Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Morning Love By Himmilicious

♥.. I'm short.. My legs hardly reach at the edge of the bed.. and can hide myself in the blanket twofold.. Early in morning.. When My body Wakes up, dry throat, half open one eye, or Sometimes both closed But hands searching for a big palm.. The most comfortable and secure feeling this short body gets when in early morning it finds you by the side baby.. ♥
As I turn.. My hands rest on your broad chest.. You, with closed eyes, wrap me up like a blanket..
I could feel the aroma of your skin and that works like a viagra.. When you Hug me, my chin rests between your chest and I can feel those peaceful heartbeats..
♥.. I'm dusk.. And tanned at certain places.. I love when you explore me.. A face with sun burn.. But as you get down.. And scroll the gown.. Dusk.. Getting fair.. Fairer.. And you see my shoulder with half open eyes..
The last night's red mark is still complaining you.. ♥
I've beautiful legs that I rub to express the crave.. When I slide Them between your big " chicken legs" thighs.. I love.. When every morning I initiate the crave.. I don't have to say anything.. Just have to throw my body at you.. Catch me.. Hold me.. Bite me.. Tease me.. And take me higher..
And your hands grabs the plump over this satin gown to pull me near..
"unnnn.. Gudmrng ho gayi Baby.." and your hands scroll up from the plump over my baby flesh and touches the love handles, the back.. And when your finger teasing the navel.."
who cares to open the eyes..? We've given our souls to power to see through closed eyes..
The morning.. When there's nothing I need But you.. And you give me the best gift of life.. "a pure you"
when you don't have to think about the electricity bill..
And I feel so powerfull to handle you with care.. I actually forgot.. I'm short.. Dusk.. Baby skinned.. To have this huge body over me..
But I love it..
Nothing But the Way you do "GOOD MORNING" and keep on saying for the next "12 minutes"..
I handle the most toughest body and wanna get hurt.. And you handle the most soft body wanna get loved..
I'm short.. Dusk.. And wrapped up in satin gown..
You're bare.. Hunk.. Huge.. And with sexiest shoulder..
Can't resist the most peaceful half and hour sleep Now.. Will say sorry for the "nail marks" my dear husband.. while you come out get ready for the work.. ♥


  1. Hell Boy & Liza or you can replace "&" to "v/s"......

    Damm......Time to get married..

  2. Explore me..haha(ref: line3, para2)
    very Nicely and appropriately written
    Kiss, cuddle, coddle, caress, bite, ..you love words...you actually do! while i read through ..i wast lost into a panoramic view..:P
    Darn! I am single.. :P