Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Playboy Rulebook

Playboy Rulebook
#method 4

Part 1

Choose your target. A loner girl. Emotional and alone.
Make her feel you don't like her and her habits. 
Compel her by using your charm (talks or physique or her interests or needs)
Be sweet and nice to her.
Have long romantic chats initially.
In that chat try to know what's her weakness.
Apply the 3c's
Convince or

(She's all yours now. Enjoy your dish)

Part 2:

Cut her out from her social circle.
Make your target alone.
Brainwash her knowing her weakness.
Make her beg for you and your love.
(state of orgasm. Enjoy being craved and begged. The feeling of superiority)

Part 3
Create circumstances for conflicts.
Stop giving food supply to her emotions
(By the time hunt new target)
Avoid her
Fight at every single thing.
Again use 3c's
To leave you by herself
(You can take up family issues as well and career too)

Do not forget to blame her for things and insult her.
Make her realize she's the culprit (ill character too)

Or be nice and promise to be there always (keep her as future option)

Move on to next..
All the best..