Monday, 19 November 2012

The Twilight of faith- the beginning of the darkest side of faith.

The Twilight of faith- the beginning of the darkest side of faith.

Late night around 2:30 am I woke up. I couldn't sleep due to pain in my ears. So, decided to watch T.V. Although I never watch television and frown at all T.V serials, yet some of the channels like Discovery, History, cartoon network are watchable. Not even these news channels, they're nothing more than a shit box with some tapeworms publicizing the manipulated epitome of verisimilitude.
While shuffling and struggling with the channels I stopped at some 'bhakti channel'.
They were worshiping the Kalki incarnation of lord vishnu - "Kalki Narayana"
On the stage, there was a muster of 'Pseudo Dharma impressario' withMonica Bedi and other "renowned'' known (don't know to whom) faces.
Eventually the saadhu mentioned and intimated the ad hoc "janta" (not shown on the screen) to be there at tomorrow ( may be I saw the repeated version) as "honorable Finance Minister of India will also be there. ( somewhere in UP : intentionally not mentioning here)
I laughed my heart out after she was invited to the mike.
"kya sun rahe hain aap mujhe...?"
"are thoda jor se taaliyaan bajaiye"
I'm not debasing her but her ' Bhaav-bhangima' resembled the Godman character of Mithun Chakraborty in the movie Oh My God.
Shayaris and jokes were enchanted "Ibtadaye ishk hai hota hai kya.. aage aage dekh hota hai kya"
She had been portrayed as eye candy to mousetrap and beckon the simpleton pietism addicts.
For me, everything was a counterfeited panoply of marauding the credence of bootlickers.
I've many things to say, but honestly, don't want to pommel the sentiments of these ULTRA FANATICS.. (I may be jailed *wink*)
I just feel compunctious for them..

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  1. This is one super interesting post!
    I mean as the things are going,like they say,"have faith in your own self",is going to be the only option we are left with.

    You came up with this,am glad. And don't worry,it ain't politics here,they jail people.

    Visit my blog sometime?
    Follow each other?