Friday, 22 March 2013

The Confession of a Woman

This is a summary of a conversation I had with my friend.

March, 22, 2013
Lavazza, Connaught Place
New Delhi.

She had been in love relations for eight times.
And for all the eight times she was loyal and dedicated.
Never cheated, never stepped out, no infidelity but a pure dedication.
She is 38 today and in a relationship

Over a coffee, I asked how do you feel being in relation.

She said, I am in relation because I need a man in my life.
The feeling of being loved, pampered and cuddled gone long time back.
I remember all my eight relationships and all I could learn, a woman can sacrifice everything for her man, to get loved, to have a home and children.
I needed it and I dreamt of it.
I gave myself many chances and tried not to repeat the mistakes of previous relationships.
Some left me because of their profession, they chose to work over a relationship.
And that's okay! Being a man, one has too many responsibilities, no one can fed by love and survive.
"Even to have sex you need energy"

Sometimes you have to let things go.. I have no grudges against all those eight men I dated. I just expected them to be dedicated as I was. They couldn't.
Some left me for flavor and taste. They had no feelings and after getting physically intimate, I am a woman, developed feelings.

So what do you expect from life now? Do you regret?
I asked.

She said, at times when I feel alone I do regret that I have wasted my life in search of this thing called true love. I am not against love or relationship, maybe that's why I am into one..

I asked her further, what did you get out of all this?

She said , to be honest I got nothing but some memories, by the time bad memory fades and all you remember some good ones.. I have them with me..
I have friend and family, I work and earn good. I live my life and it is kind of a smooth one. She continued.

I learnt a lot and you have to learn Himmi.

Taking further sips and munching, she continued..

Never blame men they have too many responsibilities because they live in a country where they are being taught to take up the burden since they get an erection.
Don't blame women even, it is okay to be in love.. And there's nothing to regret.
If you want to regret, feel guilty how you wasted the time by not being practical.
I am still not grown up and I still fight like a teenage girl.
But I never let my work affected. Hope you understood and I made sense!

Yes, love can fill your stomach but only for nine months.. I said with a smile.

We both chuckled and now I am heading towards Keventers in CP...


  1. That's so beautifully written! I agree, most of the time, genders are no at the same page which leads to such scenarios. I remember I read confessions of a man too, somewhere. lol.

    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

  2. Few have the guts to come clean...we still live in a world of make belief...and that too made by this one..:)

  3. Few of the guts to spill it out...sadly most of us live in a world to please other and made by others...forgetting to live our own..loved it...:)