Sunday, 16 December 2012

Get some standard!


Choose your company carefully, It's not necessary to be friends with them.

Even if you communicate socially-professionally-personally, do watch their 'behavior'
I won't say class or standard because it can be increased with money, but still money cannot provide you brains and the 'style/personality'
you learn a lot from your environment and surroundings.
Be with the people who are less mannered, less educated, less in class of living, even less cautious about their health and cleanliness and see the degradation in your own personality.

We have immense capability to get influenced by others very easily.
a week with DJs will surely develop a taste of music in you of their genre!!

You will only derogate your 'English' if you're given charge of a 'desi call center'.
or you will see the improvement in your health if you've joined a 'health freak club'
because choosing a higher group itself motivates you to bring up your 'level' to theirs, at least to communicate with them.
I'm sure you must have felt it somewhere down in your life too!

Remove the losers around you, walk with winners and eventually LEAD THEM !  

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  1. Simply mind blowing. You just enlightened me :). Thank you.