Monday, 4 March 2013

The Crimson Love

I smiled, was happy
Will meet him again,
After a long time..
Wore best of my lingerie
And the crimson saree,
I will commit the crimson crime,
I smiled and blushed to make my pouts pink
Perfumed myself to make him sink..
A bouquet of London roses
With a tag of Indian love..
I flew to him.. I am a dove..
....... .
I am shocked , I am dead
Skipped my beats
Who is she? With those black beads..
He is back in town
Married and bound..
I smile, I sink
The perfume and my pink..
Our eyes rendezvoused
I am crimson, still..
The color shifted to eyes that kill..

After a long time, I tried making my audio blog..
:-/ bad sound quality.. sounding too heavy.. 
I must find some way to improve it... 

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