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"The Fight"

I had a fight with 'Kabeer' last night. For no obvious reasons.
Maybe women are like this. Or maybe I am like this. I wanted him to understand the unspoken pain, which he cannot, no one can actually.
We did not talk last night and slept facing the opposite universes.
I missed his arms and the peace, it was a restless night.
He left for the gym without intimating me, actually without the morning kiss.
I woke up and searched for him in the bed. I forgot I had a fight last night.
I could not find him. Rubbed my half opened-red eyes and raised eyebrows at the clock.

I am Late...
Recollected last night and frowned.. 'huh..'

Love is what - when we take care of each other in anger as well.
So, I prepared his favourite chicken sandwiches, not in my style but the way he wanted - slightly crisped chopped onions and tomatoes.
He came back and had no expression on his face. Neither Angry nor Calm.
I figured out.. 'He is angry' because he straight away went to the bathroom to take a shower.
I did not say anything and indulged myself in domesticities expecting him to come back soon and have the sandwiches.

After a while, he entered the kitchen.
Tooth Brush in the mouth and a towel wrapped up towel around his waist.
I felt someone was standing behind, so I turned.

Gawked at him with raised questioning brows to hit up his weird presence that time at that 'Fancy Dress'
He did not say anything, turned off the burner, clenched my wrist and schlepped me to the bathroom.
My hands were messed with mashed potatoes. I didn't say anything but was unascertained to his intentions.
He pushed me into the bathroom, came inside and turned on the chilled shower.
I gasped as the water chilled my nerves, gave me goosebumps and my eyes couldn't manage to open with a load of water on my eyelashes.

He came more near, under the shower and turned my face to the wall..
No words have yet kissed each other but he kissed my neck.
'Uh..' he didn't kiss but sucked my neck.
The chilled water of unwelcome march winters and his warm tongue wafted the current into my veins.
He threw his towel and touched his warm chest to my back. My eyes were closed and my lips were abashed.
His big palms strolled through my T-shirt and he unhooked my bosom.
Struggling with my night suit he explored my body and I knelt down to be the 'pun' of punishment..
After all, he made me cry last night.. And women are to revenge...
A flabbergasted Tit for tat..

Yes, we made love.. And left all egos, anger, differences, annoyances and complaints.
I came out with a smile and some rosy marks over my neck and he had his charming smile in his twinkling eyes..

No, you need not to sit and discuss the differences every time you fight.. You need not to look down upon each other and blame for the pain..

You need not to "talk' to chalk out the compromising solutions..

All you need is to 'let the love rule'..

But yes, do keep an eye on ticking clock.. Because he got late for office today.. :)


  1. nice flow...smooth as silk..overall very nice write.
    meanwhile would like to invite you to my blog i started recently.



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