Monday, 24 December 2012

A wild frustration

..A day long wait sometimes make you frustrated. Yes, I was frustrated.
A kind of frustration that do not camber itself into anger but into a deep desire to get loved and pampered passionately.

Not his mistake. He loves me so much that day by day the expectations increase. After seven years of marriage, when we're marinated so much into each other's souls - nothing can be done or undone!

This frustration did not lead me to make a monkey face but to do something interesting. 
'I planned to seduce him'
This heed made me smile... actually blush.
"Um-Hmm.. Abhi nahi aana.. Sajna.. Mujhe thoda marne de.."
and heedlessly I hummed Sona Mohapatra.. [As usual, Wrong with lyrics... Maybe..]
while culling the sarees in my wardrobe. 
"Red? Nah!.. Umm.. Black? Tch, Lemme color the night with the shades of peach and pink"
My mind smiled with a consent as I marked the first box of check list of my 'Wild Strawberry'  night... Uhmm.. Wait..No gauze tonight.. let it be bare, uncovered..