Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Temptation

"The Temptation"

Recapitulations make me shy, especially when they are sexual.
I had a sexual encounter with Afreen. That’s how I have saved his number in my contacts.
I had to because he is my cousin’s boyfriend and I don’t want things to be screwed up.
I have been listening to all intimate concurrences of Sakshi, my cousin and Praveen, Her boyfriend.
I realize, no matter how best friends you are, you must not share your relation or intimate session with your friend. Her stories tempted me and drew my attention towards Praveen.
Men are men, they can’t help it. It didn’t take much drudgery to crack him. Only I had to know his weakness- high heels.
I met him over Sakshi’s birthday for the first time, although had a talk over phone many times yet a face to face rub of eyeballs cast the spells.
To be honest I do not regret this cheat because he confessed not to love Sakshi and they were casually dating but eventually I got to know I am cheated and now Sakshi is getting married to Praveen.
I couldn’t do anything except laughing at myself while ogling the mirror, the night I knew I am ripped off.
Yes, I was hurt but strong enough to deal with this heart break and now I have to see his face and those despoilmenting eyes for life time... hello! I’ve a Sister-fucker now!!
Anyway coming back to the night I was bitten all over my body and I kind of liked it.
This was the first time I had a wild sex and tried a few new positions and he had down pat that how amateur I’m at making love.
I could not balance to be in his lap when he lifted me up and we both fell down, thankfully on the bed only.
So how It all started...
Sakshi’s birthday bash was actually a wild bohemian party aka Rave party. So, Not my fault if we lost control... Trance is itself a drug to senses and He was a huge, well built man with shabby look.
Long bedraggled hair, tacky look and unshaved though sexy. I don’t know why Sakshi chose this squalid personality, maybe she had a predilection towards men with hairy chest which is totally opposite to mine.
But as I said, I was mouse trapped by their stories so somewhere down the line I wanted to try all these new stuffs too.
Oh, by the way I forgot to mention I am married and elder to Sakshi by eight years.
My husband works in Illinois and I love him...
It was Praveen’s plan to organize the rave party and I had no idea what it was going to be.
All I knew was ‘booze till you’re kicked out or puke’ time. So with my permission this shindig took place. I was indoctrinated. I know I am not a kid and playing a part of being parent to Sakshi but, it happened.

As planned, we all were kicked out... I know there’s more to catechize but it was a grill-drill night, and...