Sunday, 3 February 2013

Morning Love #2

..When he's horny, then He Is HORNY.. unstoppable and wild. Maybe he loves when I protest in the bed. I always tease him by saying "horny ko koi nahi taal sakta"
Somewhere down the line no matter how much I protest I love it. I love it when he wins over me. I love it when makes me submit. I love it when he dominates me.
No mercy I expect. I've enjoyed him the way sine we got married. Pure animal instinct he has.
A wolf..
He loves when my eyes go red as he gets inside me. He gives me pain in a pleasurable manner..
Biting the softest part of my bosom is like that..
Early morning today when I was sleeping hiding my face in his chest.. his hands softly moved on my flesh.. It alarmed for a wild morning. He whispered in my ears..
"Tch.. hmm.."
I didn't want to move or wake up..
"Come na Archie.. ride me"
and turned my face to the other side of universe..
My mistake! Bad choice I made. My fleshy butts touched his wiener and it works like a magic wand.
My butts are his turn on. He spanks them a lot. Small, round and fleshy.

And now he didn't seek permission.
He pulled my lower down and came over me.
I hate kissing in the morning. I can't.
As he got over me I smiled but didn't move..
The way he runs his pores on my inner thighs and in my weakest part makes me turn on.
The smile assured him that I'm ready and without losing a pulse he came between my legs and slid himself in..
He's always more hard in the morning as compared to the other parts of day. I know my husband. And I wait for these special mornings..

A gasp. He's in. I felt. I pushed him back. He's in, more in. His bites, on my neck. He sucks and pecks. His strokes , sometimes hard and slows to the card.
He's spread all over me. In me out me. I'm covered and hidden. He didn't stop. He is wild and is gentle. He is fast as the panther.
Now I'm high. I want it more. Not in sleep, he is sure. Eyes are open looking into his.
And the pain.. when I go stiff..
When he holds me and high I go.
.. the moment when we go low..
We are wet..
His crave is dead..
He sleeps over me I wrap him around..

Love you baby" he again whispers in my ears and I smile " morning"
".. yet more two hours left for our good morning baby"

And we sleep again.. I'm amazed to say that two hours.. the most peaceful..