Wednesday, 14 November 2012

" I Got a Friend In Six Thousand "

“I Got a Friend In 6K only”

6:52 PM
Outside Wenger’s,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi.

It is quite strange and unscrupulous as well. A conservative, Middle Class girl like me, spending whole day followed by night in a hotel room with a male escort… Without the expected intimacy..!!

I am Veda, Twenty Six years single girl; born and grown up in Lucknow. I work with a software developing company in Gurgaon. I stay alone in a working women’s hostel in CP. I had an off today. Lucky me! I’m fascinated by this place. Almost after two weeks, I am able to take out time from my busy and hectic office schedule.
Today is the day for mutton patty. I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian.

It was either Delhi or Bangalore I dreamt about. After completing my Masters in Computer Application from University of Lucknow, I got a job here, in NCR.

Just like every other immigrants, I also felt alienated. No friends, no relatives, no lover and no crush. Although I loved the place but Delhi is nothing without friends. I’m not a loner. I do not crib about not having a group of ‘halla machaoing’ friends but yes some like minded colleagues and a few Non-veggie meal companions.

Anyways, coming back to the mutton patty.

My taste of the month or say it is something that invigorates me to have a life in Delhi, Connaught Place.

I always flummox myself with these circles. For a lot time I took the inner gallery as “Inner Circle” and the Main road as “Outer Circle”.
C.P is confusing. All an alien can do is to roam round-and-round in gallery, from one block to another.
“Okay... Wenger’s is in A block.. Umm... And I’m standing in front of the Jain Books... So... Right or left... Aggrrh...
“Excuse me... Where’s Wenger’s?” I asked someone.
“There! Cross the road.” Replied the young Gentleman with a backpack.
I thanked him with smile and aviated like a hen to my earthworm. (Yuck! I can’t be that Non-vegan!)

And here is my heaven. It was Warm, smelling delicious and mouth watering. A smel, which actually stupefies you. You forget the clique in the patisserie.

“Damn! It’s Just 11:40 am and only one Patty left!!!”
As I planned to attack it after the struggle to reach at the cash counter in the ‘gangs of chatorpur’ paying the ransom to rescue the patty, I saw a hand moving towards it behind the glasses and a slow motion scene rolled in my mind with a background voice of “Nooo…”

A Contrabass Violin looking ‘Mallu’ female had the fortune!
I hate that lady. Yes, I do. That was my patty. And that tuneless Double bassed lady took it.
‘I will fight for it.’ I made up my mind.
“Bhaiya.. mera order tha..” I said making a puppy face- a bad ass puppy!
The man stood speechless for a while. The lady escaped silently smelling the mess and I kept standing with anger coated question in my eyes.