Tuesday, 18 September 2012

..A romantic drive..by himmilicious

..Front seat, 
full ac, keeping head on his shoulder.. Romantic songs, humming together.. Cracking jokes, laughing loud.. Kissing Sometimes, looking deep into eyes.. His hands on my thighs and my hand over his neck in his hair.. Parking the car at a corner and ordering Damn delicious chicken malai tikka ;) with fanta.. Never let me touch the food and makes me eat by his hands.. Small bites.. And I

giggle as I bite his fingers every time he stuffs my mouth.. He knows I'll bite.. But he knows too it makes me happy.. After finishing up he cleans my lips with tissue and calls the guy for bill.. And I start my zid of paying bills.. No.. I'll.. He knows I never obey him and always tend to eat him up.. Finally I win and he opens my wallet, pays the bill.. Driver the car further praising the food and planning next food stations to do "chatorapanti".. After the heavy meal me behaving like a princess and start yawning.. He has to drive the car.. He can't of course! Never allows anyone to touch his car but I can eat, sleep, touch the music system and the ac :P ^_^ driving long long way.. Crossing bridges and flyovers .. He staring at other gals to tease me and then the devil me.. Spanks.. Bang.. Scream.. Tears.. Yell.. And finally "gappu ka foola hua muh" for hours he'll make me smile.. Sing for me.. Do stupid acting.. Old stories.. And the things that makes me burst into big laughter.. :D felt like having cigarette and He stops car to a panwala.. Looks at me to ask and could never ask :D I always frown and He knows its a NO! He ends up buying Illaichi.. Driving further to fill the stomach of car.. Have to go long long long way.. I yawn again.. And put my head on his shoulder.. Folding my legs and relaxing with close eyes.. He won't change the gear Or move his hands if I'm fallen asleep.. He won't honk!!! And Will move all the ac windows to me.. Love to watch me sleeping into his arms.. The car is real slow.. So that the drive could be smooth.. Sometimes his breathes and his David off takes me into la la land.. And the red light wakes me up.. I look up and see into his eyes.. He's smiling.. As always.. Driving further far far far away.. An ice cream wala!!! *most irritating moment* see! I can't do anything.. :| the ice cream i want they never have it.. And the ice creams they have I don't wanna have them!! So.. He argues with the ice cream wala.. "you want this..?
Na! :( achcha.. Try this? Tchch.. :/ this?
Chheee na! Try this one its good!
:| NO JEE! Lol.. And then.. All the ice cream vendors on the route Will be asked till I get mine.. :P :P :P and yes! I WON'T SHARE MY ICE CREAM!! Then driving far far far away... Hahaha.. A lot more to go.. And a lot more to live..
♥ :) :-* himmilicious!

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