Thursday, 6 December 2012

Choice is yours..


Frequently posted photos and updates about cancer and AIDS on facebook and other social networking sites do aware us and we do share the information.
But I wonder why we do not talk about day-by-day increasing DEPRESSION and LONELINESS in our youth.
we're standing on the verge of suicides, mental disbalance, depression and self destruction.
We all cry and mourn about "NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME" and "I AM SO LONELY"

Every night you can find yourself crying because you're unsatisfied with yourself and those Expectations..

you have everything, but still 1 thing is missing (anything) makes you feel like a looser.

you earn but you don't have a girlfriend = I'll commit suicide!
you love someone and he/she loves someone else = I'll commit suicide.
My parents don't understand/love me = I'll commit suicide.
I don't have a car but my friend has = I'll commit suicide.
I'm fat,skinny,tall,short,black..= I'll commit suicide.
I'm don't feel like studying or doing = I'll commit suicide.

I'm good for nothing = I'll commit suicide.

Well I do not have solution to the day-by-day getting stronger feeling of finishing your life..
even If I've, I won't lecture it.

you can spend every night in alcohol-drugs-sex and hide the inner scream in loud music where even you can't listen to it.
You may cry and curse your life daily at night and crib till you ruin your life..

"ye bas failta hai.."