Sunday, 30 December 2012

Last Pages of My Maroon Diary #5

Last Pages of My Maroon Diary #5 


I've met Stacy today. Remember that blonde girl at cafe who used to greet us with wide smile. She asked about you. I somehow managed to hide irk on my face saying you are occupied with work and shall visit soon.

She made me my regular coffee, not tasting the same though. I sat at upper corner chamber near toilet. Yes, the same where we made love for the first time in public place.
The delirium and hustle-bustle made us laugh later for months. I never knew you are so crazy about ‘Quickies’ in public places.
I was so skittish after leaving the toilet and I guess Stacy read it on my face. I’m bad at hiding my facial expressions.

I never dared to do it again.
“ I wanna make you numb over the bonnet of my car”
This demand of yours beefed up the labyrinth of my pupil and my cheeks shined red.
I miss your crazy moves.

The first time we were there weekending, it was the starting of winters here and we flew away there just for the moderate weather.
The sky was brown like the colour of your unusual eyes and I was staring at you.
I dug my toe into the loosely packed wet sand and writhed them.
“Beach, Bikini, Babe, Beer, Blue, Bask... The best!” you said looking towards a broken shell beside my toe.
“And BOYS..” I added and smiled teasingly.
“ah.. come ‘on I know you’re not into boys.. You like men!”
“I have my man!” I coated the statement with pride.
‘Let’s fuck,’ you said, your eyes darkened a bit more.
‘ What? Right now? Here?’ I laughed.
‘Yes, I want it, seriously. Come on. Don’t be such a tight ass.’
I gawked quickly around me. ‘well.. Ummm… sure, only a few dozen people know us here, what about issuing a tickets?’
Overlooking my funk you held my wrist tightly and dragged me into the sea.
‘Kabeer, I exhorted, It’s not right, risky… look at the waves, they are more desperate than you!’
You placed the flat of your palm on my bottom.
“ I know it’s dangerous. I like it the way.’

A huge wave hit us as we plodded into the blue. You were sharp at reconnoitring. I was amazed at myself, what am I doing with so unpredictable you – an intelligent, well build, brown eyed man with sarcastic sense of humour and of course romance running into veins.

We were waist deep into the violent salty water. You had a wild beacon in your eyes as you held on to my hand and pulled me deeper, the water reached my shoulders.
Lip locked, I was wrapped around you, balancing the pace and pleasure till the moment we were numb.
The mixture of my moan and your groan gave me a never fading moment..

Gosh the thrill.. and thrilling you..