Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mocking The Flock

The mocking flock.

How unfortunate for an artist in India. I will not include the world, as I am not aware of the philosophy or I should say the 'followsophy'

The first review of a movie/book/painting or any work of art, deeply influence the rest of the reviews.

We do not read the book but judge it by its cover and keep on enchanting " Don't be judgemental"

You ask others "how is the movie?" and then your decision making power is marinated into the previous reviews.

If we take the burning example of Facebook, no matter how logical and sensible the topic is, the first comment ruins it all.

A few people come up with their own individual point of view.

You have not read Arundhati Roy/Shobha De/Salman Salman Rushdie, but criticize them for being Grotesque.

You have not watched/understood Fire or Black Friday but you are all up with black flags against Deepa Mehta and Anurag Kashyap!!

Even if you have read them, you are influenced by the views of media.

So is the case with our society, almost in each and everything..

We are prejudiced for the newly married girl to be ill-charactered because one of her relatives crisply gossiped about her previous relationship.

Because the news channels said in January that 'Dhoni is a useless player' we all tweeted about his failure and some days back, 'Dhoni is the next God of Cricket'

It ain't an aggrieved or vehement porthole of a piqued artist, but a catechism, a question.. "Why can't we have our own, uninfluenced opinion?"

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