Sunday, 3 February 2013

Indian Marriage

Indian Marriages from different Perspective :)

Men, Age Group seventy to their eleventh hour, " Chalo zinda rehte bachchon ki shaadi ho gayi"

Women of same age group mention above has nothing to do with fashion, food and fun but they are deeply interested in 'Whose grand children got married to whom and whose bride is more beautiful and please do not forget THEY ARE SOCIALLY CLAIMED RITUAL MASTERS..

Men with age group 45-65+ : they are ebulliently interested only in FOOD!
Women, Well they try to look younger by wearing everything they have,
♥ they are deeply interested in "kitna dahej mila" system,
they are worried about their "nanad" looking more attractive than them,
they are the cause of all 'jhagda-fasad' that unfortunately spoils the fun,
they are interested in whose daughter/son is 'Grown Up' and 'Doing What',
So technically Their Purpose of visiting in marriage are :-
1) looking partner for their children,
2) Showing best of their 'knowledge, Information, Fashion (maroon and golden), and of course discussing health/family/financial and sometime "SOCIAL" issues.
(meanwhile their grandchildren are at their 'chaat-pakoda-chowmin-coffee' service)

Now comes Men of 30-40: Married, tummyfied, Kids roaming around and calculated/worried about the expenditure occurred for 1 plate of dinner , ( From Wife's Saree to the Gift of wedding couple)
They're deeply into "Bhabhi Jis and FOOD" ( they do not miss chance of pegs if available but take full care of their wives eyes)

Women from the age group 30-45
They are still ate their late twenties :) So keep this in your mind before approaching.
They are "salary suckers" and to look bearable husbands do not mind! so aesthetically they are at their best of 'show off system' and the price tags describes the volume of their husband's love
They are always into "where is my kid" and partially happy that he/she/they are not around for a few moments.
Jealousy Redefined (to be discussed/demanded later with husband)
Deeply interested in 'Other's life'
The Nosy Nanads - don't forget them,
they are always GOOD, GOOD and GOOD.
Happy because they are satisfying their women instincts and (yippie, they do not have to cook tonight)
So, they're into transition period for joining the above categories!

Men, age group 20-30
They go to marriage only to check out GIRLS.

Girls in their 20s
Marriage function means
Utilization of women charm,
Being female- ethnic clothes- makeup and "Nazakat-nakhra-adaa Personified"
They go to marriage just to attract Men!

Men (15-19)
Girls (and the disappointment when SHE is a relative)
other men ( the style)
Discursive : Bikes, Games, New Courses, and BABES.

Girls : Other girls' Dresses, and accessories.
They can be mostly found in "attached Form" i.e always with mummy,bhabhi,didi,bua and all.
they have nothing to do with what all "aunties" are blahhing about as they're busy in playing SMS-SMS

The whole food universe is specially made for them.
They are there to try everything and to be at their Mummy-chaachi-bua-daadi-maasi's service.
They're deeply interested in "gubbare Waala" standing outside the gate.
they just wish to get as late as they can so that school tomorrow is missed!

and many more things I have Observed so far, shall come up with some new observations for sure and soon.
you can add some more of yours "with Pleasure"