer has a habit of sleeping bare chest and I sleep bare legs.

He was still and sleeping and I started kissing him and caressing his chest. I could still feel the smell of his Cologne that he sprayed after taking bath at night.

We both had our eyes closed. Usually I don't dominate him on the bed and love to be his slave but I got high while kissing him.
He could feel my pace of kissing and the increasing hold of my palms on his chest. I started rubbing my thighs between his and he wrapped his legs around my waist.

His hands were on my butts. He was awake by now, but we both still had closed eyes.
His breaths became heavy and I could listen to his groans that make me wild.
I pecked his lips, he slightly opened it and I started sucking his lips, passionately.

I was unstoppable now. I got high and I wanted to be wild.
The most pleasurable intimacy we have with closed eyes, in half sleep and open it after the orgasm.

He let me dominate him tonight, I could feel it with his hands, not grabbing my flesh.

I removed my gown, I was bare. And slightly moved my hands to unbutton his shorts. I got up and pulled his shorts. My man, naked with closed eyes! How could I resist..

I caressed his legs and thighs. Started kissing him on his chest. I wanted to explore his body in the dark room.

I get high when he tongues my navel and goes down.. I love to give him love bites on chest but I wanted to be soft this time.. Kissing his body and going down I determined my kinky woman and to wake him up.

I wanted my wolf but I chose to be the vixen..

I stroked him with extreme pleasure and I succeeded.. In a couple of minutes he held my head and tied my hair.. He supported the pace and I kept on increasing.. Deep.. Deeper.. Deepest..

His moans encouraged me and after a while room was decorated by the voice of my choked throat..
He was all covered with my saliva as my face was..

I wanted to ride him.. Without losing a moment I came over him and saddled my Arabian horse with a groan..

He was deep in me.. I could feel the hardness inside me.. With gasps and moans I was moving like the high tides crave for his mom..

In extreme pleasure we both were marinated into each other..
I cuffed his wrist tight as he supported my flesh to ride in comfort.. I started groaning high as I saw him grabbing my love handles..

He was enjoying the contraction and my high stroked begged him to erupt..

My long hair was entangled to his thighs and covered my back..
I started gasping and nailed his chest.. "kkaabeeerr..."

His name was all I could say that faded within a few seconds..

Breathing high.. I was numb on his chest.. He was still inside me..
We didn't make efforts to find our clothes.. Spooning with bare body is awesomely sexy..

Perks of being married is the availability. We make love of souls, the numbness and serenity in each other's arms certify the purest form of this meditation.. Called love..
When a man and a woman completes the family, the togetherness and stay by the sides at odds and evens..

Love speaks like this.. When the nature clicks dawn.. When the clock ticks 4:00 Am..

And I left him snoring on the bed early morning when my alarm clock squeaked..