Friday, 16 November 2012


Parents need to understand a thing that their children shall do what they want!with or without their concern!So why not allow them to do with your permission! at least you will be aware what they're doing.. Don't compare and insult your children, they possess their own individuality. Rather help him finding his X factor and support him to develop and excel in that!! 

..but it DOES NOT mean, that permission to be taken for granted by the teens NO! respect what your parents decide!yelling upon them won't solve the problem and will make the situation worst..Dear budding adults,you need to understand, THEY ARE YOUR PARENTS, NOT YOUR KIDS!SO! stop considering yourself to be a big daddy/mommy..!harmony in family are the steps taken by both the parties!family is to love, don't make it a jail to suffocate the souls!

stay happy!