Thursday, 25 April 2013

Trying to change the DNA? Yes! No! Maybe!


When you dislike someone's ideology, you find it not up to the mark or absurd.
You feel it is absurd with no base. May it be Racist, Feminist, Gender Bias, Anti-Intellectualism, Individualism, Male-Chauvinism, Religious Fanaticism so on and so forth, You tend to hate them!
Sometime you disagree with the people you love, you hate their mentality.
In most of the cases we disagree with our parents and elder people.
By being brutally sarcastic and sarcastically brutal or by fighting or wasting your time in unnecessary indulgence of arguments; you cannot prove yourself right!
You are not arguing with kids to easily re-install some new and improved thinking.
They are “grown up” without the hash tag of #GrowUp.
They have spent their certain amount of time in the society and into their homes.
The ideologies that you discard and abolish, run into their veins. They are marinated to each cell. It is next to impossible to change it.
You talk about rapist?
Do you think, holding poster against them will make them to respect women?
No, I do not say, we should keep quiet and let the things be. We Must protest and confront but for the next generation. I motivate logical protest.
(Yes, here you may disagree with me and have a huge comment-fight, but will it change what I said?
But for sure it will make me cautious for the "next time".)
E.g. I have stopped updating erotic excerpts of my stories because I know, I cannot change the mentality of certain class but I can find a place where people are educated enough to differentiate and understand.

Relating the above example you may say "So, Shall we leave our country and move to some other?"

You see, most of the people do this!
NO! I have just stopped fighting with them. But I have not stopped writing. I didn't leave my genre (country) because I am not a coward to surrender myself to public.

Coming back to their social development.
As I said, they have spent a certain amount of time to train their brains to become a patient of that ideology.
Whether it is a political party abolishing Valentine's day or same any Facebook page asking to share a photograph "BOYCOTT CHINESE FOOD".

Just think, ain't you holding a firm ideology of respecting females or of being a vegan?
Exactly the same way, they are cannibals, they are rapists, they are male-chauvinist, they are money-minded, they are selfish.

You have your own decisions, your own life!
People you don't like, you cannot kill them because you are a so called law-abiding citizen but If you want to waste time... That is also your own decision..
Just keep in mind, you have not taken charge of curing the deep rooted ideological sickness but of changing the DNA.
I don't say, it is impossible, you cannot do it.. You can, you may, you will..
But people will still stop if a car passes by.
Your mother will still ask you not to wear micro minis.
Your brother will still keep an eye on your phone calls and your exit-enter timings.

And that old grandma will still frown at your blonde highlighting and at your girlfriends..

Exceptions are there but escape?                      ... :)

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  1. Hey Him,
    your article was very grasping...
    It was direct,straight as it should be.
    As I moved toward the end,I was hoping for a concrete solution though..maybe it's there(DNA>>),but I didn't get it.But I do wanna know the solution..
    That's my personal opinion