Saturday, 29 December 2012

Last Pages Of My Maroon Diary #4


Yet another night and after a tiresome day. I'm not sad tonight but a bit high. I want to make love. Not just the physical act but the one, your favorite.. Night long fondling and the warmth of your skin.
The way you used to explore me.. These winter nights - nerve chilling and teeth sharpening.
Do you remember our last winters? And that night when I had to go upstairs just to escape from your chilled fingers. It was so cold and your fantasies.. You wanted to touch my skin.
Yes.. You won eventually and we made love on the terrace.
You were so warm and my goosebumps.. When you sucked my earlobes and kissed my neck.
I love your lips and when you cover me with your broad chest and I the battle between your lips and my fingers. You want to suck my tongue and I want you to suck my fingers..
Then just to win you tickle my waist and make me laugh!

..You love when I wrap my white legs around you and lock you...
you stare me and my lashes.
Gosh.. The moment when you explore me and kiss all the beauty spots on my body..
Starting from my cheeks to the one at my ankle..
Your habit of biting my love handles and the flesh on my thighs..
When you hide me and come over me..
My protest makes you wild and the aroma of my skin temps the animal in you...

When you rub the skin of my calf and put them on your shoulders to kiss them..
..when you insist to switch on the bed lamp just to read those poems you dedicated me the previous nights..
And I slide under the quilt hiding my face.
I can't face you... the spark in your eyes.. The winning stamp over my body that makes you my owner..

I want you make me blush again by saying '' failey huye kaajal, miti huyi in hontho laali, aur is halke sindoor me lipti huyi tumhari halki si muskaan.. Meri zindagi hai.. Love you a lot my strawberry..''
And the moment, I leave the bed with pride of being your lady love..

I want those moments back..
I want to relive you, your love, and that look when you feel my taste saying..
'' you were delicious''

I miss you...
Come back, anyhow, right now..