Saturday, 2 March 2013

"She Rendezvoused with her Chimera"

"She Rendezvoused with her Chimera"
“You are late, sweetie”
Said Nivedita and spanked my ass to greet, the way she always does. I am eulogized for my round butts and curly long hair.
 “Uh.. Late? I am a woman, I take the time Honey” I said with the old college days winked smile.
“Aahan..” she said in a very enticing voice, And we both chuckled.
‘Where is our gang’ I probed as no one else came to receive me.
‘Oh.. They are inside, waiting for you. ‘They Should have come outside.. I frowned. 
‘Kanishka, they are men.. And its India Versus Australia, Riddhi and Sonal are in the kitchen, Namit is busy with Bruno and Here I am...”
She gabbed while entering in the house.

Nivi belongs to an affluent family but she is really down to earth and maybe this is the reason we enjoy each other a lot. I know her since my college days; She was my classmate, my roommate and my bed-mate.
Everyone considered as- lesbians and we used to ‘show off’, yes, we are... It was fun. But only we knew and a few friends that we were just best friends who were not shy to change clothes in front of each other.
Girls are nasty, shameless and too vulgar when they are open, unlike men. We don’t shy at our size. We can talk about anything and yes, we share nasty fantasies.

Nivedita is married to Abhishek, her one and only crush since college days, I remember “shake it baby” tease; we used to poke Abhishek with.
Namit – a six years cute boy, intelligent and extremely gorgeous, resembles his Mother. He loves his dog Bruno, the furious Saint Bernard.

Yes, Nivedita is a gorgeous lady. I always hated her for a strong metabolism.
I breathe and gain weight but she can survive upon pizzas and that cheese dipped Double chicken patty burger, her favorite and mine craves! Slurp!!

We entered in the room, she ordered her servants to take my luggage to the Guest room, adjacent to hers. Bruno started barking before I could breathe. I looked at Nivi’s face to save my soul. Nivi understood the SOS alert and asked Its caretaker to take it out. I gasped.
“I still hate dogs” said I apologetically.
“I know” She smiled. I love this shine on her lips, calm and understanding. ‘ I love her’  and I smiled too, at our Friendship..

“Shake it baby” I spoke aloud to distract the eyes of Abhishek from his LCD.
“Hey! Kannu.. And he paused the match, warmly welcomed me with a bear hug.
“Look at you girl, you have reduced, where are those
Ubigbigigly? Miss.Fatso?
I raised my brows and punched his abdomen “screw you”. We all chuckled.

Namit came running and hugged me from back, wrapping himself all around my waist. I turned and kissed him on Forehead.
“How was the journey fatso?”
“Don’t call her fatso..” A baritone hit my eardrums and I looked confused at Abhishek.
‘Ah.. meet my cousin, Rachit, Said Abhishek.

A tall, well build, French- bearded man headed towards us. By the time Riddhi- Abhishek’s younger sister came and wrapped herself around Rachit
“My brother is a doctor in AIIMS” She said with a pride, showing off her love towards him. We all chuckled at this.

Rachit ruffled her hair and smiled at me “ Hi..”
I Blushed and shook hands. He had beautiful big and soft palms.

We all headed towards the seating area and after a long journey all the way from Goa to Delhi, I rested my ass.
Sonal- Riddhi’s best friend joined us with smile and the maid came with some tea and eatables.
“ So, miss not so fatso..” How’s life? It’s good to see you after a couple of Years..
I wrapped my arms around Namit and rested my chin on his shoulder, touching his Soft, pink cheeks.
“Life is great. Yes, It has been more than two years..” And I looked at Nivedita lovingly with a smile.