Friday, 15 June 2012

They are Men- by Himmilicious


Be a mother to your husband when you're in kitchen..
Be a sister when is hurt.. hug him.. and listen to him.. ( but please keep ur mouth shut to advice )
Be his friend when you guys are out..
Be his daughter when he gets his salary..
Be his girlfriend for life time.. Be such a tease..
Be his wife when he is with relatives and family.. carry his pride and name..
Be his whore, only his.. while loving him on bed..
Be his love of life.. when you guys are numb after making out..

you are his life.. and he lives for you only..
he can't express but can sleep in same position for whole night giving you his arms and chest, just to let you sleep peacefully.. no matter what how uncomfortable it is..

this is what man is.. :)

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