Saturday, 29 December 2012

Last Pages Of My Maroon Diary #2

... Yes, yet again another night and you're not near me.. Wish by my side, you could lay and cuddle me..
Kiss my eyes, kiss my cheeks, ruffle my hair and we could sleep..

I miss you and your whispers. Those warm pecks behind my ears and your chilled nose on my navel..

The way I take all the quilt and kick you out off the bed and you jump over me, wrap me and make me laugh.. A lot..

Every night I sleep with the dream of getting my favorite omelettes in the morning..

ummm.. I want all those moments back baby.. Come out of my dreams..

I miss you... I love you... :)
I need you... I want you...
I don't feel myself when you're not around.. Just to make me feel myself..

Come.. And hold me..