Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dad, A pathfinder.

Although we interact less due to time constrain and odd time schedules of work, yet talking with dad on dinner table is a feed of wisdom. He has always been a pathfinder to me. Whenever I'm confused, don't know how he gets to know and come with some words that pull me out of the depressing dilemma.

Many things he clarified me.

There is always a difference between being a reader and a writer, when you reach puberty, you reproduce. REPRODUCE ORIGINAL! Don't get influenced by particular established author or genre, you will just come out with "Junior XYZ Bhagat" or another 'chick/ladlit'  Be yourself..!

There is a big difference between writing and expressing. Anybody can write but how many can identify themselves in your character or story, or how many can 'understand/interpret' you exactly the way you want?  that counts!

Then the silly question that always haunts me, popped up.
".. but dad, writers are mushrooming these days, every next IITian and IIM is upcoming writer, it feels like it has transformed into Author-Making Institutes. How will my work survive? They name their 'baby' before fornication and a huge crowd 'Like/follow' them, their work sells and they become A-U-T-H-O-R  of several books.. and.."

"Who read them?" That matters! Father continued.
There is a thing called "standardization". Is your work read by those pseudo-readers who flip pages and skip the words because they are lazy to consult dictionary? Those, who always carry a Paul Coelho to look 'Intellectual' No matter they have read it on Wikipedia?
Yes, They are published and sold because if every next literate person is a writer, then every PCO is the next publisher. or an outcome of "Self-Pleasure-Self-Publishing" aka Masturbating Writer?
They are into money making business. Are you published by "Chaman Publishers" or the worldwide Standardized publishing houses?
Again There is a difference in "BRAGGING" and "PROMOTING"
Bollywoodification or Commodification of your work by selling book cover printed  T-shirts or creating fraud contest on facebook only shows that your work needs crutches because of its lameness. Know it! Don't degrade yourself and your art.
They do not survive more than a span of a bubble. Quality matters not quantity.

Is it Language or Slanguage? I don't scowl when BBC disparage our new literature.
and then the Father lecture started, you waste your time on facebook.. you are not concentrating on your goals.. you have degraded your form.. what is bothering you.. we provide you with all comfort.. you are not a kid now.. you are this wdhcnklnvlbvjdb.. ajbcbcuaegfuig.. @#$%^&*(0...

..but dad I love to share my thoughts..

if this is the case.. shall I talk about your marriage to that aunty's son whom you saw in recent marriage, the skinny one with spikey hairstyle, red shirt and pants showing his butt-line..?

I turned my face to the advertisement of 'madhunashini or sandhisudha' and concentrated on 'Rajma-Chawal'.....