Sunday, 3 February 2013

Commodification of literature

I like the new "publicity stunt trend" now a days..
No material,
No Publisher,
No Authenticity
yet the "facebook Advertisement/ Page Promotion/Pre-Publicity method" to attract "customers" is interesting,
Bollywoodification or Commodification of Literature has not only lost its concrete form but also metamorphosed a "reader" into "customer".
Not being brusque,even I'm not diametric but what is the point of increasing 'Page likes' and inviting those loony comments of *Mobile Recharge and another page promotions*
Why not to connect some sensible and interactive people only for the sake of a social networking target?

I may sound antiquated with some offal point of view, but I'm genuinely confused.
and maybe this is the reason I'm excoriated often.
or maybe I must follow the fashion..

and yes, I will.. the day I find an advertisement of Ferrari or Lamborghini on local T.V channels..