Tuesday, 18 September 2012

..A romantic drive..by himmilicious

..Front seat, 
full ac, keeping head on his shoulder.. Romantic songs, humming together.. Cracking jokes, laughing loud.. Kissing Sometimes, looking deep into eyes.. His hands on my thighs and my hand over his neck in his hair.. Parking the car at a corner and ordering Damn delicious chicken malai tikka ;) with fanta.. Never let me touch the food and makes me eat by his hands.. Small bites.. And I

giggle as I bite his fingers every time he stuffs my mouth.. He knows I'll bite.. But he knows too it makes me happy.. After finishing up he cleans my lips with tissue and calls the guy for bill.. And I start my zid of paying bills.. No.. I'll.. He knows I never obey him and always tend to eat him up.. Finally I win and he opens my wallet, pays the bill.. Driver the car further praising the food and planning next food stations to do "chatorapanti".. After the heavy meal me behaving like a princess and start yawning.. He has to drive the car.. He can't of course! Never allows anyone to touch his car but I can eat, sleep, touch the music system and the ac :P ^_^ driving long long way.. Crossing bridges and flyovers .. He staring at other gals to tease me and then the devil me.. Spanks.. Bang.. Scream.. Tears.. Yell.. And finally "gappu ka foola hua muh" for hours he'll make me smile.. Sing for me.. Do stupid acting.. Old stories.. And the things that makes me burst into big laughter.. :D felt like having cigarette and He stops car to a panwala.. Looks at me to ask and could never ask :D I always frown and He knows its a NO! He ends up buying Illaichi.. Driving further to fill the stomach of car.. Have to go long long long way.. I yawn again.. And put my head on his shoulder.. Folding my legs and relaxing with close eyes.. He won't change the gear Or move his hands if I'm fallen asleep.. He won't honk!!! And Will move all the ac windows to me.. Love to watch me sleeping into his arms.. The car is real slow.. So that the drive could be smooth.. Sometimes his breathes and his David off takes me into la la land.. And the red light wakes me up.. I look up and see into his eyes.. He's smiling.. As always.. Driving further far far far away.. An ice cream wala!!! *most irritating moment* see! I can't do anything.. :| the ice cream i want they never have it.. And the ice creams they have I don't wanna have them!! So.. He argues with the ice cream wala.. "you want this..?
Na! :( achcha.. Try this? Tchch.. :/ this?
Chheee na! Try this one its good!
:| NO JEE! Lol.. And then.. All the ice cream vendors on the route Will be asked till I get mine.. :P :P :P and yes! I WON'T SHARE MY ICE CREAM!! Then driving far far far away... Hahaha.. A lot more to go.. And a lot more to live..
♥ :) :-* himmilicious!

Monday, 17 September 2012

"The Knot" -A Relationship beyond marriage by Himmilicious


Trust me.. I wasn't angry today when he came back from office.. Late.. I opened the door and gave him a cold smile. He was used to for my on the roller coaster behavior but today he just got smile..
The cold smile..
As per daily behavior, I kept his towel, kurta and satin Lungi on the chair near the bathroom..
Amit got relieved from all office stuffs and said while entering the bathroom..
"biwi.. Khane me kya banya hai aaj.."
I heard his voice but was lost somewhere so answered with a pause..
"aalu gobhi aur mutter pulaw.. Roti bana rahi hu.."
"main sirf do Roti hi khaunga.."
and my voice faded with the sound of shower..

Don't know what I was thinking but certainly not in kitchen. Wasn't able to feel anything.. Everything was mute.. Deep silence.. Black out and no expression..

I wasn't angry at all..

I served the food on table and he came out, wet hair, wet body, water rolling down from his chest and the towel wrapped around his lower body..
He came out of bathroom and stood upon the mat to get the water soaked.
Threw a glance on me and smiled, I too looked at him and understood his demands before his dinner..

He wanted my tongue to roll over his body.. He wanted me to kneel down and look into his eyes while my throat is choked!
He wanted to eat me before his supper..
I looked into his eyes and manipulatively said

"khana thanda ho raha hai kha lijiye"
..and He gave his cunning smile. I interpreted it correct.

He meant it.. Yes.. ' take your time baby.. You'll be eaten sooner or later.. You know it.. I'm hungry for you.. Every night.."

I served the food in two plates while he was juggling his fingers through news channels..
We started eating food and He said..

"biwi.. Love your taste yaar.. Nice sabzi.. I'll have it in morning too.."

I thanked him by smile..
..and He shuffled more channels..
I hardly watch television or any daily soaps!
He stopped at his "transporter 2' star world.

‘Means he won't leave the couch before 12.40.. I talked to myself.. It’s almost 19th time he's watching this movie.. And his favourite dialogue.. "NEVER MESS UP WITH A GENTLEMAN'S COAT"

I finished the dinner and went inside to close my cookery world..
I was lost in rubbing the utensils and He came into the kitchen, wrapped his arms around my waist and started rubbing his lower body to my butts..
"wanna go for a drive baby"
oh..! What an arousing hissing voice near my ears, and I felt his warm breaths around my neck.. That gave me Goosebumps..
"nai.. Fir kabhi.. Aaj thoda thak gayi hu.." I replied sweetly.
He came more near me and started moving his hands on my abdomen, waist and love handles.. And He kissed my back neck..
"kyu.. Kya hua.."

".. Nothing.." I said in stammering voice as he tried to insert his hands into my blouse..

Its not only bed reserved for making love.. Kitchen.. Where the romance of hands and food starts may lead to the connection of souls..
..as he entered his hands into my blouse, I forgot to exhale.
Argument between my eyes and consciousness began. His touch was making me unconscious. It’s been long we got married but every night he gives me a new experience.

Today.. I wasn't in mood at all and trust me I wasn't angry too.. It was just I was thoughtless.
His fingers started tickling the point and his palm started grabbing the flesh

from my upper body..
In broken breaths and broken voice I said..

"thoda ruk Jaiye.."
"ssshhh.." and he turned me, face to face.. It was a lip lock..!!

All I could say was some choked voice of powerless protest. I couldn't touch him to push back as all my hands were messed in vim liquid.
His hands grabbing my flesh and body pushing me more towards the slab that its edge started hurting my hips..
And he bite my lips..

"aah.." he noticed the pain! Stepped back but with a smile.. I rubbed my back wrist over my lips just to see if it’s bleeding!

"kuchh Nai huaa.." he answered teasingly reading the complaint into my slightly wet eyes..

Again he asked.. "chalna hai? Wanna go for a drive? India gate?"
"tch.. Na.." I said..

He walked towards the bedroom from kitchen, picked up the television remote from the outer slab, then his Lungi and kurta..

"Jaldi kaam khatam karo toh.. Kulfi khane chal rahe hain.."

I din't say anything.. It was his wish.. And I fastened myself to wrap up the kitchen..
..as he wished to go for a drive, I also made my mind to accompany him but don't know why the same blank feeling was residing inside my heart. I was doing all activities naturally as if I'm pre-fed with the data and working on auto mode.

I wanted to talk to him.. Actually I wanted him to understand me by his own. Love, he was making, was okay but It couldn't give the orgasm the tsunami into my heart..

Staring into my eyes in mirror and lost in thoughts I didn't notice he was trying to read me, standing at the entrance of our bedroom and smiling, looking at my combing reflection..

The chain of thoughts broke and I looked at him, realizing that I'm taking more than the required time. I clutched my hair and mend the Saree plates.

"just ask me once in your soft voice, hiding me into your chest, dig the thing out.. Just once.."

I thought with a deep exhale.. Smiled and said "chalein.."

He looked himself in mirror, then looked at me, corrected my bindi and gave a peck on my forehead.. "haan ji.. Chalo biwi.."

and my steps followed him..

Getting into the car I noticed something strange.. A strange fragrance.. It wasn't his.. A female perfume!!!
I blinked my eyes and wrinkles covered my forehead but within a span of a few seconds I behaved normal.He was humming his favorite Galib's ghazal

"har ek baat pe kehte ho ki tu kya hai.. Tuhi bata ye andaaz-e-guftgu kya hai.."and he winked at me as he keyed the engine..

I, as any normal, possessive wife, started making the devil's castle about him being a cheat.

Summi..? Ritika.. Or jyotsna.. I started recollecting all his colleagues,Known females, Even I reached the females of his school time crush!!!
Gosh.. So very womanish me.. Born Sherlock Holmes behaving like ACP Pradyumna!!

Meanwhile he was sharing his office things.. Which I hardly bothered to pay attention and trust me.. I even forgot my own lava inside my heart.
Everything in my mind was the fragrance!!

I opened the dashboard and closed it.. My eyes started searching for female hair over the seats, Tried looking at the back seat as well but he slid his palm between my thighs over the Saree and said

"kya baat hai.. Aaj humari jaan ne kaandhe par sar Nahi rakha.. Koi khata ho gayi kya humse biwi.."
"Nahi.. Aisa toh Kuch Nahi hai.. And I kept my head over his shoulder in usual style and slid my hand into her kurta to touch his chest..

I just love his chest hair.. So manly that it always turns me on.. And the way I move my hand, It turns him on too..

I clearly noticed he could take the aroma of my skin.. His most favourite thing.. He loves the aroma of my skin and specially my hair..
He kissed my head..
And I closed my eyes.. Serenity is what I get always by hiding into his broad chest..

He stopped his car over a dark place and I opened my eyes..
"what happen?" Asked I, assuming if the car broke down..
He moved towards me and held my neck, tilted it a bit and smooched me again..
A deep, soft, sloppy kiss it was.. I too got lost in it and scrolled my hands into his hair, started sucking his lips and taking his tongue deep inside my throat..
I pushed him back to breath and he said
"Jyoti..let’s go to the back seat.."

gosh.. Were we going to live our college days again?
Far away from home into this dark, lonely place..
What's next..

Dear Friends
Thank you for all the love you pondered upon me.
⁂ "THE KNOT- A Relationship Beyond Marriage" ⁂
The story you read in three episodes (on my page – www.facebook.com/himmilicious ) and liked a lot is all ready to get published!

Its a story confined to a couple sharing sweet and sour moments of married life, how they live and relive their married life, fight, make love, go wild, support each other and the twists they get into their relation...
I'm sure every woman wants a husband like Amit and every male crave for a love like Jyoti..
A husband who plays the part of a Father, Brother, Kid and a Boyfriend to his woman who's a Mother to him in kitchen, a sister to him when he's sad, a daughter to him when he wants to laugh and a damsel to him in his bed..

No special born but an ordinary couple like you and your beloved..