Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The White Colour Of Holi..

"Happy Holi.. Let me Paint you White"
Since morning he was acting like the romantic superstar of Yash Raj Movies. Romantic dialogues with winks and flying kisses, maybe because he knew I would set him free. He could booze, dance, have bhaang and whole day he can kick his adulthood and enjoy the insanity of The Holi.

He had started teasing me since morning. “I will have lunch at Subhash's". He grinned every time he took the name of Pooja Bhabi and it made me feel pissed.

Pooja is a flirtatious lady and favorite to all her brothers in law because of her deep necked blouse and transparent saree and this is Holi - A festival of tease.
I did not say anything and took it as a sport but inside my heart that devil woman was cursing Pooja for her "MILF’iyat"

After following the stereotyped blessed dry Holi with the adults we, for childish insanity, moved to his cousin- Subhash's. He owns a dream big penthouse - Big pool, barbecue, Personal bar and a beautiful terrace garden, so, he organizes Holi at his terrace, every year.

Our car was already looking like “Holi Cow" and the balloon-bombardment from the kids of society were aiming our asses. As we stepped out of our building, we were saved by one step to get wet in that stinking shower.

“Idiots!" he spoke aloud at those giggling chaps. I controlled my mirth but his eyes caught me. "What are you laughing at?" he asked raising his brows.
"Happy Holi!" And I winked.

We hastily comforted our butts in the car and took off for the road to our destination. Radio was overflowing with the ancient songs without which the festival seems to be incomplete and some dingy RJ was uttering Hola-Lola on every station, I was shuffling.

Not much but roads were stained with colours of Holi and it was a moving traffic. Meanwhile a few phone calls of  Holi wishes entertained us and we being 'typical family people' were discussing about our relatives, to be honest, we were bitching about Mama's brother's cousin's wife's brother's daughter's boyfriend - who cleared UGC-NET yesterday.

As we reached at Subhash's the 'Athanni-Gang’ (the kids) attacked us with water guns and we were welcomed warmly. The ladies caught me and dragged me to the kitchen and Pooja Bhabi hugged me. Her heavy balloons suffocated my Oranges and I managed to glue my 'Air Hostess ' smile.

Around eight families were there with kids flying on the tune of the legendary songs and messing the hall with wet chappals and dripping clothes. Mothers of the little devils were shouting like factory alarms to shoo them away on the terrace.

I could smell the mouth watering and stomach wobbling smell of  BBQed birds and I saw the coal coated smoke possessing my man too. We looked at each other’s eyes and my bon-vivant said “Let’s go and play Holi”

I arrested his intentions to soak his throat in alky and chew the flesh.

We all marched towards Subhash’s beautiful terrace garden. It was a giant terrace, perfumed with London Roses, big beautiful Dahlias, beautiful pink Raspberry Surprise, Lupines and Gladioli. The mezzanine was dressed with Morning Glory and Violets. A beautiful eye-charming mini heaven-like place to celebrate the Holi.

Along with the eight relative families there were some friends’ families too so it was a big Holi-Day. As we stepped in the terrace, the undercover agents with monkey-painted face attacked on us with colours in hand. After some colourful battle of ladies and gentlemen we found ourselves hard to recognize.

Yes! Now, We were monkey faced too.

The copyright Holi ‘Rang Barse remixed with Gangnam style and Dubstep’ was awesome and we all started dancing. I had a constant eye on him and his actions. Typical Woman I am, counting his pegs and glass of bhaangs.

Sheena, my cousin came running towards me and gave me a big glass with a grin.
“What?” I said surprisingly. She winked and said “Gatak jaao Mayuri Didi” (bottoms up sister) I smiled at her with broad shining eyes and took the glass. “Just, a few sips. It’s not home” and I took four big sips of Thandaai.

Sheena and I used to take vodka shots, and this was our top-secret till I got married to Kabeer. I tried to hide it for a long but men are men. He made me drink on the third day of our honeymoon because we had to try something “kinky’ and I bragged about my dildo-tales to him. Next morning, I tried to escape our eye contact till he reined me on the bed after his lunch.

Anyways, coming back to the deliciousness. I ate some Pakodas and Fries, some Kebabs and Tikkas and fatigued in half an hour. Dizziness and mirth made me sit on the couch for a while. Kabeer came near me and pulled my hands to dance. He wrapped his arms around me. ‘Oh..! He is high on booze!’ I confirmed myself.

He embraced me lovingly and started making some moves on the song. I loved it and accompanied him. His tipsy moves were making me high but I was conscious that we are not at home and surrounded by relatives. I was happy to see him enjoying at his best. I could feel his broad chest through his semi-aqueous clothes. The ‘Abeer of my wet Kabeer’ always casts a spell. He understands the beckon of my smile whenever he comes out of bathroom; wet and fresh aroma of his skin is rousing. He seduces me silently every morning.

“Did you eat anything?” He asked whispering in my ears. His warm voice on my wet skin gave me heebie-jeebies and I gasped, “Ye..Yes, now let me go, people are eyeing us.” He understood and freed me from him arms and moved towards Pooja. The insecure woman inside me became conscious and I accompanied Kabeer to colour Pooja Bhabi.

After a while Subhash called everybody and asked to have the lunch. I was all in colour, so, asked Sheena to come along with me to the washroom to get fresh. Sheena and I went downstairs and she showed me the way to Pooja Bhabi’s bedroom.
After a few minutes someone knocked at the door of the bathroom. I had soap all over my face, so, I asked slowly
“Who’s there?”
“Mayuri, Open the door.”
“Kabeer? Wait I’m coming outside, just, two minutes.”
“No, Open the door, Right now.”  And he kept tapping the door that made me open it.

My face was all covered in soap and I managed to open my eyes a little to know the matter of his hurry. “What happened?” I thought after drinking too much now he needs to get a leak.
Nothing, come here.” And he wrapped his arms around my waist while was bent down to the wash basin to wash my face.
“Tch, Leave me Kabeer.” And I pushed him away.

By now I was well aware of his demands and intentions. It was the alky that made the devil dance on his head. He walked towards me in that big bathroom. I smiled at each of his steps heading towards me. I could feel the warmth of my body and the demand of navel hidden under my Saree.

He came near me and looked deep in my eyes. My lips craved for the bitterness of his alcohol marinated saliva. He has unique style of smooching that binds me, when he sucked my tongue slowly but gives his deep in my throat. Exactly the way I play with his little boy which is not so little. His eyes scanned me and stopped at my neck. ‘The Beauty spot’

He bent down a little and licked my neck. His tongue injected the drugs to my veins as he grabbed the flesh around my waist and pulled me near. He was all prepared to undress me, right there, forgetting the place and the occasion.

I could feel, how hard he was, and probably he read the unspoken desires of the juicy strawberry. We were standing and he lifted me up . My bosom were inviting his tongue solve the quest. He kissed my belly and rubbed his face. Then a bit more up, he lifted me and tongued my navel. I moaned his name and he dug his tongue deeper in my navel. I locked my fingers in his curly hair and got carried away by the ocean of pleasure flowing inside me.
He again sucked my navel that tuned the best music and I pulled his hair to come out of that unbearable pleasure.

He battled with my saree and asked me to show my coloured body. I denied and the denial made him wild. He pulled my Pallu and wrapped his arms around me. The increasing palpitation of my love-leaves making me go wild and I groaned looking deep in his eyes.
He turned my face to the wall and started nibbling my neck, my ear lobes and my cheeks. I was losing my control. He was seducing me and I still had those four large sips, running in my nerves. He lifted my Saree and touched my thighs to unlock me with his fingers.

All of a sudden Sheena knocked at the door and asked me to come at the terrace to have lunch. She broke the spell. We looked into each other’s eyes and he left the washroom saying, “Let’s go home, As soon as possible.” I knew he was going to throw me on the bed and undressed my beautiful white thighs to bite them. My long well shaped legs were his turn on and I have already kiss-opened the unstoppable beast. The story is yet to begin, I am sure, tonight; he is going to paint me tip to toe, in white.

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  1. A very happy and sensuous Holi to you.

    I'm just spell-bounded by your way of writing and bold repertoire.

    1. Thank You Mr. Hasan. and Wish you the same! :)

  2. Looking at erotica for my next post..:) Glad to find your blog. :) You have a flair for writing girl! :) Cheers!

    1. Thanks a lot Priyanka. I am glad you liked it.

  3. well the blog looks to all good taste. i liked reading it and many more would have too. but something lacked in the content as for an erotica should have; the suspense of climax. and the tis suspense in every small move leaves the reader to wonder little wild...:) i don't know if you have read Lihaaf by Ismat Chughtai. it's a really good piece of erotica written long ago. actually use of very direct words make it little vulgar than erotic, since i'm working on a short novel not completely erotic but it has chapters. so when i got it reviewed with my friends i got to know i was bit too direct and that left them feeling like it was pornographic than erotic. so i just changed to more sublime words leaving a thrill of suspense to the imagination of the reader. rest i like it, keep writing...:) :*