Sunday, 19 August 2012

.. and SHE "Loved" 13 men , 14th could be you!!

These DTC busses are the curse of Delhi.
A daily mob of lower and middle class people stuffing in like cotton making space in a pillow for itself after beating up. I too was a cotton ball among them. 544 from south extension, daily I used to get up and get down there.. Had my PG there, working in some office and earning a few k bucks was my life..
Rainy day it was and I, as usual wearing my tight churidaar, trying to save my head with a blue file.
Wow.. All I could say when a royal blue BMW stopped at the bus stop. For a while I got lost in thoughts.. The comfort.. Luxurious life.. A handsome man.. Cash.. Attitude.. Pride.. Being classy etc. was Kinda daily dreamy 'haidrabadi Biriyani' for me.. And to be honest like every next girl I also used to think of choosing the easy way *RICH BOYFRIEND*
The sweet melodious horn of BMW poked me out of the dream.. Ewww.. Driver!!! I bent a bit and saw him. "Huh.. I thought there must be some hunk.." and after some 'golden moments' a lady with big ass came and rode over it.. 'Huh.. Must be some rich Punjaban..' I frowned virtually at her..
I got demoralized after as the 'car' got vanished from my eyes taking that 'mottalli' in it.. The wet mob tried to get aside and some idiot pig faced monkey stepped on my toe.. "Ouch.. Dekh kar nahi Chala jata" and no-one bothered!!! Oh.. 544.. Lets struggle Richa.. I said to myself and rushed towards the 'lohe ki Bhains" but all planning, dreams, ideas, or whatever coming into my mind to get a luxurious life..
Mr Kriplani??? He's a rich and horny bastard and always drools after me too.. Ummm.. Actually he drools after every female.. These men are like that only.. Wife Getting fatter at home and they're tired to missionary positions! Eh! And Nokia ringtone slaps her out of her ideas.. "Hello.. Yea baby.. Good morning.. Yes yes.. On the way to office.. Ya.. Same dtc.. I'll.. I'll call you in a while.." She got goosebumps.. Wtf I was thinking of.. Shitt.. No.. And she started sweating.. Nervous..
Half wet shoulders, mud printed churidaar, messed up chappals and her kaajal bit light to her left eye.. She reached office. Tired, frustrated but smiling and greeting, reading eyes and expressions of Ratnesh, Subroto, Peps and other men, catching hold on her wet boobs and ass, she walked towards her bay..
"hunfff.. She banged her blue plastic folder over her desk and threw her head at the back of Her chair, sat for one minute with closed eyes.. Again she sat straight actively and grabbed her phone.. "I've reached office baby.. Love you a lot.. Will call you soon..' she sent a routine text to Pawan, her boyfriend.
"Hey.. Late?" "Oh yeah.. Hi good morning.. Ya .. Traffic and water logging.. Where's he? "Ha-ha.. Hmm.. Just reached.. Seems had a fight again with his wife at breakfast.." "This man seems to eat daily Chappals in three-timed food.. He deserves it.. Tharki saala.."
And they both giggled.. Rudrakshi, her colleague, skinny female always in wraparounds and ghagras, big smoky eyes, curly hair falling over her shoulders, carrying a jhola bag and different bright colors.. Dusk but clean faced, no scars and pimples, small breast hid under big ornaments.. And a regular chutki eater.. Yes.. This was Rudrakshi.. Ruchi opened her drawer and took out a small mirror to see her face and mend her makeup..
"shit.. I must not go to these experimented kaajals.. she removed and rubbed a bit more Kohl along her lashes.. Dragged her bra strap and stretched her kurta.. Gave a Winky smile to Rudrakshi and took all files to head towards Mr. Kriplani's cabin..
Kriplani aka 'criblani' a 40+ Sindhi man who drives Ruchi's favorite 'royal blue angel' Sexually, emotionally, professionally frustrated man, who hates her fat white wife more than his three days stinking socks, flaunts his richness and always fails to capture a 'doe'..
"Come in.. And he burped.. Ruchi banged the files on her head.. Shit.. Not again he had chhole.. "Good morning sir.." and she gave forced smile to criblani..

Ruchi meets Arjun..

She was peeping inside the bathroom from the gap between the doors. This was the first time she saw any man taking a bath.. Stared, gazed or amazed! God knows but she could feel the butterflies inside her stomach. A lunch box in hand, she actually came to Rudrakshi's place with Rajma she tried.. And caught Rudrakshi's brother Arjun taking bath. Tall 6 foot man with neck length black hair, dusk and nNaturally well build, hairy chest and big eyes and must say tough hips and the TOOL! Nervous and scared of getting caught, she thought many times to move on but couldn't. I must admit females have a more sexual urge than men and Ruchi was asserted under her desires. Her eyes locked at Arjun's calf, wet and foam rolling down to his ankle to the floor of the bathroom.. "Gum Leja tere.. Jo bhi.. Tune Diye.. Ya fir.. Mujhko bata.. Inme Kaise jiyen.." Heavy baritone, one of Ruchi's turn on was melting into her ears. "He sings bad..!!" caught you!! Hehehehe.. And Rudrakshi giggled at Ruchi.. "Shit.. Oh I'm sorry.. I'm.. I was.. No.. I mean.." embarrassed and Hastingly she gave the Dibba to Rudrakshi.. "Rajma.. I made.." "Come, sit." Rudrakshi offered and moved towards the couch at hall room. And Ruchi followed her guilt consciously and quiet.. "That's okay.. He's my cousin.. Came from Kolkata last night only.. New in Delhi.." "Hmm.. Ruchi gave a fake smile.." "And he's single plus a great fucker.." Rudrakshi winked at Ruchi She stared her for a while open mouthed "what..?" "Hmm.. Was with a firang last night.. don't know where he caught her.. She's still upstairs sleeping bare ass.." Ruchi kept quiet and got shocked at the coolness of this hippie Bangla girl.. "Coffee..?" asked Rudrakshi while beating coffee and cream in a coffee mug with steel spoon. "Yeah sure.. Low on sugar" and Rudrakshi went to the kitchen, giving an okay wink to her..
A few chunks of the story..