Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Damn!! "I" love her

Persuaded my mind, ooh! She is not the girl.
Tried to ignore her.
Silently stalked all her activities.
I am just a friend, no heart no... Stop!
For many days I didn't talk to her,
She kept asking, what happened to me?
I had no answer.. I avoided her.
Days.. And weeks... And months.. And years..
I saw her growing, friending, breaking, laughing and crying..
I stood there, by there, to hug her, to hold her.
She came, hugged, cried but I am a friend.. No heart, stop!
I am a friend!
I blocked her, I changed my numbers.
Yes, I had girlfriends, many, to slumber.
The days were good but the nights were harsh
Music and liquor and dance to stash
Years and years, they passed so slow,
And my moxie weakened, I went so low
I cried, I tried, ever to bother..
Damn!! I am just a friend, but I love her!!