Friday, 22 February 2013

The Unstoppable Beast

I smiled at each of his steps heading towards me. 
I could feel the warmth of my body and the demand of navel.

He came near me and looked deep in my eyes. My lips craved for the bitterness of his nicotine marinated saliva. 
He has unique style of smooching that binds me, when he sucked my tongue slowly but gives his deep in my throat.. Exactly the way I play with his little boy which is not so little..
His eyes scanned me and stopped at my neck.
The Beauty spot.
He bent down a little and licked my neck. His tongue injected the drugs to my veins as he grabbed the flesh around my waist and pulled me near.
I could feel how hard he was and probably he read the unspoken desires of the juicy strawberry.
We were standing and he lifted me up. My bosom were inviting his tongue solve the quest.
He kissed my belly and rubbed his face. More up.. He lifted me and tongued my navel.
How easily I fitted into his arms.
He sucked my navel that tuned the best music and I pulled his hair to come out of that unbearable pleasure.
The increasing palpitation of my love-leaves making me go wild and I groaned looking deep in his eyes.
He threw me on the bed and undressed my beautiful white thighs to bite them..
Long well shaped legs were his turn on and I have already kiss-opened the unstoppable beast..