Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Clicked Shutterbug!

".. I am Raunak Chaudhary, twenty nine year old, a well known fashion photographer.
I am no more a struggler but yes, I was agonized by many eggheads and dickheads to reach up to this level.

Many were there, I learnt from and rest were kicked out of my life.
My targets were high and friends and family who do not understand you and your profession, X-out your feelings and sentiments towards them.

It happened with me also. I hate my father, Personally not socially. He never supported me. and I hate when he bluntly says,

" Kya din bhar nange ladke-ladkiyon ke beech ghoomta rehta hai"
I never replied him. Although felt like grabbing his collar and say.
' Damn! it's fashion photography and one out of a million reach here, where I'm standing now.'
Born and grown up in orthodox family. Rebelled and stepped out of my comfort zone just to live my dream but never aborted my values of respecting elders.
Most of the times it's keeping your mouth shut and listen to all the craps they're uttering.
I mean I never understood my elder cousin, a bank manager walks up to me and tells me the frames and 'tips' click. I feel like punching his right on his face and say.
'Stick your ass to your chair and DO NOT teach me my work'
yet again.. ELDER BROTHER!

How to explain the moment when your Best Friends, Friends-of-friends, and their friends lug you beneath the stage and ask you to click pictures with wedding couple.
or some who ask to 'shoot' their wedding as 'Wedding Gift' and later if I respect my profession and deny their demands.. 'Dosti' breaks up!!!

And how can I forget those silly girls who come hopping like some hens with a wide grin and pose like Victoria's Secret models giving me their 5 mega pixel android phone.
'hey baby.. click me too naa!' or those Facebook Chicks who add me for 'Sleep-to-shoot' concept.

and those snobbish attitude bombarding 'sophisticated' aunties who think I sleep with every blonde I click and I'm nothing less than Indian Hefner!!

Huff.. Yes, I'm Raunak Chaudhary.. above all is just a frustration I'm dealing with. Done with a full packet of Malboro. Got some infection on my inner thighs and cannot scratch . This is my story.. Wait, This is Sneha's story.
A beautiful bitch whom I loved a lot, who screwed me so well to be on the cover page of cosmopolitan that I left my family, my bank balance looked at me like the Hungry Richard Parker in Life of Pi, My friends kicked my balls that badly hit on my ass and left me alone and I'm left with nothing but backpack with some clothes and two underwear to repeat.
Another beautiful Sneha, who washed my underwear, taught me to be practical, was better than me in bed, A software Engineer and Never wanted to be a model and eventually left me too.. :/ I miss her big ass!

It is a love story of Sneha and Sneha.. Did you get me? Yes.. Sneha the second also.
Sneha I whom I loved and Sneha II whom I loved too and.. ah!

This is my love story.. and I am A Love Retarded, Rich, Handsome and Single Fashion Photographer! Raunak Chaudhary..