Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boulevard of the scattered dreams

In your love,
Head over heal
I admitted the crimes
I didn't commit
I wanted to get loved
A lot
And be together
In the nuptial knot
Trusted, lusted
Hidden in your arms
Our love began
It was your charm
Rejection, subjection
You vowed for protection
Boulevard of the scattered dreams
Those vowed now cry and scream..

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


As hard as an emotionless bitch,
turned off my humanity switch,
gentle and tender I am raped,
Felt tormented and gaped,
Sin, I fought for my existence,
I failed, You won, You Lose,
and I walked towards my Naked Muse..

Saturday, 21 December 2013

hai sabkuch tu..

तेरे दर पे आ बैठी मैं,
बन जोगन अपने पी की ,
ना मैं शीरी ,ना मैं हीरी,
मेरा मक्का तू ,मेरा काबा तू
मेरे अंदर तू , है बाहर तू
ना तेरी खता, मेरा इश्क खुदा
मेरा मै भी तू , मेरा तू भी तू
है रूह-ऐ-सुकूं बस एक तू
तेरे दर पे आ बैठी मैं
बन जोगन अपने की..

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Uff ye Television..

Cinema and television have invaded and conquered the literature and became a mirror of the present day society. Vamoosing from the cinema and focusing on Indian television, I fail to understand why all majorly watched and popular television serials reflect only two sides of women, i.e. Either she is so understanding that she is portrayed as 'Abla Naari' with all agony and pain or if she is well educated, rich, self-dependent and working, she is the 'Shadayantrakaari Vamp'?
Earlier, my question was ‘Why all alien attacks and apocalypses happen in NewYork City?’ and now one more question is added ‘ Why on earth all the miscarriages, remarriages, death of husband, poverty epidemic, rivalry, envy and conspiracy and curse of Lilith fall of the so called Bahoos of Indian Television?
Why all the marriages, jails, accidents, and property matters are synchronized in all the serials? If Jaggiya goes to jail in another episode of some other serial Mr. Rathore will go to jail too.
Why all husbands have ‘some secrets’ or extramarital affairs? Why all men are only after chasing each-other women, property and actually have no ‘Office’ and work except dealing with their love and married tantrums.. Seems Saras and Takur sahab has no work except dealing with all the women of the serials..
Seems Ichchha and Meethi, Gopi Vau and Aanandi, Kusum and Kumud these all women were made when God was dealing with some kind of PMS Mood swings.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Rich Lady

Because her 'Rich' husband was always busy in making money.
Growing his business was his only passion, and he always had a statement for all her complaints and demand, " I am doing it for you,for our family" ; she eventually stepped out of her long married life and sought an extramarital affair with an ordinary younger guy.
He was available for her, emotionally and physically, to listen to her, to understand her, to be with her for all those small moments when she needed her man to be there, to make her giggle and ask if she is okay.
In exchange of all these 'invaluable' things, she gave the young guy 'the money' which her husband earned 'for her, for her happiness and for the family'.
She goes clubbing and plays tambola, spends the money as much as she wants, in shopping and kitty parties, socially active and page 3 parties. Indeed, she has all the luxuries of high class society but still the loneliness haunts her, she hates her husband, disgust him and not guilty of sleeping with several men. She is aware of the 'perks' of the business of her rich husband- beautiful, young girls in abundance. She, sometimes, does miss her children, settled abroad- happy and busy in their lives, paying annual visits and frequent skype chats.
She is worried about her melting skin and fading beauty and yet she wants, just for once, her husband pays attention to her and asks about her joint pain, just for once, sit sometime over a cup of tea-not to sign the cheques but to provide shoulder to rest her head..

I am yet to understand, what did the man get, eventually, at the end of his life - money, to stand by his side when he is unable to earn, or a woman, who never loved him and doesn't care even if he dies the next moment..

Friday, 29 November 2013


A thousand mirrors broke inside,
Nothing matters, you broke or I,
The broken mirrors have your face,
Leaving trails and finding Trace,
of your love, of your voice, 
of your words, of your choice
A thousand beats skipped my heart
hours back, these were innocent
Who's guilty, how does it matter,
Moments were filthy, that shattered..
I'm yet to find the way for living,
Thanks for everything, it's Thanksgiving..

Monday, 11 November 2013

What's with *I am going to confess something. Support me.*

Yet another funny experience on facebook. I have been noticing almost 2-3 dozen of the people added on my facebook updating weird status like
I am going to confess something. Support me.
I am going to die now.
I am no more a virgin. etc.
Well, I found out that this is a NASTY TRAP GAME and the rules are
The person who likes or comments has to choose one of the following to post on his/her timeline.

1. So far, I have been in 42 relationships
2. I think I like someone, what should I do?

3. My Mom arranged me for a blind date for me.
4. Someone invited me to be a prostitute, what should I do?
5. I forgot to wear my underwear today
6. I am going to confess something, support me
7. I still love my ex.
8. We are getting married in a few days.
9. I am not virgin anymore.
10. I want to die now

Made me laugh later when I went through the comments made by people who are unaware of this game.. Sometimes, It is fun to do some crazy things..

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Love Guru

Dear love guru,

I appreciate and respect your work and concern for others. Earlier I used to love it, I thought marrying you would be the best and perfect decision of my life.
Later, I realized, you are actually obsessed with being a guru..while you were solving the relationship issues of your  colleague with her husband, I was expecting you to sit by my side and listen to me...
Whilst you spent nights at your school friend's place to support him in his break up phase, I was waiting for you over dinner because I cooked your favorite dish.
When you were disconnecting my calls because you were giving ears to your junior marriage troubles, I was in my periodic pain and needed your emotional support.
When I demanded your time and attention, you yelled at me and scolded me to be possessive and to be an obstacle in your career, I just wanted you..
When you were frustrated and angry because someone didn't follow your prescribed relationship suggestions and you were all bad mouthing and bitching about the person to me, I had some beautiful things to share and some desires to be discussed.
When you were enjoying the buffet your clients, colleagues and friends rewarded for taking them out of the emotional troubles, I wanted you to take me out somewhere..
Well, it is time, please come home and sign your divorce paper, since, I have nothing else to share, discuss, desire or demand, all my best wishes for your love sutras ..
Your obsessed, attention seeking, dramatic and worst mistake

Friday, 8 November 2013

जाड़ों सी,तुम्हारी याद

सर्दियों कि धुंधली सुबह सी तेरी याद
नम करती आँखें कुछ वैसे ही
कंपकंपाते होंठ और थरथराता जिस्म
वैसे ही जैसे,
जाड़े कि सुबहों में  तुम भीगे हाथ लगते थे
और हँसते थे मेरे रूस जाने पर

और सर्द रातों सी ये तेरी याद
सुनसान रातों में किटकिटाते दांतों सी,
खुद ही को देती सुनाई
गर्म साँसों को फूँकती और हथेली को करती गर्म
घिसती और टांगों के बीच छुपाती
ठंडी सी नाक और
खुश्क लब
और उनमे बसी,
जाड़ों जैसी, तुम्हारी याद.. 

एक पत्ता

शाख से टूटे पत्ते आ कर मेरी गोद में गिरे थे,
पीले, चुरमुरे, रंगमिटे से
आज उनमे से एक पत्ता किताब के पन्नो के बीच मिल गया,
भूरा, चुरमुरा, अधूरा सा,
ठीक वैसा ही ठहरा जैसे वो पल ठहरा है जब बारिष से पहले
ज़ोरों कि हवा में उलझ गयी थी मेरी लटें,
और सुलझाने के बहाने तुमने गालों को छुआ था मेरे,
हाँ, वो पल, वैसा ही है ,
मटमैला, चुरमुरा और अधूरा

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Chronicles of my Paranoiac Heeds

I was hypnotized and I made a wish to be the slave of Satan. My desire was so strong that I could get easily persuaded, now I realize, the wish I made had given me pleasure-a-bubble. I am awakened. I saw the devil's real face.. He is horrible, I hate him.. But I chose to be his slave.. I made my choice. I am sorry beautiful life.. I was a slave to my desires.. Am a slave to devil..
 ~ The Chronicles of my Paranoiac Heeds..!

Respect the scarcity

If you are too much available, you can never be respected. People judge/measure you by the money you earn and by your availability. A housewife spends her whole life to build a family, all her time is for her husband, kids and other members of the family, still I have seen in many families, housewives are less respected to the earning ones. Even their husbands take them lightly, intentionally or unintentionally humiliate them. Although I can say mentality has changed yet this is in human nature to RESPECT THE SCARCITY, easily available things never get high level maintenance. The only thing to achieve in life is the self-respect. Make sure you earn it.

Public dealing

Writers mutilate their talent by the mock praises, eventually, they start writing to please others in the pursuit of being the addicts of pseudo appreciation. In the same manner they get disheartened and demoralized by the criticism and aspersions of the same class. Being a writer one must take those words into consideration which are said by authenticated critics and standardized writers. One must not insult his art by making it a public property. Always remember, "If you leave the decisions to public they will slit your throat, behead you and burn you into the ashes to make your statue and worship"

On writing

Be a hungry reader before writing your gem, But make sure you choose the quality not quantity. Most of the times we take a wrong perception by the number of books read, no! If you have planned to be a writer, always make sure while researching, you must focus upon "how/what not to write" than 'what/how to write' Ignoring this fact can be a cause of acquisition for plagiarism.

Shayari Hindi

..aur kuch is tarah rooh me basta chala gaya vo jaise katil ne dil me khanjar utaar diya ho..

एक दसतक सी हुइ फिर दिल के किवाड़ पर
शायद तेरी याद फिर मयखाने से लड़खड़ाती चली आई है.. 

फिर चाह सी उठी है दिल में
तुम्हारी बाहों मे वो सुकूं की नींद हो
गर्म सांसे,तेज़ धड़कन
और कम्बल मे लिपटे पल हसीन हो
तुम्हारी बांहो की नींद हो


इस जहाँ में नहीं मिलती तेरी सी सूरत
हम कूचों में तेरी तस्वीर लिए फिरते हैं..
काजल पोंछते वक्त हल्का सा जो फैला,
याद आया ऐसे ही कुछ फैला करता था ,
जब तुम रुलाते थे,
झगड़ के चले जाते,
और याद आते थे..
काजल तो फैला अब भी है, 
क्या तुम मेरी यादों से झगड़ बैठे हो?
याद भी हूँ?
या फिर रस्ते में लड़ बैठे हो?
खैर छोडो, जाने दो,
यूं ही फैल गया,
महज़ काजल है ये.. तुम नहीं..

सुनो तुम
वो चांद तोड़ लाओ ना
लाल बार्डर की सफेद साङी पर
खूब खिलेगा
और छत से टपकती बूंदे भी
मुझे बारिश की पायल पहनाओ ना
ओस की खुशबू
कांच की चूडी
और शाम के सूरज की लाली
ला दो, पहना दो ना..


मिलती हूं तुमसे, गर्मजोशी से फिर से
अभी ख़ुद से खफा हूं, ज़रा ख़ुद को मना लूं..

मेरे कातिल से कह दो
गुनाह-ए-मुहोब्बत में वो बराबर शामिल था
रंगे हाथ, लाल छींटें, तर बदन..
कुछ और नहीं बस मेरा दिल था..

जो तू ना समझा, तो तू नासमझा..
इश्क में नासमझी का और ही मज़ा है

तसल्ली से बैठ कर कभी समझाएंगे..
ये इश्क के मसले, जल्दी में उलझ जाते हैं


Ae kaash,
wo subah neend se jaage to,
humse ladne aaye..
ke tum kon hoti ho?
mujhe khawabo me satane wali..

 "Tu kuchh bhi kar, aadat badal le.. fitrat kaise badlega? tu insaan hai, insaan hi rahega.."

Writers' evaluation?

How a writer evaluates laymen Grammar Depth of knowledge on subject Sense of humor Ego-satisfaction Seeks praise and no criticism Sensible development of conversation. If other party fails in these tests.. a writer won't prefer to talk again. To conclude witty and skilled in language! True?

Publicity Stunts?

I like the new "publicity stunt trend" now a days.. No material, No Publisher, No Authenticity yet the "facebook Advertising/ Page Promotion/Pre-Publicity method" to attract "customers" is interesting, Bollywoodification or Commodification of Literature has not only lost its concrete form but also metamorphosed a "reader" into "customer". Not being brusque, but It is true..what do you think?

Who is a writer and what is writing?

Some say.. writing is giving vent to their emotions. For some it is the coition with beloved. After beating about bush/Obama/manmohan (lol) And juggling with palaver and terminologies, could they annotate , what writing is.. If it is what, 'they' say, how does it feel? Is it the same way I feel when I meet my love and let my body melt in his arms? Who is a writer? What is writing? If it is an art, a writer evolves into an artist.. So technically are we going to agree what the trendsetter have left.. As I always say.. The worst thing a person does after reaching his destination is to forget his journey.. You are, because they made you.. They? Your readers! And still everything revolves around the question who is a writer and what is writing..? :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Some random sapiosexual late night verbal encounter

Case history :- Met a random guy last night, no profile picture but a photo of dinosaurs. after a long I had some crazy chat with some firangi. 


He :You are a writer?
Me: who said that? Nay, I sell Egg Parathas! 

He: I just asked.. Paratha is okay but egg? Dont u think world needs veganism today
ME: yeah! I am trying to experiment with green grass parathas!

HE: (abt 225 ppl have liked ur pic though u dont look like katy perry, its weird)
ME: jesus! How would I look like Katty Perry? We don't share same parents!! 

HE:Dont u think u r very funny 
ME: Why would I waste time to doubt and question the immortal universal truths?? 

HE: Dammit, an indian woman i.e a subjugated oppressed human mammal is trying to dominate an ethnic frenchman!
ME:Such awesomeness! Too hard to handle!! Try paddling :o) it'd work.. maybe!

ME : (continued) Don't tickle my feminist bones you Frenchman.. I eat french fries in larger amount with french wine while enjoying French kisses with my male chauvinist man!

HE: Well indian man is inherently misogynist, i m sorry for that 
ME: And you cannot feel the pleasure to dominate the king of misogynists that's Indian woo-men..
HE: Hahahahahaha
ME: :o) I'm one rarest of the rarest breeds.. bow down I'm the queen.. 

HE: Well, my european ancestors have ruled over your indian ancestors. It would be bit odd if i allow u to dominate
ME: As I said.. be chained to the bedpost and let my whips answer your questions Leave a text to your European ancestors.. you've met Lilith the mother of their devils!!

HE: What makes u so bold. U r indian woman, right?
ME: 80% devil and 20% Angel (pseudo - only in bpl card) 
100% pure Indian OK tested keep distance horny please 

HE: Dammit, i never met indian woman like u , who are you?
ME: I'm in mood of some sapiosexual flirt.. got a socially confused dinosaur to roast and chew!!

HE: You sound scary 
ME: That's a typical statement I get and I grammatically transform it into a compliment who am I? 
Be my slave.. do as I command.. or simple do homework on me!! 
(Continued)Scary? Did I tell you about my supernatural powers that I get by my cannibalism 

HE: Seeing you, i can say india is proressing , at least there exist few women who r not scared of men and society.
ME: Men? Society? They're both born out of women.. we make them.. at every inch of the road they cover in the journey of their lives.. from correction to erection! Welcome to India.. we still wear saree and keep long veils in front of our elders but wear jeans instead of petticoats so that we can show our skills of kick boxing when required.. women are the cause of their own miseries Mr.Frenchman..

HE: Wow...Who are you?
ME: I love it when firangi go curious about me.. Just a mediocre, woman, daughter, lover, sapiosexually high human with peculiar sense of humor! :o)

HE: Huhh
ME: Come on.. stalk my profile.. ogle my pictures.. be fascinated.. Google about me.. read me.. try to create castle of ideas and judgements about me.. do homework French dino!! Europeans are not supposed to be lazy like Indians . 

HE: Ogle ur pictures? Lol, self praise is no praise
ME: it's a season of self praise.. (elections) everybody is doing so.. Did I tell you the extra perks of being cannibal? *narcissism*
Even our political parties also follow narcissism 

HE: Hahahahaha
ME: Healthy flirtations need healthy brains
Healthy brains need healthy body
Healthy body needs good food
Good food at this fucking time needs to be cooked..
Let me cook maggi BRB!
HE: Rofl

 late night sapiosexual flirt it was 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Exegesis of The Virgins by Siddharth Tripathi

The Virgins by Siddharth Tripathi

Concomitance! What else should I call it?
After Tapti was published in Storizen, my dear friend Mukesh Rijhwani called me. We often share our current reading categories and being into classics, I shared some beautiful lines written by Mark Twain about Varanasi in his book Following The Equator "Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together!" Apropos of that, He suggested me a book, 'The Virgins'. Embryonically, I refused to read by judging the book by its title. But then, Coincidentally, of course, Siddharth Tripathi happened to be my fellow guest speaker in an author mentorship workshop. Meeting this gentleman and schmoozing about general issues we discussed about his debut 'The Virgins', His narrative skills bedazzled me to read his book and the soonest, I received the copy from Fingerprint Publishing.

Quite a light read of contemporary fiction, I will not prefer to critique or rate the book but I found it a conglomerated roller coaster of the ups and downs of the interest.
Siddharth's aesthetics is one of the much praiseworthy things in the book as the way he has portrayed Varanasi really picturesque.

The theme, structure and storyline didn't magnetized me much as it is the story of three teens with their blatant and extemporaneous perspective evolve into the gadfly to all. The Jungle raj and local school kids cosa nostra and the troubles. The number of characters and see-saw of humour and suspense gives the mixed shades to the book.

Siddhartha's language is palpable, coloured with various regional dialects that makes it laymen friendly.
It was a light and good read. My best wishes to Siddhartha for his future promulgations. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bapu! You Rock Man!!

Dear Baapu,

Hi.. Many many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday.
Although, I don't know what you have done for our country and I actually don't care. Some say you are the cause of our freedom and some hate you for the division. Most of them say, you did nothing and all credits were given to you.

Yet, to be honest, who cares? I want to tell you, I love your quotes, it always pulls a good number of likes on my facebook status and get retweeted a lot of times. I like your apps on my Iphone too.

you won't believe, I have bought your autobiography, 'Experiments with truth' to show off. I usually take it out in the metro. LOL
To confess, when I was a kid, for a long time, I thought you are a south indian and popular for your son 'Dineshan' ( Gandhi is the father of Dineshan) eventually I got to know it's The Nation.

I mean you're hyped so much, you see, on Tee-shirts and everywhere, you know it looks cool. We can portray ourselves to be true Indian with moral and non-violence characteristics. And the super cool thing is when you wear a Gandi Tee from Tantra and Enjoy the Rock night boozing with hot chicks in Hard Rock Cafe.. LOL Fusion of being Mod and Old you see.. *wink wink*
I have watched all the movies they made on you. Munna Bhai was good, at least it made clear what 'Gandhigiri' means.
Whenever the word Gandhi comes in my mind, I frown for but obvious reasons, we crack jokes, (earlier it was one Gandhiji and three monkeys and now it's three Gandhiji and one monkey -MMS ) ROFL!!

Now Gandhi means Sonia and Rahul. People say Congress has ruined the country, corruption, filthy politics and blah blah but for me they all are same you see.. I don't even know what politics is and how constitution works. who has time to read and know all these things.. But I tell you, you really work man.. you're the most powerful thing nowadays- I mean your smiling face on the currency.. LMAO!!

I mean, you are cool man!! I don't have any problems with you. they have hyped you and for me you're a fashion statement. Although we are taught since childhood about you and even now when we study philosophy, it is incomplete without you.. I sort of respect you for what you were and your ideology but the time has changed now.. things don't get worked in your way.. See, Anna LOL, Kejriwal ne kiya bawaal.. and Jhaadoo?? I mean seriously ? ROFLMFAO..!!

Anyways, I gotta go, All that matters,It's holiday, we all have an off and we have planned a lunch but why the hell did they make it a dry day man!! bullshit.. Life is to enjoy and how are we supposed to enjoy without booze? Not done!
Still we are 'Jugaadu' LOL, we have purchased it yesterday only and I promise, we shall cheers for your birthday.

Once again, Happy birthday, you rock, for whatever reasons. and thanks for the holiday.

Lots of love  and hashtags of 'Respect' XOXO MUAAH <3 <3

~ A Youth of 90-20s

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Those talks, too common??

A very happy #ThirstyThursday to you all.

Being into the relationship is about being 'special'. The Expectation of treatment, love and behaviour is always for that special one that no other person is entitled.

But sometimes, your partner treats other men/women the same way as he/she is with you, and sometimes others are treated more lovingly than you are supposed to be.

Those diminutives that he/she uses for you like 'babu', 'shona', 'baby' etc are used for everyone else as well.
Sometimes, when a colleague of opposite gender calls up, does he talk to her very 'sweetly' just the way he 'used to' talk with you? When the 'Thin line' between Friends and Girl/Boyfriend seems to be blending away??

Or Does she treat her male friends the same way she treats you?
Or at times, he/she talks to everyone the same way, that 'lovingly and affectionately'. He/she may not have any bad intention but yet the 'Special' charm of the relationship becomes very common.

By the time, you develop the trust and understanding that your partner will not commit infidelity and you're open minded to accept the "healthy flirt", still do those impassioned talks and treatment to other people, the way you're supposed to get and deserve, bother you?

Have you guys ever talked about it? Do you feel bad or you're very much okay with it?  Did you ever share this feeling with your partner?

What is your take in this matter? 

Speak Out, Be anonymous if you want...

Anonymous = Mention Age/Gender/Relationship Status

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

आधी किलो मुहोब्बत

"मुहोब्बत ले लो, मुहोब्बत.. ताज़ी-ताज़ी मुहोब्बत.."

ऐ लडकी? कैसी दी ये मुहोब्बत?
ले लो साब, ताजी है, बीवी को देना, बहन को देना, बेटी को देना, सच्ची है..
हुंह, नही-नही, ये तो उसके लिए है.. ला! ज़रा आधा किलो देदे..

बाबूजी मुस्कुराते हुए, थैली घुमाते, आखों से ओझल हो गए ओर वो फिर चौराहे पर..

"मुहोब्बत ले लो, मुहोब्बत.. ताज़ी-ताज़ी मुहोब्बत.."

ए लड़की, भाग यहां से.. नेता जी की रैली है.
नेता की रैली? फिर तो आज सारी मुहोब्बत बिक जाएगी.. रहने दो ना थानेदार साब, मेरी मुहोब्बत बिक जाएगी..
जनता: "नेता जी अमर रहे..
जब तक सूरज चांद रहेगा, नेता जी का नाम रहेगा.

मै: नेता जी "मुहोब्बत ले लो, मुहोब्बत.. ताज़ी-ताज़ी मुहोब्बत.."

नेताजी : बिलकुल, तुम देश का भविष्य हो.. हम मार्गदर्शन कर्ता हैं, पिता है. जनता हमारी संतान है..
सुनो बिटिया, ये सारी मुहोब्बत सरकारी कोष में डाल दो..
सरकारी कार्यवाही के बाद तुम्हें तुम्हारा हक मिलेगा..

भीड़ मे चुपचाप निकल ली, और मंदिर की सीढ़ी पर थक कर बैठ गई..
"मुहोब्बत ले लो.. मुहोब्बत...ता.."
अरे पगली, प्यार बोल प्यार..
क्यों अम्मा?
झल्ली, ये मंदिर है, मस्जिद नही, यहां इश्क - मुहोब्बत नही, प्रेम -प्यार बिकता है..

ओह, ऐसा? "प्रेम लेलो प्रेम.. ताज़ा ताज़ा प्रेम"

हरी ओम.. बेटी कुटीया के भीतर मैं प्रेम लेता हूं.
मेरा पुत्र विदेशों मे प्रेम बेचता है.. आओ.. चलो प्रेम दान करदो अपना..

बापू.. दान कर दुंगी तो पैसा कहां मिलेगा?
घर मे अंधी मां, लंगड़ी बहन, छोटा भाई और बीमार बूढा बाप है.. नही-नही दान नही..

शाम तक, थकी हारी मैं, चलती हुइ, पहुंच गइ ऱौशनी की नगरी में..

" इश्क लो, मुहोब्बत लो, प्रेम लो, प्यार लो.. "

हा..हा..हा.. ए लड़की.. यहां क्या कर रही है?
भूख लगी है, सुबह से आधा किलो मुहोब्बत बिकी है..

हाहा.. तू सही जगह पहुंची है अब.. चल पहले कुछ खा ले, नहा ले, सज-संवर जा.. 20 मिनट में तेरा सारा प्यार ऊंचे दामों पर बिकेगा..


मैने खूब खाया, जरी वाली रंगीन फ्रॉक पहनी और उसके कहने पर.. इंतज़ार किया..

थोड़ी देर मे वो साब आया.. मुस्कुरा कर पूछा
कैसी हो?
मैं यूं ही देखती रही.. और वो प्यार खरीदता रहा..
मेरा सारा प्यार बिक गया.. और साब ने मुझे कुछ दिया..

तोहफा देख मैं हंस पड़ी..

अरे? तुम हंसी क्यों? तुम्हारे लिये लाया हूं.. तुम खास हो.. रास्ते मे मिली थी एक तुम्हारे उमर की लड़की..
ताज़ी है, तुम्हारे लिए सिर्फ..

पूछोगी नही? क्या है?

नही.. मैं जानती हूं, ये क्या है?

अच्छा? क्या?

"वोही.. आधी किलो मुहोब्बत..."

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Do you miss your S-'EX' ?

Sex With The Ex..
Thank you for the response of  the #SaturdaySpanks topic -
The theory of personal space- What do you say?

Now here is your #SinfulSunday

You were just great once. Made for each other. He was just perfect in the bed and gifted you with multiple orgasms.
She was gorgeous and loving. Your lady love was the Aphrodite in the bed.
You made a perfect couple.
Something went wrong and you broke up.. Life goes on and now you have someone else in your life.
Even if you're single and hook up with random people or dating someone else or got married to a new person.
You are happy with this beautiful new soul , who has blessed your life with love,care and understanding.
Everything seems just awesome.. BUT.. you're simply not satisfied while making out.
You love the person but he/she is not as good as YOUR EX.
Not much Passionate, 'big', exploring, experimental, extraordinary, beautiful, sexy, horny, hot ......

As your EX was???

Do you still fantasize your ex?
Do you miss your ex in the bed?
What is the thing that you miss the most?
Is it the passion of your lady love or the dominating behaviour of your man in the bed?
Was it the hard and muscular physique or the petite figure?
Was it the way she used to kiss and blow you or was it his stamina and the art of gifting you the orgasms?
What was it?

Speak your mind, body, heart and soul out? Be ANONYMOUS* if you want..


N.B :- This post is open for all age group and Genders including LGBT.
You can write in Hindi (roman) or English only. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

The theory of personal space- What do you say?

Thank you for such nice response of #FridayFlirts topic

* Does the profession of a person turn you sexually on? *
So, Here is the your #SaturdaySpanks .

In some couple the fights are the 'usual stuff'. Too much of sweetness is like poison, some say that.. Ergo, They often talk and demand about "Personal space"

"What does the term 'individual space' mean to you? how would you define it?Do you often seek a 'kitkat break' in your love relationship?If you often take this individual break, what do you do in that span of time? How do you spend the day(s) without your partner? Party with friends/hanging out with the people of opposite/same* gender/ intimacy with other people/anything or everything?

*Same in case of LGBT

Speak out.. be anonymous** if you want..

Relationship Status

Does the profession of a person turn you sexually on?

Undoubtedly, profession of a person is one of the major causes of getting attracted towards him/her.
Yes, of course, after the looks, personality and the charm. Sex is an animal instinct and every female finds an alpha male with strong, healthy and dominating personality.

Is the profession of a person turn on for you? Do you get sexually attracted towards the person if he/she is on a higher position, a public face, wealthy business person, renowned corporate daddy or top class government employee?

Being a woman, would you prefer the profession over anything else to have sex with a man?

Being a man, do the women in fascinating professions sexually attract you?

Being homosexual is the profession plays the major role for being attracted towards the person?

Speak out!

In case you have prefered to be 'ANONYMOUS' Please mention the following :-

Relationship Status

Friday, 30 August 2013

I am single yet committed.

Being a writer doesn't mean you're a toad of the well, you have not seen the world, you are an immature and impractical nerd and have no experience of the "Real World" just because you sit all day long in your study, rather, it is the blessed clairvoyance that we see the world with a different perspective.

Why writers are single/separated? Not necessarily, but yes they are.

The fact is, they are deep in love yet single for the world. There is always a certain imaginary lover, who is the perfect "man/woman" to the writer.

They are always happy with 'The lover' because he(she) is just the way one wants. It is not like, the imaginary lover and the writer never fight or argue, but the understanding and bonding is so warm that no matter what, they are always together.

The lover always take care of the writer and stands by her (his) side. Every night they sleep together,make love and share some beautiful moments.

All the stories and writings are dedicated to the lover. Most of the times, This imaginary lover has no name and a blurred image but the presence is always felt.. The smiles, the tears, and all the writings (usually that contain feelings and emotions) are the proofs.

The writers know, that there is nobody in this real world who can be as perfect as that imaginary lover. who can love, respect, stand by the side, take care, make smile and understand like him/her..

This is the reason, we are single yet loyally committed.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Chomu's Sister


Once upon a time there was a small house near the bank of a river. An old man Dadaji and a small girl Pinki and her brother Chomu lived there . Pinki's parents were eaten by Sheru the mighty tiger of the woods.

One fine morning Dadaji went to the jungle to fetch some woods to cook but didn't return. Pinki and Chomu were hungry but couldn't find anything to eat.
Chomu said "Didi Let's go to the wood and find Dadaji, we can find some fruits too"
Pinki was afraid to go to the woods because of the mighty tiger Sheru but Chomu insisted her and they agreed to go to the jungle.

With their small steps, holding the hand tight, both kids marched towards the jungle to find some fruits and Dadaji.

The more they were walking the more the black woods were engulfing them inside the darkness.

Suddenly they saw the bushes moving, scared Chomu ducked behind his sister. A big snake came out of the bushes and looked at the kids.

Pinki asked," dear snake,
we are kids and our grandpa is lost,
we are small and hungry, please help, Have you seen our Dadaji?

Snake said," I'm hungry too, I will tell where is your Dadaji, but I will eat your brother.

Pinki said,"I have only one brother but you have the whole jingle left, we promise to bring you some food if you tell where is our grandpa?"

Snake said," okay, bring a rat for me. Go straight and turn right.

Pinki and chomu walked towards the direction the snake told and they found a big rat.

Chomu," Didi look! A big fat rat.

Pinki asked," dear rat,
we are kids and our grandpa is lost,
we are small and hungry, please help, Have you seen our Dadu?

Rat: Yes I have seen an old man with a saw on his shoulder. Is he your grandpa?

Pinki :" yes yes where is he?"

Rat:" what should I get in return? I am hungry too"

PinkI:" I will tell you where is the big corn hidden in the ground of you tell where is our dadaji?"

The rat agreed to tell and Pinkie lied to the rat and sent it to the way where they came from and saw the snake.

Pinkie and Chomu went on the direction the rat told and saw their Dadaji sitting alone. He lost his way and couldn't find anything but some bananas. Chomu and Pinkie had those bananas and walked towards the home happily with their grandfather.

While returning home, chomu asked pinkie "Didi why did you lie to the rat but fulfilled the promise of the snake?"

Pinkie kept quiet and walking.

When they all reached the exit of the jungle, The same snake appeared. He appreciated and thanked pinkie for fulfilling her promise.

After reaching home pinkie said to Chomu," Snake was a powerful, he could eat you, if I wouldn't have promised him the rat.
If I'd not given him the rat he never allowed us to exit the wood as well. I lied to the rat because he had the piece of information but wanted something in return rather helping."

Chomu," but this is wrong.. you were unjust to the rat!"

Pinkie," so? We got our dadaji and came back home safe."

She continued, This is our society, we bow in front of the powerful people and never mess with them but never hesitate to exploit the weak for our own benefits, nowadays this is called smartness and not selfishness. All that matters is the end result and success, no matter if it is achieved by morality or cunningness.

Dadaji asked," where did you learn all this, I'm your guardian, I've never taught you such things?"

Pinkie," well, I live in twenty first century, I watch television, I witness the government, its course of actions and procedures, I go to the school where I face this discrimination on daily basis and above all more than parents and guardians we learn from our surrounded company, society and environment. If digressed, how much the acquired knowledge could be dangerous, parents fail to understand it. And this is an ancient tradition perpetuated by generations..
kids think we can fool parents and children are always kids for parents.

P.S.Do not try to find the moral of the story because we are left with no morality in the society. 


Thursday, 15 August 2013

What if you are married to a NARC? How to live with a Narc partner.

Know the hidden narcissistic people around you.

People who have a criminal mind had an abusive childhood.

It is really hard to deal with such people. Even if we do not take the criminals and talk about diminuendo - people who have a nature of fighting, yelling, getting frustrated at every small thing are the ones who had been bullied in their childhood.
In fact, they are insecure and feel less protected. They are rude and always have a so-called "cool" attitude. This nature can massively be seen in Males but females are no exception.
These types of people never listen to anyone, they regret their lives and blame the whole world for their downfall - that eventually leads to a sociopath nature.
They're abusive and usually ill-treat their Men, women, the members of family and children but never their friends and people they connect socially.They are bad with their near and dears but are great social animals.
If not physically they're harmful to emotional and psychological dependencies.They want things to happen in their way and hate all those places, people, and things which are out of their reach or they cannot have an access/ afford it.
E.G - I hate Audi, it's just a waste. (Because he cannot afford to buy it)
Angry and yelling- usual mood.

These people are good at talking
They're convincing and persuading. Best for sales and marketing.These people love to show off almost everything. Good liars and planners. They love to hurt (physically and emotionally). Usually, these people are among those who love to play with 'humans'. They are extremely horny and sadist of different levels. Can be a good life partner only if the other behaves and pleases according to their comfort and desires. These kinds of people always make their partners feel depressive and losers, especially. When she/he is/has the potential to do great in life.They are disrespectful and dominating.
Females married to such kind of men suffer a lot.

They extremely hate others' success mainly when they couldn't achieve the same thing.
They are creative, good in arts, with strong and artsy aesthetics.
Food-drink-music-movies-paintings-dance is some of their basic interests.
Less into sports and intellectual stuff.Quick-witted, Opportunistic, selfish and manipulative aces.They make big talks and promises but never can live up to them. These people,( if )can divert and polish these traits, become very successful people and if they fail to understand their weaknesses, lead to a sociopath and criminal life. They become the victim of infidelity and divorce. They usually are left alone in their life in old age and become irritated.

Image source Wikihow
The biggest question is 'how to deal with such people?'
These people are great company because of their fake 'cool' attitude. Good to hang out, enjoy, flirt, flings, fuck-buddies. They cannot handle responsibility and commitments, so they eventually ruin their love life, even if they stay loyal. They are undoubted, emotionally weak and express their emotion in anger. In case you're not related, detach yourself. But if you're in such condition/ relation where you cannot detach yourself.Accept that 'anger, frustration and chaos' is a part of your life.
Try to be pally and not bully. Do not order or direct this kind of people.

They are always in a 'know it all' mental state so never try to teach them anything. This is the reason why they're bad learners and not good into studies but creative and knows how to make money.
Keep fewer expectations because they cannot do anything for you. They do, only according to their comfort and leave no chance to show what they have done for you.
Eventually, when you are confirmed that you're dealing with this category the first thing you have to do is to focus on your life by not poking them. You cannot help these people and the only thing you can do is to secure yourself financially, professionally, emotionally and socially. Never make yourself cut from the world and have people in your life. If you've parents like this - the best you can do is - build a better life for yourself.

If you're married to such people and want a healthy relationship, be polite and gentle. you must understand and accept that they can never 'naturally' change or cured. Although it is a challenge to live with such kind of people if you try to focus on their good traits, you can lead a loving relationship.

To scream and create fuss is a part of their nature but they get calm quickly. They are physically grown up but stuck in the phase of their childhood where they needed a proper growth, love, care, understanding, and support. They still seek "only' the same attention and treatment.

The best part, dwelling with this category makes you strong and self-dependent because they fail to win your expectations, ergo, you have to do the things on your own. you become a successful parent/provider.

The only are you have to ponder and take great care is, never get affected by their negativity, have your own individuality because certainly, if you have chosen to live with them, you love them and the behaviour of people create an effect on your life because you act and respond accordingly.

So, better you do not take their behaviour seriously as they can never break their day by day layering shield of self-protection. Just understand they are complete losers and cannot do anything if you don't give them a reaction. They threaten because they are afraid and Insecure. In the pursuit of penetrating the same, you will just waste the precious time and emotion of your life.

Honestly, If you have an opportunity to run, run like hell.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Happy Independence Day???

Revered seniors and dear friends,
Today, 15 August 2013, we all are the citizen of the world's largest democratic country. We are free, liberal, independent and sovereign. We have honoured sixty-six years of self respect, development, growth and happiness, with many ups and downs, facing several social, economical, environmental and national bane and boon.
The best part of all these years was - we stood, fought, suffered, felt and celebrated together.
We were and we are united.

15 august, 1947, we attained freedom from British rule and today we are commemorating our Sixty-seventh independence day. But the fact is- earlier we were slaves to the British and now we are slaves to the whole world.

I am happy to witness the day but I don't want to paint myself in tricolour, nor do I want to be sarcastic like several other people, I am not raising socio-political issues and questioning the role of the government and leaders, social contract holders, any particular individual, group or political party.

I want to talk about 'Us'

Freedom is an individual perception.
Independence purports and implies different meanings to different people - and they all are right. For a teen - freedom may refer to the non-interference of his parents in his personal life,
For a man it may refer to his personal individual space to drink and enjoy his bachelorhood,
For women it may refer to the various - social, emotional, financial, mental, educational, sexual equalities, respect and rights,
Or to a couple it may simply refer to have their personal space in the society.

In fact whatever we consider Injustice to us, we refer it as the violation of our right to freedom.

Voltaire- The famous French writer of 17th century said
"injustice in the end produces independence".

And the American leader Brigham Young said “True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what is right"

Have we ever given a thought before asking and fighting for our rights - Are we doing right?

We complain, express our dissatisfaction and annoyance to individual or society for injustice and wrongdoings, have we ever asked ourselves why is this happening?

Why are we still slave to other countries, of others' ideologies, mentality and of others' desires? Why only speaking English and foreign languages make your social status? Why an iPhone is the real phone but not Micromax or Karbon? Why a brand is Gucci and Chanel but not Khadi? Why the foreign universities give birth to excellent breeds and not Indian universities? Why Starbucks and not any other? Why only "Foreign products and services" boost up your social status and you frown at the Indian ones?

No, Baba Ramdev didn't pay me to write this article nor do I mean to start the Boycott foreign stuffs movement all over again.

Why corruption exists? Why rapes and harassments take place? Why criminals and ill social elements cannot come to an end? Who are they? They are among, within and inside 'us'

How funny is that, even if we install the security cameras on each red light, the very next morning, would we find those cameras in the same place?

No, some of us will be selling those security cameras in Karol Bagh..

We are the ones who don't wear seat belts or drive our sports bike zigzag fast on the roads because our girlfriend is sitting at the back of the bike. To the max, it is just a matter of 500 bucks to the traffic police officer.

The right to freedom - Speech and expression do not mean we can say anything especially when we are some public figures holding social responsibilities, nor does it mean to throw the men behind the bars who speak against your wrongdoings because you have 'the power'.

Yes we can gather but it doesn't mean the freedom of association allows you to grope females while protesting at India gate.

Freedom to practice any profession doesn't mean you will maltreat service providers including labour class to sex workers.

Freedom of religion doesn't mean anyone can have the power of clairvoyance and become the father of a new religion to mislead and blindly play with people's faith or debase any other religion.

When we gained freedom, once , Jawaharlal Nehru was surrounded by people, an old lady came and grabbed his collar and asked "What did this freedom give me? I'm still poor, I'm still hungry, our country is divided...”

Nehru ji said “The freedom gave you the right that today you can grab the collar of the prime minister and ask questions"

We misinterpret and gift this misinterpretation to our offspring. We never question and when we do - we do it without having the notion of our deeds.

Independence – A state of not being influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself, not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free,
not influenced by the thought or action of others,not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc, not relying on another or others for aid or support.

Is this “Independence” really happy for “us”?