Friday, 7 December 2012

I am Born

" I am Born.."

Nine months,

the beginning of human life in the womb,
covered with love..
When all the feelings melt up without words,
waiting for a miracle with full of wisdom..
All things start from now..
When a sperm begins his journey,
looking for ovum,
when the fertilization occurs,
the unification of male and female genes,
Day one :
I begin my first journey,
towards the womb..
Day seven:
I reach my destination!
The place, I will stay for nine months..
Third week:
I became embryo,
and my heart starts beating…
I’m  now alive,
My hands and feet start to come out,
eight weeks:
I am now a foetus
ninth weeks:
My body begins to move
twelfth week:
When MOM takes USG..
She can see me clearly,
I now have a kicking reflexes,
my genitals begins to form,
Don’t check
either male or female,
first the hands, then my feet..
I begin exploring,
touching my head,
holding umbilical cord,
eighteen weeks:
when I’m kicking,
MOM can feel it,
I begin to open my eyes
and blinking
Twenty fourth Week:
every detail of my body begins to gain perfection..
Many sensations I can feel now,
hears sounds..
tasting amniotic fluid,
twenty sixth week:
ninety percent of my time is used for sleeping,
I begin to suck my finger
habit that will carry up to baby,
occasionally I will gulp,
and MOM will feel it,
twenty eighth week:
My brain now has a memory,
I recognize my MOM’s voice,
and music..
a slow music makes me relax and sleep,
twenty third week:
I had a dream..
don’t know.. what I dreamt about..
fortieth week:
I am ready to face the world 
struggle of mother,
time when I struggle to come out,
a first contact,
I suck my MOM’s breast,
My MOM’s tears
My DAD’s smile,
hear my voice,
hear my laugh
while you could,
look how cute I am,
I came to this world with an amazing way
to give you amazing hope and happiness..
Love me, I need you and especially I need your love..

You are like a pencil on canvas that shapes and colours your child’s life..

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  1. Your pen has really got something what reflects your profoundity stupendously..(Y)