Saturday, 29 December 2012

Last Pages Of My Maroon Diary #3

Dear Kabeer,
Yet another night and your memories are with me, between the sheets to make me wet..
I miss you and that kiss..
.. That moment still make my pores blush..
We celebrated my birthday on the back seat over those boiled eggs and coconut water and those pastries.. And of course that kiss.
Like an idiot I said ''don't kiss me'' and later I was not letting you to unlock the lipknot..
'' tumko toh kiss karna bhi nahi aata '' when you said these words and I started battling my eyelashes in nervousness.
.. You understood the palpitating lips and pumping lungs and held my hands..
Yes, that was the first kiss.. That made me lost..
Your pink pouts, so tasty..
The way I dug my nails on your shoulders..
And it all started with a peck after I ate those boiled eggs.. Umm.. Actually after you stuffed yourself at the back seat of your car and arranged all the candles over my favorite black forest pastries and my birthday eggs.. HeHe.. Yeah something like eggs you made me eat and explained how much time you took to prepare it..
..what was that??'' I don't know.. but I managed to swallow it.. Ah.. Come on! Don't frown now.. I loved the coconut water.. And I'll have those eggs entire my life if you promise me that hypnotising kiss..
.. You made me high and to confess, I lost my control..
Wanted to rub that chocolate all over my face and neck and make you lick me..
.. Bite my collar bones and make red patches..
Come out of my dreams Kabeer.. I miss you... And I need you..
How to express this Pain, how alone I feel without you...
My lips are dry.. And the only wetness is on the corners of my eyes, leaving patches that plays the part of a story teller every morning..

Make me feel special Kabeer.. Make me lose my senses again into that kiss..

Come.. please.. I miss you baby..