Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Women Bloggers

I seldom fulminate anyone because I am well aware of my imperfections and flaws.
Yes, I admit, Most of the times I finger what I see handy, voluminously horrendous idiocies, but, that too, just to laugh.
Okay, leaving it apart, if I speak of learning new things, I learn, I do learn, to be self-conscious and see my mistakes.
One thing that makes me happy is the number of brainy,well-informed and self-dependent women in my profile.
Mothers, social engineers, erudite, yet calm and managing.
At times I think, how will I be after twenty years, not only by looks but also by personality and aura, I can imagine myself, watching those grey locks tucked behind the ears and those fine lines on their face adding awards and honours to their experience.
I am a woman, I bear responsibilities, emotional-social-physical-hypothetical,
I get flummoxed many times yet I keep in mind, my targets, my duties and my womanhood.
I don't self-proclaimed, I don't announce, I don't brag, I just walk on the path I have decided. Dangerous, with no cornerstones and substratum yet the one I have chosen.
yes, It ain't easy but it is life and I live with a smile, just like you do, with those grey tresses battling with your eyelashes and those wrinkles - ornamenting your smiles, and those thick lenses resting on your noses.. 

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