Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday.. Better Saturday.. Best Sunday..

Friday , Day 1

7:30 AM 

He said '' baby are you not going to gym today?''
I grabbed his collar, pushed him on the bed and said ''kissing is a good exercise, let me do in for 40 minutes'' :D

12:45 PM

Heavy rain and he stopped his car, held my neck and smooched me.
Outside rain and inside warmth of our bodies covered the windows of the car with mist. Within the blink of eyes he grabbed me in his arms and smooched me.
'Wait! There are people outside.'
"Nobody is there." and he pulled me in his arms kissing my neck and touching my bosoms.
This romantic weather carried me away and I broke my rules of not making love in public places 'I wanna taste you' I said in hissing voice and his hands moved inside to pull my leggings down.
I was all his with my closed eyes and I wanted him to rule my body in this rain.
Making love in sedan is awesome, specially when it's raining not only cats and dogs but also blue whales and dinosaurs.
He is manipulating my intentions and made an O-to-O deal.
His trademark Omelette for Orgasm! And today I got big delicious Omelette Sandwich. ♥

Before hiding my face into his chest and take an off to la-la-land!

I am always skeptical when he behaves sweet.
He was working on some scripts. I came from behind and snatched his laptop.
'Hey, wait, what? I am working babe!' Said he, getting disturbed.
'So?' Work on me too. You must exercise two times, you see! 40 minutes more.
I said teasing him and making a sweet innocent face.
He widened his pupil and said " I am a human. Have some mercy on my junior milady"
I said, giving airs to myself 'Ummm.. Okay then say some beautiful words for me if you want your laptop back"
I raised my nose in air and shrugged my shoulder, " Please Proceed Director Saab"
He jumped over me and squeezed me in the bed and started cuddling me a lot.
I was laughing like 'fit-caught-cow' and my eyes were wet. I pled him to leave me and promised not to disturb again.
He stopped then and said kissing my tears rolled down of laughter.
"Nothing else is important than you love and yes, you are beautiful.
The lady of my life and you have full right to suck my account balance"
He laughed.

Ah.. The last words gave peace to my soul.. I was about to ask for shopping.. :D

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